Rated: M - English - Harry Potter Fanfic - Parings: Harry/Draco; Ron/Hermione, Lucius/Narcissa, Charlie/Blaise, other parings. Published: 07-21-09

WARNING: Contains same-sex pairings, male pregnancy.

Disclaimer - The main characters of this book are the exclusive property of J. K. Rowling and belong to her fantastic wizarding world; I'm just visiting with them for a bit. Set Post-Hogwarts and Post-Voldemort era.

Draco Malfoy strolled alone through the park, listening to the sounds of the children at play. He paused a moment to watch a group of teenage boys as they ran about on a blacktop court, trying to put a ball to get through a hoop. He grinned softly as he watched, trying to figure it out. Was it the muggle version of Quidditch, perhaps…? So many things these muggles did still didn't make much sense to him even though Harry had tried many times to explain them. He turned to continue on when the ball flew out of their control and bounced his way, ending up at his feet.

"Hey! Hey mister!" One boy called, moving to the edge of the cement slab they were playing on. "Can you toss our ball back?" All the boys were standing, looking over at him.

Draco picked up the ball and tossed it back with a grin. "Here you go kid." He answered and then continued on his way.

He came to the edge of the open park where the trees were allowed to grow freely, and a stream ran through the park interspersed with footbridges here and there to allow the patrons of the park to access the other side of the park. Draco didn't even have to pay attention to where he was going; his feet knew which bridge to cross to get to the little island with the big weeping cherry tree on it. He paused in the center of the footbridge to glance down at the water that passed below him. The creek, usually slow and meandering, was running much higher than normal. The warm weather they'd all enjoyed the past few days had definitely made a change in the flow of the water; the fast current caused little whitecaps along the banks as it swept along. The center of the stream seemed to be moving much slower, which Draco knew meant the current underneath was very strong. Some of the banks had been eaten up by the water, and there were areas where the grass of the park overhung like little cliffs with very little dirt underneath. The runoff from the melting snows in the mountains, no doubt… that water would be awfully cold.

He moved along on his way, getting back on firm ground and soon arrived at his destination. This was a special place. Their special place… A muggle park was the one place in the world where Draco had been spent the happiest and most cherished moments in his life. Draco smiled at the memories as he parted the blossom filled branches and slipped between them to the sheltered place underneath. He spread out a blanket and set down his picnic basket then sat down as well, taking a moment to enjoy the sweet fragrance of the cherry blossoms and savoring the memories. Here, in the heart of a muggle park, under this weeping cherry tree was where Harry had first asked him out. This was where Harry Potter had first kissed him… This very spot was where Harry had first made love to him, that spring night twelve years ago…

It had been such a perfect night… Harry had taken him to the theater to see the Phantom of the Opera, then they had gone out to a late dinner and dancing. Harry had been so charming that night… Draco hadn't wanted the night to end as they had strolled through the empty moonlit park.

They had ended up here under this very tree… Harry had been so tender and so loving… Merlin; he had treated Draco as no other ever had. He treated his lover as if he had been a precious thing, one to be worshipped and loved forever. Harry had completely won Draco's heart that night… and there would never be anyone else in his life now except for Harry.

Draco sighed, allowing his gaze to drift over the park around him, though it was partially screened by the branches. He hoped to catch a glimpse of the one longed for… Harry had been gone for three weeks this time. Three long, lonely weeks… but he would be home soon.

They had been married for eleven years now, but to Draco it still felt like yesterday. The newness and the special feelings he felt for Harry had never faded. Draco's eyes landed on a young couple snuggling as they pushed a pram with their baby down the park's path. Harry had always longed for a large family. They had tried and tried, but it just didn't seem to be in the cards for them… After the second year of no results, they had turned to potions which Draco had brewed specially for the purpose of assisting in pregnancy. Draco had become pregnant twice, but he had lost both of those babies in the first trimester. After the second miscarriage Draco had taken ill, and Harry had called in Severus Snape. Following several scans, Severus told them that Draco was intolerant to the potions and to continue to use them could be fatal… they had nearly given up on their dreams of a family.

