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Edward POV from Chapter 22


I just told my angel who she was, my other half, my true mate, my future bride. I kept a calm exterior, but on the inside, anxiousness was the dominate emotion.

To the outside world, it couldn't have been quieter. I stood there staring at my Love, waiting for some indication that she heard me besides her heart rate picking up. My hands were still holding her face; all I wanted to do was take her right then and there, to claim her as mine. It took every bit of my strength to hold back my desires.

I started to think of what the future held for us…all the things that we could do together. Then, she did something I least expected to happen, she laughed…and laughed and laughed… it was as if she couldn't stop. She always fascinated me; everything she did was so out of character than I would have guessed. It has been a long time since anyone has ever surprised me. But laughing? That was the last thing I expected.

My heart sank. Of course she wouldn't want to be mine, now that she knew what I was. My body screamed at me to touch her and hold her closer, knowing that I wouldn't be able to do it forever. I reluctantly dropped my hands from the side of her face and stepped back. My heart ached more than it has ever. Am I destined to feel this pain forever?

Her laughter quieted when she saw my face. I didn't think that she could have surprised me more, but she somehow out did herself with her next statement.

"Edward that is a good one. You had me going there for a second. That fact that I you could want me!"

I didn't understand, of course I wanted her. That is what I just told her.

"I hardly believe that this…" she exclaimed while motioning her hand toward me "…could ever want something like this as a bride." She finished her statement with motioning her hand toward herself.

She slightly chuckled to herself while I just felt my eyes widened. I would have to hand it to my beloved; she has surprised me three times just within the last five minutes. It finally dawned on me what she was referring to and to say I was in disbelief wouldn't fully cover it. Did she really believe she wasn't good enough for me? Did she not fully understand what I was? I would never be good enough for her.

Then anger boiled up in me, not at her of course, but to whoever made her think that way… to whatever made her believe these ridiculous things.

"Isabella!" I yelled out to get her attention. She needed to know how wrong she was. In a blink of her eye, I was right next to her and had my arm wrapped around her waist. I pulled her close to me, a part of my mind registered the position we were in but I had to push that train of thought aside.

Her eyes had widened at my sudden movement. I wish I didn't scare her, I hoped that I wasn't scaring her but the rational part of my mind had retreated away. I reached up with my other hand and held onto the lower part of her face. Part of the monster may have taken over but I still knew not to squeeze too tightly. I would never hurt my Bella again; it almost destroyed me last time after I realized what I did to her arms. I turned her face toward mine, wanting to get my point across so there could be no miscommunication with what I was trying to say.

"I NEVER want to hear you talk that way about yourself. You obviously don't see yourself clearly!"

Still starring at me wide-eyed, she slowly nodded her head. I loosened my hold on her face. I internally chastised myself for letting my anger rule my actions. I had never cared for anything else besides myself and my coven, well until Bella came along. I would never let anything harm her …whether she wanted me or not. My non beating heart clenched at that thought. I needed to understand what was going through that unique mind of hers before I let the despair take me over. Not once since I met her, have I wanted to know what she was thinking, more than I do now.

I stroked her cheek hoping that I didn't frighten her too much. I forced myself to calm down, at least on the outside, and prepared myself for my next question to ask her.

After taking a deep breath, I said, "Now…tell me, why you don't think we should be together?" I was happy I regained my emotions. I tried to build up a wall to brace myself for her answer.

"Edward, it's not that I don't want to be with you. I cannot stop thinking about you. When you aren't there I want you to be, when I'm near you I have to touch you so I can feel as close as I can to you," she said while bring her hand up to my face.

I closed my eyes. I loved the way she touched me. I couldn't wait for our eternity together so I could lock her away for weeks so it was just her and me, never letting go…never being apart.

I felt her touch move along my jaw. I was drunk off of Bella. Her presence was intoxicating and made me lose all focus. I needed to get back on topic; I needed to understand what she meant. What was holding her back? I felt like she was a puzzle that came with a blank box. Never getting the whole picture, I was forced to guess when I put it together.

