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June 30th,1997

Hermione woke up only to be sick. By the end of the day she'd be with the Weasley's. She flushed the chain and went back to bed. Ever since she had returned from Hogwarts every morning she had woken up to either feeling nauseous or actually being sick. She stared at the ring again. He promised he'd come back for her. And she had made a vow to be with him again. Realising she wasn't going to be able to sleep she turned on her computer. She had tried to find out more about the Elder Wand but all that kept coming back were folk stories about the Perceval brothers.

"What is it?" She asked. "What is it?" She turned to the book Dumbledore had left her and began to read it. Suddenly Hermione leapt up from her computer chair. "The Deathly Hallows!" She typed something in her computer. "Of course. The Deathly Hallows consists of three powerful objects, the resurrection stone, the invisible cloak and the Elder's Wand. She printed out the pages and gathered up her things for the Weasley's.


He stared at the man. "Where is it?" He asked, his voice sending chills on the man opposite him. He had pinned the man with his wand. His pet snake was curled up round his ankles.

"Ich habe keine Ahnung!" The man replied staring to and fro from the cloaked man and the snake hissing at him. "Bitte! Ich habe zu ihm!"

"Then you're worthless to me. You haven't got it." He turned his attention to his pet snake. "What shall we do with him?" The snake hissed something. "Avada-"

"NEIN!Warten! Ich glaube, ich weiß, wo er sein könnte!" The man wailed. His breathing became more intensified.

"Oh...and where is that?" The cloaked man demanded.

"H-h-he mentioned s-s-omething a-about a-an o-old f-f-friend t-t-that had d-d-died!" The man said in English.


"Albus! But that is all I know!"

"Thank you." He lowered his wand. The snake leapt at the man that stood still with fear. The man gave out a loud wail as the snake dug it's poisonus fangs into the mans' skin. "Well done my pet." He said calling it back to him. "Back to England then." He stepped outside the battered house and raised his wand to the sky. The Dark Mark illuminated the night's sky.

The End

Warten! Ich glaube, ich weiß, wo er sein könnte!: Wait! I think I know where he could be
Ich habe keine Ahnung!Bitte! Ich habe zu ihm! : I have no idea! I lost it to him!

One last time thank you all for your reviews and your support. As you can see there are some subtle hints to what's going to happen in the next book.