Harry had suggested they start looking into muggle adoptions so they could finally be fathers and Draco had been considering the possibilities. Around that time Hermione Weasley had approached them, telling them of her work at the medical clinic. She said she was helping couples unable to bear children of their own do exactly that. She described a new procedure that they were doing at the clinic and she was deeply involved in the development of the procedure. She had taken the muggle process and adapted it magically; a mixture of wizarding and muggle science that was still quite experimental… Draco at that point had been willing to try anything.

Three more long years followed of ups and downs, tears and frustrations. Finally, they had told Hermione that enough was enough and they were not going to torture themselves anymore. Together they had decided that they would go ahead with an adoption. They had filled out all the paperwork and gone through the interviews and exhaustive background checks. They had done everything they could to prove that they would be good fathers, and now they were on a waiting list. Magical children were so seldom available… if a child's parents were killed it was the duty of the godparents to care for the child. If godparents were unavailable then it was the duty of the Lord of the bloodline to take the child under their personal protection and guidance. No honorable wizard would ever turn a child of their blood out.

Draco smiled softly as he relaxed, waiting, one hand idly drifting to the slight bulge hidden by his wizard's robes. He had given up, not even thought of trying any more… and as it usually does, fate stepped in and their miracle had finally happened without any planning. He had been sick for a week, horrible retching morning sickness that had him unable to keep water down, much less any type of food. Nothing had helped him to feel better and he'd been tempted to go see either the medi-wizard or Severus Snape… as a last resort he had brewed the potion to test himself for pregnancy. He brewed it three more times before he finally was convinced of the positive results. Even then, he couldn't bring himself to tell Harry that he was pregnant… He couldn't bear to see that pain in Harry's eyes again; and he wasn't sure if either of them could bear it if they lost another baby.

But now he was past the point of danger he had never passed before with the other babies. They had all been lost in the first twelve weeks of pregnancy and he'd passed that with no problems or signs of trouble whatsoever. The mediwizard had assured him that the magic about his baby was very strong and the child was healthy and hale. He had gone as far as to tell Draco that even if the unthinkable did happen and he miscarried again, this baby would be able to survive with wizarding medical care. Today would be another special day under this tree… he planned to finally tell Harry that he was to be a father.

A soft giggle brought Draco out of his memories and planning. He blinked and turned to see a little girl standing peering at him through the branches of the weeping cherry tree. "Why, hello there…" he smiled at her. "Aren't you a pretty girl?"

She pushed aside the branches and stepped inside the shelter of the tree, smiling shyly at him. Dark ringlets framed a little heart-shaped face and eyes… eyes as green as Harry's gazed back at him with shy interest. A girl of three, perhaps four years old to judge by her size; she was wearing a flowered sundress with a yellow ribbon in her hair. She had clearly shucked off her shoes somewhere for she was barefooted, her pretty little toes covered in dirt. In her hand she held a half-dead, drooping bouquet of ragged wildflowers. "Uh-huh…" she agreed shyly.

"Where's your mum…?" Draco asked, looking around curiously. No one in the park seemed to be looking for a little girl, nor paying any attention at all to where she was.

She tilted her head slightly, her smile fading just a bit. "My mummies are in Heaven." She replied. "Where's your mummy?"

Draco smiled. "She's at home with my father… I'm Draco. What's your name…?"

"I'm Angel." Her smile returned, lighting up her little face. She held up one grubby hand, extending five fingers. "I'm this many… I had a birfday…"

"You're five…?" Draco said and she nodded enthusiastically, proud of herself. She didn't look her age at all… "My, such a big girl… Who are you here with, Angel?" He asked.

The girl looked back at the basketball court and pointed. "David." She answered.

"Is he your big brother…?"

She shook her head, frowning. "No… he don't like me."

"Why ever not…?" Draco asked.

She shrugged, looking down. "He says I'm not an Angel. He says my mummy should have named me Devil 'cause I am one…"

"What…?" Draco asked, shocked.