I was so enthralled by Bella's touch; I didn't realize I was letting out a continual growl. Again, I hoped I didn't alarm her. I looked down to see her reaction and her face was displaying a smirk. Why…that little minx…A matching smirk came across my face. "You are a dangerous creature, Bella."

I closed my eyes and racked my brains for an answer. She said she wanted to be with me and she can't stop thinking of me…so what is the answer? So if it wasn't who I was, maybe it was what I was?

"Then what is it…is what I am, disgust you?"

I hesitantly peered down towards my Bella. Her expression displayed shock, but before I could dwell on what that meant she quickly shook her head and said, "You obviously don't see yourself very clearly Edward."

This creature amazed me, and a sudden burst of pride welled up inside of me, realizing she used what I said right back at me. Touché my Bella…

She quickly, well quickly for humans that is, brought her lips to mine and we started to kiss me. All the fears that I had about her rejections dissipated and the only thing that matter was her and me. I had been so worried about the future. Always waiting for things to happen, it has been awhile since I lived in the moment…which was true until Bella came into my life. I pushed aside everything else and kissed her back. It was incredible. When I felt her hands grasp behind my neck and attempt to pull me closer I almost chuckled at her, she was quite the little vixen and I decided to help her out and pull her closer.

I lifted her up and without another second passing by, she wrapped her lovely legs around mine. My inner monster was very happy. He was slowly dominating my thoughts. Yes, take her! Make her yours finally! You heard her; you can tell she wants you.

The sensible voice was still there, in the way depths of my brain. It was screaming at me, reminding me of the consequences…that I've waited so long and to fully make the bound of being my true mate, I had to wait.

The monster in my brain wanted to rip to pieces the sensible part of me, set it on fire and dance on its ashes. I reluctantly tore myself from Bella. I can't wait until I can stop separating myself from her.

I stood there panting. While I tried to pull myself back together, Bella said, "Edward you do not disgust me…clearly. I don't think there is something that exists about you that is under the column of disgusting. It's just that you're perfect and I'm me, nothing about me is perfect."

I was about to argue with her. Did she not hear me last time? However, before I could scold her, she continued, "It's just hard to believe that someone like you could want someone like me. You could have anyone. What makes you think that I'm meant to be with you?"

She sighed, slightly hesitated and then continued, "I know the way I feel about you but I just can't believe that I'm your 'other,' I remember reading that vampires can have a hold over the prey. That is what Jasper said this was. He said that was why I feel the way I do about you."

Stupid fucking Jasper! How could he have said these things to Bella? I wish I could kill him for putting those false ideas in her head! However, I don't think Alice would be too pleased with that thought. I do admit I was slightly jealous at first when I saw how close my Bella was to Jasper. I worried that there might be some sort of hidden feelings between the two of them. Reading Jasper's mind, I soon realized he held no more affection than a best friend who cared deeply for her. But, I did not know of her affections toward him? It was one of those times I was displeased with the fact that her mind was closed off to me. I didn't even have to know her thoughts, I would just be happy with knowing her emotions, was that too much to ask?

I tore myself from my thoughts. Only a mere couple seconds had passed. I over towards Bella and placed my hand over her chest.

"Do you feel that ache in your chest Bella? Do you feel the relief when we are closer?" Her head nodded up and down.

"I do too. That proves you belong to me. Did you feel that way about Emmett after you first saw him…about James?" Anger coursed through me…why did I have to bring him up? This is supposed to be a turning point for Bella and me. It is supposed to be what we feel about each other. I smoothed out my facial features and pushed the anger away.

She shook her head again so I continued, "Obviously they are vampires as well and they do not have the same affect on you as I do. I'm not saying we can't affect our prey but we can not manipulate that feeling with someone."

Her eyes just widened and the look on her face told me that realization had dawned upon her. I felt an overwhelming amount of relief and joy. I knew we were almost there, the moment where nothing would stop her and me from being together.

My little lamb looked so adorable, standing there in her shocked state. I smirked down at her and chuckled slightly. "You really don't know how long I have been waiting for you. I still can't believe the chances that Alice and I finding our true mates at the same time, and to find out their best friends! It was really meant to be. I'll never forget the day she got the vision. We set out soon after to find you."

