So this is my second attempt at a Harry Potter Fanfic. The inspiration came at watching She's All That and Harry Potter 6 (film and book). This is also helping me battle Writers Block.

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If the timeline confuses people it's mid September.

It all started with...

Chapter 1

An Introduction

"Ronald! We are prefects." Hermione Granger hissed to the red haired boy, they were walking down the corridor, along the way Ron had given a Gryffindor student five house points only because he was a Gryffindor. "You can't keep giving five house points to everyone!" The red haired stared at her smiling.

"Then how will we beat Slytherin?" Hermione laughed at this. They carried on walking until they reached the Gryffindor common room. "Oh no!" Ron suddenly said as they approached the Fat Lady's portrait.

"What now?" Hermione demanded. Ron turned slowly to face her, his face scrunched up in despair. "Ron? What is it?"

"I've forgotten the Gryffindor planning!" He whimpered. "I'm the worst prefect in the world!" Hermione rolled her eyes at her best friend.

"Ronald, grow up. I'll get the planning you just enter and tell them that I had to add some things." Hermione said letting out a sigh. Ron's face lit up and he hugged Hermione.

"I love you Hermione!" He said smiling. He quickly released her once he understood what he had just said. "But you mates." He said nervously.

"It's ok." The girl replied and quickly she dashed down the stony staircase and into the corridor. Leaving Ron to make up an excuse. The Fat Lady eyed him curiously.

"Are you going to enter?" It said, its deep voice made him jump.

"Oh yea'!" Ron said quickly. The portrait moved sideways and let him enter the common room.


"Draco what are you planning on doing?" Pansy Parkinson demanded as she watched her boyfriend pace the Prefect common room. The blond haired boy walked towards the window then towards his girlfriend.

"I've got a plan." He said suddenly. "Get me a piece of parchment and a quill." Pansy got up and hurried to get these things. "Now when one of those Gryffindor prefects answers this...I'll get them to communicate to me but as someone different. Now I know they've got that Mudblood Granger as I'll leave a note for her. I'll get into her head and get into Potter's!"

"Oh Draco! It's amazing!" She leapt up and kissed him. He kissed back quickly then moved away to write the message. He walked over towards the Gryffindor area and left the note; with a swish of his black robes he left the common room, Pansy in tow.

Just as they left Hermione came rushing in. She saw the planning resting on the mahogany table and tucked it under her arms. She was about to leave when she noticed the small parchment tucked under and ink bottle. "What's this?" She looked round and picked up the note, she sat down on a nearby chair and read:

To Miss Granger.

I found your planning on the floor so I picked it up. I hope you don't mind me saying that you are very smart and beautiful.


Hermione laughed when she read the note, grabbing her quill she quickly wrote her reply. Leaving it on the table she left the room. Whoever this guy is he sure isn't romantic. In fact I'd say he's pretty clueless. Dashing out of the large chamber she hurried to the Gryffindor common room.

Draco smirked as he came out of the shadows; he believed that girls could be easily wooed. Walking over to the table he made sure no one was around. At first he thought that Granger hadn't seen the note then he noticed that something had been written on the back.

M or whoever you are.

Thank you for picking up my planning but you're not my type. I'm not interested into guys who are practically clueless.


Draco snarled and chucked the not into the fire. "That Mudblood!" He cursed. He watched the note burn slowly into ashes.

"Draco." Draco turned round and was amazed to see Crabbe standing at the doorway. "Pansy sent me. Snape wants a word with you." The blond haired boy nodded and left the room.


"So in December before we leave Hogwarts for Half-term...the school have decided to host a masked ball." Hermione said waiting for a moment as a large number of girls squealed in excitement. "Hogsmeade visits will be posted up by tomorrow. Now over to you Harry!" The mention of Harry's name made everyone hush up. Harry gave a soft glare at Hermione before standing where she had stood.

" I'm holding Quidditch try outs are on Saturday...hope you can make it." He mumbled. He hated being the popular one. Or in his case 'The Chosen One'. He sat down on a red chair in front of the fire; Ron was sat on the floor next to it eating a box Chocolate Frogs placing the cards to one side. "You still up for Keeper?" He asked Ron.

"Dunno...maybe...I guess..." Ron said biting hard on his chocolate frog. Harry shook his head, he wanted Ron to try out and hopefully be successfully good, but due to his lack of nerves he didn't give his best performance.

"You'll do great." Harry encouraged, Ron gave a swift nod and handed Harry a frog without looking at him.

"Ron have you got a spare ink bottle I can borrow? I want to send a letter to Mum and Dad but I left mine in the Prefect common room." Hermione said standing in front of the two boys.

"Sorry Hermione...I lent my other one to Dean. He wanted to send some girl a message." Ron said swallowing down his chocolate frog.

"Harry?" Hermione said turning her attention to her other best friend.

"Sorry Hermione. It got smashed by Filch when he searched them." Harry said as he ran a hand through his messy black hair.

"It's ok I'll go and get it, it's not that I wouldn't have gone and got it it's just that I've been there a few times." Hermione said letting a small sigh. Exiting the Gryffindor common room she ran even quickly towards the Prefects common room. But along the way she bumped into her worst enemy.

"Watch it Mudblood!" Draco hissed. He straightened his black robes and picked up his wand that had slipped.

"Or what?" Hermione replied back. She glared at him with such hate it could make someone flinch at the sight.

"You'll be sorry." He whispered dangerously. His warm breath tickled Hermione's skin making her feel uncomfortable at the closeness. He dug his elbow into her as he walked past. Hermione quickly dashed to the Prefect common room and found her ink bottle next to a book. On the book was a note. Not again! Doesn't he get the message?

She tucked the note into her pocket as well as her ink bottle. She glimpsed at the book and noticed a small parchment sticking out. She tucked the book under her bag and quickly left the room.


Later that night she picked up the note and the book. Using her wand, she drew the crimson drapes around her bed. Then she used her wand as a light.


I'm sorry if I'm not a romantic. But I do 'woo' girls in my own way.


Hermione could tell that 'M' or whoever he was angry, the way the writing was looked like it was written in hast. Placing the note to one side she paid her attention to the book. She blinked at it. 'Little woman'. Whoever this 'M' person was she was astonished that he knew one of her favourite books. She picked out the small parchment tucked inside and read.


Thought you might like this.


Hermione smiled and placed the book beside her. Maybe I'll give him another chance, after all he deserves it.

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