Angel looked around quickly and furtively, and then looked back at Draco. She grinned and moved closer to him to stand at his side, holding out the drooping wildflowers to him. Draco watched as the withered petals unfurled and the flowers became whole again.

Draco took the offered flowers with a smile. "My, you are a special little angel…"

She giggled and turned, scampering off again, slipping off through the curtain of drooping branches and flowers.

"Should I be worried, my Dragon…?" A teasing voice, the one he'd been longing to hear, spoke up just behind him. "I'm gone a few short weeks and you're taking flowers from pretty girls…?"

"Harry!" Draco surged to his feet and Harry pulled him into his arms, kissing his husband, letting him know in just that one embrace just how much he'd missed him.

"It's been far too long my Dragon… I've missed you…" Harry murmured.

"Welcome home…" Draco said, kissing him again. "You've been gone too long…"

Harry held his husband close, inhaling the familiar musky scent of his beloved. "I hate when they send me out on these damned trips…"

Draco smiled at him. "You're home again. That's all that matters…" he said, gazing at him lovingly. "So, are you hungry? I've brought all your favorites…"

He chuckled softly. "You're spoiling me, Draco Malfoy." He accused, stroking his cheek tenderly before they moved back to the blanket.

"Only the best for you love." Draco moved to serve Harry; pulling out a chilled bottle he poured Harry a glass of wine. He sat back then, nibbling a piece of fried chicken then pouring himself a glass of tea. "How was your trip? Did everything go well?"

"Merlin, it was boring." Harry sighed. "We got everything done, but it seemed to drag on forever… I'm so glad I'm home. I don't give a damn what they say, next time I'm taking you with me." He said firmly, and Draco chuckled. A comfortable familiar silence settled between the two, simply enjoying each other's presence and nearness as they enjoyed their shared picnic. Harry finally noticed what his beloved was wearing and it bothered him. "Draco…? Why are you in robes…?" He asked with a faint frown. "Did you have to go to the ministry today…? They had better not still be bothering you; I swear…!"

Draco laughed and interrupted quickly to soothe his husband's quickly increasing ire. "Do you honestly think the Minister of Magic has the guts to even LOOK at me after the last time you got hold of them…? Oh no; I've not heard a single word from any of them at all…"

Harry looked mollified. "Good. They've got no right to say or do anything. You're mine and that's that. So why the robes…?"

Draco shrugged. "They're comfortable."

"Perhaps they are, but they're not exactly common dress in a muggle park." Harry chuckled softly. "They probably think you're a priest or a monk or something…"

"A monk…? Me?" He laughed.

Harry smirked teasingly. "That's probably what they think. Uncle Vernon used to say 'Clothes make the man' and he was right… most muggles tend to believe what they see."

"Maybe that's why no one has bothered me." Draco smiled. "Would you like some more? I've cheesecake for afters…"

"Mmm… some more of that potato salad, perhaps…" he said, reaching for the bowl. "Did you cook all of this…? It's fantastic…"

"I had help." Draco admitted. "I like cooking for you." He was rather proud of the food that he had produced this time with very little help.

"Your cooking is getting better by the day… and you never cease to amaze me, Dray…" he leaned over to kiss him tenderly. Draco returned the kiss, running his fingers through Harry's dark hair and gazing at him lovingly when the kiss ended. "So, love… who was your little girlfriend…?" Harry asked as Draco sat back to serve him more of the potato salad.

"She said that her name was Angel… she's such a pretty little witch." Draco smiled.

"She's a witch…? Did you speak to her parents?"

"No; she said her mothers are dead. I was worried because she was out here on the island all alone. No one seems to be watching over her…"

"She's just a little girl… she's here all alone? That river is high and really wild…" Harry frowned, concerned.

"Well, she did say that she was with someone playing at the ball court, but she said that he thought she was a devil." Draco scowled. "Harry, what does that mean…? What is a devil…?"