The memory came to me quickly. Our entire coven and those who worked for us were at our estate. We just finished our meeting, in which we were discussing a troublesome coven. Alice and I were walking down the long corridor. We both hadn't eaten in awhile so we were heading to get some refreshments from our stock. Suddenly, Alice stopped and her eyes glazed over. I wasn't expecting much from the vision. I first suspected it to be about the coven we just discussed because Alice usually has her visions based on the current events around us. I was frozen when I saw her through Alice's mind. I knew, in that very second, that she was mine. It didn't take Alice telling me. It didn't take seeing the events in the vision, it only took seeing her face to know who she belonged to.

I shook myself out of my thoughts and looked at my Bella. She smiled while looking up at me then her eyebrows pushed together."Vision?" she questioned. In all the excitement I guess I forgot to tell her. I reached my hand up to caress her cheek. "Sorry Love, I forgot to mention it. Alice's strength or 'gift' is the ability to change the future, like mine is to read minds and Emme--"

"You WHAT?" I was shocked by her sudden outburst. Like all the other stuff my Bella did, I didn't see it coming. She looked startled; I thought it would be best to explain myself.

I couldn't help but chuckle at her reaction again. "That my gift is the ability to read minds, however I cannot read yours…"

In the middle of my sentence, Bella collapsed in my arms. I quickly lowered her to the ground and I started to panic. Did she just faint? I wasn't usually around humans long enough to study their reactions, just long enough for their deaths. Humans faint right? What if something else is wrong? What would I do?

I would race her to the nearest doctor and force him to fix her! If he wouldn't I would kill off his family one by one. Nothing on this earth was going to take what's mine from ME! Would I have to bit her? I didn't know what was wrong and didn't want to risk making a rash decision.

It wasn't going how I planned it at all. She must have fainted…but if she didn't wake up in a couple minutes, I would go with plan B.

I hoped she would agree to be mine soon. Humans are such fragile beings. I can't risk her staying in this state for too long.

I held her in my arms lovingly. I willed her to wake up.

Bella…Bella, Love wake up….

She groaned as if she was waking up from a long slumber. All my fear was quickly replaced by relief. She slowly opened her eyes and smiled when she saw me.

Everything was back to being all right in my world. I knew I could never exist without my Bella, I knew I wouldn't be able to take living in a world in which she didn't exist. But to actually live in the moment where I didn't know what was wrong, that I didn't know what to do, was unbearable. I wasn't and couldn't be fully prepared for that feeling. I hoped that I would never experience that feeling again, because if I did, God help anyone or anything in my path. If they thought they knew pain or sorrow, they would think again when they saw what was coming. Then I would leave this world and only hope to reunite with my Bella again…wherever that might be. I stopped myself from this train of thought, hoping that I would never have to think about it again.

My angel tried to move but I held down and she looked confused.

"Wait a second Love."

"Edward what happened? I had a crazy dream that you could read minds." She gave off a nervous laugh.

I traced my finger along her jaw in attempt to calm her; I didn't want her to faint again. I didn't think I could take it. "That wasn't a dream Love."

I saw her face flush in embarrassment and she groaned, flinging her hands up to cover her face.

I couldn't help but let out a laugh. My, my…Bella is quite embarrassed. I wondered what she could have thought about. Hmmm….I will get this out of her later. I contemplated teasing her a bit but decided that it wasn't the right time.

"Bella, I can't read your mind."

One eye peaked out from between her finger. "Come again?"

I pulled both hands away from her face, not wanting to be deprived of her beauty and pulled her up so we were both standing again. I held her close, refusing to be apart from her in anyway.

"My gift doesn't work on you. Your mind is blank to me," I said, grinning.

She let out a breath of relief. "Wait why?"

I shrugged my shoulder. "I don't know, but it just proves even more how much you are met for me. You have no idea how much I have longed for silence, to have the voices and images of others always in my head."

I watched her go silent. The expressions on her face changed so quickly. It seemed like she was having some internal conversation with herself. I noticed she did that a lot. She finally looked back at me and grinned.

While tracing her finger along my arm, she said, "Ok…one more question."

I chuckled. There is nothing that I wouldn't tell her. As far as I was concerned, my life was her life. "Anything."

