Warning: explicit sexual content between males

Hurting You

Sometimes it was all Kanda could do not to back Allen into a wall, Mugen at his throat, and demand sex right that very moment. He had no doubt Allen would love it if he did, but the samurai hadn't sunken that far. For now he could keep on playing their game. The game of pushing and pulling, a back and forth war. The one who lost would be the one caught off-guard, the one who was surprised or touched or happy. These were only a few of the dangerous repercussions of losing. When both submitted it was a tie, although neither male would admit that aloud. When they did break, it was all the more glorious for the long game before.

Kanda's hand covers Allen's chest, holding him up, holding him still, while he thrusts hard enough to move Allen forward a few inches at a time. Allen throws his head back onto Kanda's shoulder because it's not hard enough. Allen can taste blood on his lips, on his tongue, when their lips meet – a violent kiss. It tastes good, so real: copper tang, salty rush. Not enough. Never enough. Allen's noises are a part of him like breathing, impossible to control without too much thought. Kanda wrings them out of the pale lips easily, chuckling softly like a predator in Allen's ear. Kanda's teeth pierce skin where he bites, promising marks of possession to match the ones already marring Allen's body from the fight beforehand. This is as much a part of the fight as Allen's fingernails digging into Kanda's arm or the unnecessary roughness of Kanda's palm against Allen's arousal.

Allen came, the orgasm shaking him to the core, shudders running through him like a convulsion, and making him cry out at the painfully enticing pleasure. Allen is tight around Kanda when calloused hands clench pale hips painfully hard, growling in his desperation. Allen wished he could come again with Kanda, but settled for holding himself up despite the grey tones encroaching at the edges of his vision. Kanda spits his name like a curse, eliciting a whimper in the back of Allen's throat as Kanda's seed floods Allen's weary insides. Thrusting until nothing is left, Kanda collapses slowly, taking Allen down with him. The younger boy does not object.

Allen's head rests next to Kanda's on the pillow. Warm breath whispers against snowy hair. Kanda's arm holds Allen in place; the younger boy's back pressed up against his chest. Allen never thought he'd trust Kanda to stand behind him, and he wasn't sure if he ever would. But instead of worrying he closed his eyes to sleep against the solid warmth of the samurai he was infatuated with.

Even as he knew of their painful game and the torturous stakes Allen also knew he had lost long ago. Engulfed by the throes of their violent passion and drawn to the seductively bitter taste of an agonizing love.


A/N: Some of you may recognize this from the little trivia thing I had a while ago. This was the prize for anyone who answered correctly, or made me laugh with their guess.

I was a bit torn in how to deal with this piece. I wanted to build a story around it but I also wanted to preserve the poignancy of this specific section and not let it get drowned out by a surrounding story. So after much deliberation I decided I'd post this as the first chapter which can be read as a dark little one shot. The following chapter will be the story that was inspired by this plot bunny, and can be read with consideration to the first part, if that makes any sense at all.

This way I'll have both works together and also separate – I know I'm weird.

Oh and I'm going home tomorrow! Hopefully my plane doesn't crash or something *laughs* though I suppose that isn't really funny. I have some stuff to do when I get back, but I'm almost done with the second part of this so I'll probably finish and have it posted by the end of the week.

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