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Chapter 1


'This is the third disappearance in the last two weeks. Eric Yorkie, a student from Forks high school was reported missing when he did not return home. Police do not have any leads on the disappearances. Police officials have reported that no one should venture out of their homes by themselves. This is Jennifer Jameson reporting.'

The news switched to the weather, as if it would be anything different from the usual sullen clouds. I drew my attention back to my breakfast, pushing the moist cereal around, not at all hungry. Charlie came into the kitchen looking sleep deprived and helped himself to a huge cup of coffee.

"Dad, are there any leads yet?"

He sat down at the table after grabbing a donut. "Not yet Bella, I know he was your friend but there is no trace of anything. We don't know if this is foul play, if the kid just left town or maybe an animal got to him," he stated groggily.

I cringed, I may not be that close to Eric but the idea of him being dead sickened me to my stomach.

He placed a hand on my shoulder. "Ah sorry Bella, I didn't mean to imply your friend died. I am just tired and not thinking. We are working around the clock trying to come up with something on the disappearances." He stated with a sigh.

"I know Dad. Does this mean you will be home late again tonight?"

He downed his cup of coffee and nodded while he swallowed. "I don't want you going anywhere by yourself Bella, and I mean anywhere."

I got up, brought my bowl to the sink, and sighed. It was only the 50th time he told me, "Yeah, I know."

He looked at me and huffed. Shielding himself by placing the paper between him and me, he questioned, "Is that boy coming to get you again this morning?"

Just then, the horn honked and I raced over to grab my bag. "Yes dad, Mike is picking me up again. You know you are going to have to start calling him by his real name eventually." I gave him a knowing look as he chanced a peak over the top of the newspaper.

The horn honked again. "Oh I got to go. See you when you get home Ch—Dad!"

Not waiting around for another reaction from Charlie, I ran down the steps and jumped into Mike's car.

"Hey Babe!" he leaned over and pecked me on the cheek. We took off in the direction of the school.

I rolled my eyes. "Please do not call me babe!" He chuckled and ignored me. Once we were out of sight of my house, he drove faster.

"Mike slow down!" I screamed.

"Don't worry, I won't let anything happened to you." He abruptly turned into the parking spot at school. We got out of the car I thanked the ground we were walking on. We started to walk over to our friends who were standing next to Tyler's van. I almost made it to them without tripping but of course, that didn't happen. Everything I was holding was out in front of me with my long brown hair covering my face.

My friends all broke out in laughter including Mike who just continued toward the group. Jessica's shrill laughter rose above the rest of the group. Jasper walked over to help me get up and gather my stuff. He's the only one out of our group that I can stand aside from Angela. Jasper and I have been best friends since kindergarten.

"Nice boyfriend you have there Bella." He said while shaking his head. He gave a half grin as his blue eyes bore into mine.

I brushed away all the dirt on my clothes. "Not today Jasper."

We walked back over to the rest of the group and they were talking amongst themselves. I thought when I got there they would be talking about Eric, but no they were talking about shopping for the dance that was next month. After a couple of minutes, I couldn't stand it anymore.

"Aren't you guys worried about Eric?' Looking around at their faces, trying to find any hint of caring.

"Geez Bella, way to be a Debbie-downer, I'm sure Eric is fine." Lauren sneered at me.

My eyes widened. I can't believe no one cares. Mike draped his arm over my shoulder. "No worries Babe. Eric hasn't even been gone 24 hours. I think this is all an over exaggeration." I shrugged his arm off me and marched toward the school.

"Babe. Babe!" I could hear Mike howling after me.

Jasper caught up to me at the door and held it open. "What do you expect from them? This is how they have always been."

"I don't know. I expected when it was something as serious as a missing or even dead friend they may try to act decent."

We were at the door to History class. I turned toward Jasper and sighed. Jasper just shrugged his shoulders, held up his arms and said, "Like I said I don't see why you date Mi--"

"Jasper….not today…." I interrupted him and walked into the classroom with Jasper slowly following behind me.

The rest of the day went by very fast. I ignored Mike at lunch whenever he kept trying to talk and when he was getting a little grabby. At the end of the end of the day, Jasper and I were walking out to the parking lot. Mike was leaning up against his car with his arms crossed, waiting for me.

"Do you want me to give you a ride home Bella?" Jasper questioned.

"No I'm going to have to deal with him sooner than later."

"Alright Bella I'll talk to you later." Jasper stated and headed for his car.

"Jasper!" He looked up when he was unlocking his door. "Be safe."

Jasper smiled and shook his head. "Always Bella."

I headed toward Mike's car and got in. He eager hopped in and sped toward my house, "I'm sorry Bella. I didn't mean to make you upset. I'm sorry I didn't talk about Eric or whatever, I'm just worried and it is easier not to talk about it." He pulled up to my house and turned toward me.

"Am I forgiven?" He said with a pout on his face and his eyes wide. I sighed and just nodded my head.

His face lit up. "Well that's great Babe! Can I come in for awhile?" He said as he raised his eyebrows up and down. I guess we are back to the Babe thing again.

"No, I'm tired with a lot of homework due. Plus I need to make Charlie dinner."

He huffed, "Fine."

I was reaching for the door handle when all of a sudden Mike's lips were pressed against mine. We usually kissed each other bye and everything but he was shoving his tongue down my throat and then his hands started to roam. I couldn't breathe and shoved him away.

"So I'll pick you up tomorrow, same time?" He stated with a sly look on his face.

I just got out of the car and headed toward the back door. I heard Mike peel away in his car. I stopped suddenly when I saw something move out of the corner of my eye near the edge of the words. I swear I saw something there; maybe it was just an animal.

I couldn't move my feet forward though. I felt compelled to go toward the woods. Just then, I saw a deer run across the edge of the woods, I jumped back startled. I shook my head for being so ridiculous. However, I still had the feeling that was drawing me toward the forest. I forced myself toward the house, went inside, and double locked the door. I went in the laundry room and peered out the window. I just had a feeling that I couldn't shake, that someone was watching me.

Jasper is the only change I made. Everyone else who were vampires originally are still vampires.