"Why all this," she motioned towards the scorching woods "Why not just come in here, take me and haul me out of town?"

I glanced out into the forest half-grinning. I had many thoughts of doing just that, it would have been a lot easier but not as rewarding in the end. I turned back toward her. "That would be easier...yes, but you needed the choice. I very well could have come to your room the first night, took you and then made you mine for all eternity."

Just the thought of that brought a smile to my face. I moved the right hand up to the crook of her neck. "However you needed the choice. If I took you without you agreeing to it first then we would not have fully made our bond. Even if you did come to love me later, our bond would not have been as strong as it could have."

I started to rub her arm, hoping all this wasn't too much information all at once. "I'm sure you can already feel the changes. Mates adapt to each other. I'm sure your actions, thought processes and reasoning has altered slightly since you first met me, as mine has for you." It's true…when I'm around Bella I'm not as destructive…angry…evil?… I'm not quite sure the right word to use…. I just know I almost feel human again when we are alone together.

I noticed that she was, once again, lost in her thoughts. I can fix that…

My lips grazed her ear and she trembled in response. I will never get over her reactions to me. I lingered right next to her ear to whisper, "However there is a down side not being able to hear your thoughts." I laughed, moving over to her other ear to whisper, "When you accept that you belong to me, the bond will be complete, you will change and we will be the strongest possible."

I pulled away to see her reaction. "Carlisle gave in, he was too impatient. I can understand why though, he was here long before any of us. He had two brides before finding Esme. It's a shame, who knows what strength could have come from that union."

I didn't mind the first bride that Carlisle took, she was pleasant enough. But, so help me God, the second wife he took was unbearable. She was shameless, and I myself, had to ward off some of her attempts. We were stuck with her until Carlisle came across his true mate, Esme. I thought, or at least hoped after he found Esme, that his second mate would have left or at least would have been killed by him. Hell…I would have done the honors if he asked, but no...she still resided within our coven…working for us.

I glanced down at Bella. "This is partially why the Volturi keep an eye on us. They are worried that we are becoming too powerful."

I thought it was ridiculous, we were already very powerful. They are just itching for a way to get to us.

"Is that allowed? I mean…isn't it obvious that they are doing it?" Bella asked.

"Yes it is allowed but not for that reason. If they said 'we are sending one of our own over to make sure you don't get too powerful' than we would have something to say about that. However, it is customary to have someone from a royal coven residing at another royal coven. For instance, Eleazar, who works for us, is currently at their place of residence. He reports to us of routinely of any important findings." I wonder if he has while we have been gone. I don't like the way the Volturi have been acting.

"James was here to keep an eye on us. They were getting worried after the second one of us found our 'true mate.' I received glimpses of his mind where he could have been plotting against us. I never trusted him and he would have stopped the last of us from getting what was ours in the name of the Volturi."

I felt my teeth clench together. I stepped away from Bella, not wanting to be so close to her if my anger flared up. "I would have taken him out sooner, but Aro, their coven leader, has ways of finding information out. It could have ended in war…or worse so we had to let things run their course." I wouldn't have minded a fight, and I know Emmett felt the same way but we do realize the benefits of peace. Carlisle rather peace be the case, but if it came to war, Carlisle was one of the most vicious creatures that I have ever known, if not the most.

I smiled again and looked at my Bella. "Now that things panned out this way, we will send Emmett, since Aro will want a first hand account of what took place, especially since one of his people was killed and the rest of us acquired our mates. Emmett doesn't know more than necessary…that Alice foresaw this and let it happen…so we covered our trail," I said, grinning.

I moved quickly back towards Bella and placed my hands on the sides of her face. "As for this fire, well that was partially celebratory and partially part of covering up our visit." I hoped that this fire won't go down in the history books, quite like the one when Emmett was changed. But, Forks was significantly smaller than Chicago so I wasn't worried.

I swooped closer to her and pecked her on the lips. I slightly sucked on her bottom lip and pulled away to look her right in the eyes.

"I do believe I answered all of your questions," I stated, smirking.

This was it. This was what I have been waiting for. I stared right into my beloved's eyes and smiled. I had never felt so complete.

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