The sun was shinning, the birds were singing, love was in the air....then Revya stepped onto the beach. Everthing died in that second.

"Danette what are you doing?" she asked.

Danette was chewing on a crab (while it pinched her face). "I got hungry. I tried to eat him but it wouldn't work..." Danette pointed at the blue haired girl wearing a batman outfit.

"Ok Revyn if your going to narrorate then get it right." Revya looked at myself. I looked at the blue haired child. "Um excuse me..but are you a girl or boy?" I asked. The kid looked at me, "I'm a boy. My name is BatPenn!" the kid giggled. Revya and Levin exchanged glanced. "Right. Well I think its time to go. Nice meeting you...well not really but whatever." Revya started walking. "Hey are you guys going to save the world?!" BatPenn gasped.


"COOL! I wanna help! Its in my job description you know?" he giggled and handed them his job application.

"Wait we're saving the world?!" Zetta- I mean VITALI gasped.

"You just found that out?" Levin two asked. "Don't mock me british boy!" he snapped.

Revya put on her reading glasses (which made her look like a librarian) and started looking over Penn's aplication.

"Nope sorry kid." she threw in on the ground and stomped on it hatefully. Killing BatPenn's dreams in the process. "B-B-But why?" he teared up.

"Because you fail. Also...YOUR 11 YEARS OLD!!"

"Card Captors Sakura was 10!" BatPenn cried.

"That is true. Sailor moon was like 11 I think..." Levin one said. Revya looked at him disturbed, "Ok first, she was 14 I checked wiki. Two how would you know that?" she asked now suspicious. Levin looked to the side, "N-n-no r-reason..." he stuttered.



"Oh you guys are mean! I'm gonna tell my mom!" BatPenn ran away crying.

"Aw geez...waita second...that kid stole my wallet!" Levin one gasped. "You idiot! Why can't you do anything right?" Levin two snapped. "Oh shut up!" he then chased after BatPenn.

"Wait up! Can you buy me something to eat?!" Danette ran after them. Revya sighed, "God I hate my life." She muttered.

"Atleast you don't have to deal with Pram.." Zetali said. The two looked at me. "Zetali? Failure explain yourself." Revya poked me. "Well It would get confusing to the readers with VITALI and ZETTA so I thought. Hey "Zetali" Why not?" I explained. Revya shrugged, "Fine whatever." she started walking after the stupid cows plus BatPenn.

The three finally found Danette and Levins (get it hu hu?) "Revyn just tell the damn story"


As I wiped my tears we noticed to two's jaws open and both twitching their eyes.

"Is something wrong with them?" Gig asked. "I think a fly might get into their mouths...that causes colon cancer you know."

"No it doesn't! I can say so many things there but I wont." Revya snapped. "Besides I don't see whats wrong with them. Danettes like this all the time." Revya smacked the two sepps heads.

"AMBUSH AMBUSH!!!" Levin screamed looking around.

"MOMMY MOMMY!!!!" Danette screamed as well. Revya rolled her eyes. "What are you two idiots looking at?" she asked not knowing if she even wanted to know.

"Why don't you look for yourself." Levin two pointed. Everyone turned their attention to the swarm of blue fish girls staring dreamily at one women.

"Lady Juno your so beautiful today!"

"Lady Juno please, may I have your autograph?"

"Here's your afternoon tea Lady Juno."

"Everyone everyone please." The women named Juno took the tea and started sipping it.

"I take it your the nereids..." Zetali assumed. Juno smiled charmingly, "Indeed we are. I am Juno." as she said her name all the girls squeeled and died alittle inside.

"Oh god fangirls..." Revya gasped.

"Wow its like a ton of Euphoria's. Only their not going crazy over you." Gig said. Revya suddenly got a chill, "Don't say anything! She might here you!" she looked around nervous.

"Don't touch our sister!" The Levin's screamed.

"Seriously you NEED therapy!" she snapped.

"Thats them Juno! (Fangirl scream) Their the ones saying I'm to young to be a hero!" BatPenn sniffed hiding behind Juno (Fangirl scream).

"Oh. Seems like thats going to happen all the time..." I said taking not of the fangirls screaming at Juno's (Fangirl scream) name.

"Oh Penn. If they hurt you then I'll hurt them back." Juno hugged Penn. All the girls screamed. One of the nerieds caught her friend. "Don't close your eyes! You might miss some more of Juno (Fangirl scream)!" she said. Juno (Fangirl scream) grabbed the girls chin gently, "What a lovely soul you have. Certainly one should be rewarded." she smiled.

The nereid girl went completely read. "T-THANK YOU SO MUCH Lady Juno (Fangirl scream)!!!"

"Ok I'm sick of this crap!" Revya pulled her sword out. "Yeah same here! If I want to see some girl on girl action I'll go to the Astec church!" Levin agreed.

Revya looked at him, "Wait what?"

"Oh really? Who exactly sent you? Those royal monkeys?" Juno (Fangirl scream) asked straightening herself up.

"Hehe something like that. You could call up "Nereid Exterminators"." Levin one said.

"Or Nereid Busters..." Danette suggested.

"Yeah that two."

"What? Are you the best of the best? Please we could beat you anyday. Your not even scary." Juno (Fangirl scream) grinned.

"You say that like its a bad thing." Levin one said. "You idiot that is a bad thing!!" Levin two, Revya and Zetali yelled.


"Ok girls! Make me proud!" Juno (Fangirl scream) raised her hand and all the nereid girls attacked.

And then...


To be continued!