"It's a creature of pure evil." Harry replied. "Muggles believe in evil and good, and they are embodied by angels for good and devils for evil… they believe in heaven and hell and all that…"

"And someone is keeping her, even though they believe she is this evil thing…?" Draco frowned. "That doesn't sound like the kind of a home that a child should live in…"

Harry frowned as well. "Merlin… it's like the Dursleys all over again… but she certainly seems to be happy…"

"She is such a sweet child; and older than I thought she was… she wasn't fearful or shy at all…"

"Maybe she's muggle born and her brother's jealous." Harry suggested. "That was the problem between my mother and my aunt…"

"I still don't like it." Draco frowned. "She's a very pretty little girl and in my experience horrible things can happen to pretty little girls…" he gazed about, trying to catch a glimpse of the little dark-haired girl among the kids playing but he wasn't able to spot her. "I couldn't help but notice her eyes, they're so pretty and nearly the exact same color as yours…"

"Well, love, I'm afraid there isn't much we can do. She may have a fine family… not all muggles are as bad as the ones I was unfortunate enough to be related to…" Harry sighed. "It's just sad that there are children out there unwanted by their own families, and couples like us who want a child are rejected because we're not a 'proper' family…"

Draco took Harry's hand, kissing it. "You are a wonderful godfather to Teddy… and also to Ron's little Rosie, Harry. You'll be the best father to our son…" he smiled, placing Harry's hand over the slight swell of his stomach.

Harry was stunned; he stared at him, wide eyed, a million thoughts racing through his mind. "Dray… you mean…?" he whispered.

"Yes, Harry… we're having a son." Draco confirmed.

"But…" Harry's fear was clear in his eyes; the last thing he wanted to do was lose his husband.

"Its okay, love…" Draco reassured. "Healer Dylan said I'm just fine and the magic is strong with this baby… We're going to finally have our family…" he kissed Harry lovingly. "We're going to have our son…"

Harry ran his hand slowly over the bulge, taking a moment to let it sink in. "Seriously…? He's… he's all right…? Merlin…!" At Draco's nod, Harry hugged him tightly. "A son… our son…!" he said, finally allowing himself to feel the joy of the situation and it bubbled forth in his enthusiasm. Draco chuckled as he hugged him back.

"He's healthy and very strong…" Draco assured.

"How far…? How soon…?" Harry asked. "And how long have you known…?"

"I've just reached fourteen weeks." Draco responded. "I didn't want to worry you, Harry… I wanted to wait. I had a hard time believing it could be true, and then I couldn't bear the thought of losing another…"

Harry pulled Draco into his arms. "Are you sure you're all right…?" he whispered.

He laughed. "I'm fine, Harry…"

"Just… all that time, they said it was killing you to even try anymore…"

"It was the potions I was taking that I was having the reactions to..." Draco said reassuringly. "I'm absolutely fine this time beloved; my healer said that we're both very healthy…" he laughed.

"When can I talk with him?"

"I've an appointment next week…"

"And you KNOW I'm coming with you, right?" He kissed him again, all thoughts of anything but Draco and the baby driven out of his mind.

"Of course, love; I wouldn't have you anywhere but at my side…"

Harry's eyes sparkled as he caressed the rounded swell of Draco's belly. "I'm so happy… I feel like I could fly… it all feels like a dream…"

"Welcome to my world, love."

He chuckled, and then reached for the food. "You need to eat more…"

Draco laughed. "That's not what my healer said… it seems my fondness for sweets is my downfall…"

"You and your desserts… more GOOD food, love. Vegetables, fruits, meats, pasta…"

"But Harry, Cheesecake with fudge sounds so good right now…"

"A bit, perhaps; but you need to eat healthy too…"

Draco nibbled Harry's neck teasingly. "Are you planning are going to feed me…?"

Harry chuckled, taking the comment as a sexual one. "Dragon, it's the middle of the day in a crowded park. I'll feed you later."

Draco laughed, feeling that everything was finally all right in their world. "Oh, yes, you'll do that for certain lover…"

"But… but only if your healer says it's all right…" Harry said voice soft.

