4 years ago

The rain was beating down on the streets of Dallas as Edward Cullen pulled into his driveway with a sinking feeling in his stomach. Things had not been going well at all for him at home. His wife was becoming increasing verbally abusive towards him and deep down he was fearing for his daughters life. Grabbing his briefcase he ran from his car as quickly as possible to the front door finding it slightly ajar. His heart dropped to his stomach as he cautiously pushed open the front door.

From the doorway he could hear his baby girl, Hailey crying from her nursery at the end of the hallway. Stepping into the hallway he silently closed the door behind him and reached for the baseball bat that he hid in the entrance closet. Turning the corner he found a sight that he had become accustom to, his wife, Tanya out cold on the sofa with a powdery substance on a mirror in the living room surrounded by empty beer bottle and a few needles. Ignoring her passed out form he turned running to the nursery to find his eight month old daughter standing up in her crib face beet red face stained with tears. His heart went out to her. Picking her up, he kissed her tears away.

"Hey Hailey-bailey!" he said with his deep voice. Slowly Hailey's tears stopped as she stared up at her father.

"Da-da," she exclaimed happily. They had been her first words and he couldn't help but feel the pride within him swell upon hearing them every time.

"Hey my beautiful princess," he said kissing her and hugging her close to him. She smiled giving him a wet kiss on the cheek. He couldn't help but laugh. "Are you hungry?" he asked as they walked towards the kitchen. As if answering his questions she clasped her hands together rubbing them and gurgling happily.

Edward placed her down in her high chair wiping it down with a wet cloth first to make sure it was clean. She smiled at him showing off her four teeth proudly. "What do you want for dinner?" he asked pulling out a jar of sweet potatoes and a jar of green beans. "The sweet potatoes..." he said showing her the first jar. "...or the green beans?" Scrunching up her face at the second one he couldn't help but laugh. Never in his life had he thought that he could love someone as much as he loved his daughter. She was his pride and joy, the reason he got up every morning.

Clipping on a fresh bib he started feeding her. After about twenty minutes and half the jar on her bib he knew she was done. Wiping her face with a clean paper towel he took off the bib and picked her up. After changing her diaper and giving her a bath Edward dressed Hailey for bed and sat in the rocking chair in her nursery. Holding her close he kissed her face making her laugh and yawn at the same time.

"Are you ready for bed?" he asked. He only received another yawn and fluttering of her eyes. He stood up and placed her down in the crib pulling her favorite blanket over her little body. Her eyes closed almost instantly. Edward turned on the classical music he had played for her since the day she was born and turned on the baby monitor closing the door behind him but not before giving his angel another kiss on her forehead and telling her how much he loved her and what she meant to him.

Taking in a deep breath Edward looked around the house. It was a mess, feeling exhausted from a long day at the office he sank into a chair in the kitchen leaning his head on the table. Not wanting to sulk in his own pity he stood up remembering his angel in the next room causing a smile to tug at the corners of his lips. Cleaning up the kitchen he placed the few pots and dishes in the dish washer before wiping down the high chair, table, and counters.

Picking up his phone he dialed a number and waited until someone picked up the phone. "Cullen residence how may I help you?" The butler asked.

"Hey Laurent, can I speak to my mom. It's Edward."

"Of course Mr. Cullen." There was a click before a female voice come on the phone. Edward walked over to the pile of undone laundry and picked it up walking towards the laundry room.

"Hello sweetheart. How are you?" Esme, his mother, asked in her usual worried tone. Edward couldn't help but smile when he thought of his mom and how loving and caring she had been with him his whole life and felt his heart drop when he thought about his wife laid out on the couch and the lack of attention and love she was already showing towards their daughter.

"I'm okay," he answered starting up the laundry machine and throwing in a load of Hailey's dirty clothing.

"And my grandbaby?" she asked. Edward sighed deeply closing the door to the laundry room behind him and walking towards his own room closing the door behind him.

"Mom, I don't know what to do," he cried in frustration running his hands through his light brown hair and sitting on the edge of his bed.

"What's wrong?" she implored. Edward explained the scenario in which he entered the house in. His mother was silent for a long time. "Edward, bring your child here every morning. I don't trust that women with my granddaughter. What if you had been any later? What if someone had come in the house..."

"I know mother but what am I to do. Allow Hailey to grow up without a mother. I can't imagine my life without having you around."

There was a silence on the other end of the phone as it was obvious that Esme was choosing her words wisely. "Edward, when you brought Hailey home Tanya was distant and awkward. You told me that she just needed to get used to the idea of being a mother and I said nothing to you. For the last eight months I have seen her go from bad to worse. Edward, I love you. I love Hailey. And in the best interest of the both of you I think that you should consider leaving Tanya. She's just to messed up for you to help her."

Edward sat in silence thinking about her words. She was right, when they first met they were the happiest couple completely in love. They married and soon after found out that they were to have their first child together. From that point on Tanya had begun to draw away from him. And by the time Hailey was born they were two different people. Soon after Edward found himself with a wife who was on drugs, who not only was verbally abusive towards him but physically.

"But I just don't want Hailey to grow up without a mother."

"And you want her to grow up with a mother that completely ignores her. Edward, think it through. I know that at one time you had feelings for this woman. Just thinking about what's best for Hailey, okay?"

"Yes Mother," he answered taking her words seriously.

"And I will expect to see my granddaughter here before you go to work," Edward smiled and agreed before saying goodnight.

Slipping out of his work clothing he slipped on his pajama pants and went to finish cleaning up the house. Getting the trash can he walked into the living room picking up the empty bottles. As he went for the drugs that were openly on the table Tanya's hand reached out and grabbed his.

"Don't throw it away," she pleaded. Edward couldn't believe this was the same women he had married. Looking at her face she didn't even look the same. The women he had married had bright blue eyes and thick long strawberry blonde hair. Now the woman who sat in front of him was thin and almost skeletal looking with greasy blonde hair and dull blue eyes that looked empty.

"Tanya we need to talk..."