"I already spoke with him; he says it's perfectly safe for us to make love." Draco smiled.

"Well in that case…" Harry kissed him. "Let's go home."

"An offer I'd never refuse." He said, his wand appearing in his hand. He gestured and the picnic basket packed itself up. Harry rose, helping Draco up and taking up the basket himself. "I can't wait to tell Hermione and Ron…" he grinned, his arm about his husband.

"I told them you were going to be home tonight… Ron is actually in town this week, you know." He commented, parting the branches of the tree so they could slip out of its concealing branches.

"I'd rather they came over tomorrow anyway for dinner…"

"Tonight is all ours." Draco agreed. The two strolled off at a leisurely pace, enjoying simply being together and the knowledge that there was going to finally be a baby, after all their years of trying. The sounds of happy children squealing with laughter and delight as they ran about and played in the park drifted about them. Everything seemed perfect…

"I've always loved this place…" Harry sighed.

"Our most important and precious moments have been spent in this quiet little muggle park…" Draco smiled, arm in arm with his lover as they strolled. "I wanted to be sure to tell you here…"

Harry smiled, strolling about the small island with Draco once before turning toward the bridge. "Oh… did you hear…? Ron's had some good news, finally… He may get to play for his favorite team, the Chudley Cannons. They've been sending scouts to watch him play…"

"Oh?" Draco said. "It would be wonderful if he was picked; he's been in the minor leagues long enough. Blaise would love it if Ron was on his team… I don't see how he and Hermione make it on his salary, even with Hermione working in that clinic…"

"Hermione won't discuss their budget; they seem to be doing all right over all… they don't seem to be struggling at all, honestly… I suspect Grainger has gotten a raise or something…" Draco mused.

"Say… how would you feel having Blaise and Charlie over this weekend? We can ask if they would like to be godfathers to our little Dragon."

Draco stopped, looking up at Harry, startled. "Really…? What about Ron and Hermione…?"

"Well, Blaise is your best friend." Harry grinned. "He's a brother to you, isn't he? It's only right…"

"Yes, but… I don't want to cause a rift between you and Weasley…"

"Ron will always be a part of our child's life; he'll be fine… he'll be a good uncle for our son."

"That will be simply fantastic…" Draco sighed happily as they began to walk again. "Blaise will be beyond ecstatic…"

Harry chuckled softly, his mind wandering a bit back to their school years, deciding it wouldn't hurt to let Draco in on the secret he'd been keeping about his best mate all this time. "Did you know, Dray…? Ron had a bit of a crush on Blaise back in school…"

"Did he…?" Draco grinned.

"Yeah… He had it really bad for him in sixth year and I thought that perhaps he would go for it. But you know Ron; anything sexual comes up and he turns red and runs for the hills. He wouldn't have had the confidence it needs to go and say anything to Blaise. Then Hermione caught his attention and she was much more accessible to him, so he just let it go…"

Draco chuckled. "Well, to tell you the truth, Blaise held a torch for Ron back then, and he still does… but he's mostly given it up. He's quite satisfied with Charlie, I think…"

"Who wouldn't be? I've seen Charlie starkers." Harry snickered.

Draco laughed. "Blaise was rather fixated on your best mate for several years but never said anything to him. Guess it was just as well…"

"Yeah… hey look." Harry gestured. "There's your little friend…" Harry pointed towards the footbridge where a large dog was chasing the squealing curly-haired girl.

"She seems to be having fun now…" Draco smiled, watching for a moment as they approached the bridge.

Angel squealed and dodged to the right without paying any attention to where she was going. Draco and Harry watched as everything seemed to slip into slow motion; the girl stepped right onto the bank of the swollen creek where the bank had been chewed away by the swollen river and there was only a thin overhang… it gave way under her slight weight, crumbling out from under her feet. The dog skidded to a halt barely avoiding following the girl into the water. With only a tiny gasp of fear, the girl plunged into the raging icy waters and vanished from sight.