Kaoru looked at herself in the mirror and asked herself, again, why she agreed to go on a "let's get to know each other" dinner with that redhead. He sure was a smooth talker. They walked around the museum for at least an hour and he kept bothering her with mundane things. Kaoru looked at herself one more time before heading out to her car.

Kenshin was nervous. He never felt this attracted to someone before. It amazed him that she is so welcoming, warm, and innocent. He just felt so…intrigued? Maybe…but it's something about how her eyes that showed so much passion and love for what she's doing. He spent his whole entire lunch break trying to get to know her and at the end persuaded her to go on a date with him.

After work, he went straight to Akina and asked for her help. Of course the only thing that was helpful about that trip was the flowers he was apparently holding. Other wise than that, he just got teased…and embarrassed.

Kenshin was waiting in front of an Italian restaurant for Kaoru. It wasn't that Kenshin didn't want to pick up Kaoru, but she insisted, with a toothpick in hand, that she is not going to tell him where she lived. Kenshin understood and was happy that she was caution, but totally unnecessary. Soon he will know. He just need to be patient and Himura Kenshin is a patient man.

As soon as Kenshin saw Kaoru, he gave her the variegated tulips that Akina helped him picked out and wondered if the faces she was making was any indicator that she knew what the flowers meant. He heard from Akria that Kaoru adored flowers and the meaning they held, but really?

"Thanks, let me put this in my car. Be right back." To say that Kenshin was a little disappointed was an understatement. She just left him standing there in front of the restaurant. However, Kaoru was busy talking herself out of whatever feeling came over her. Okay, so he brought me variegated tulips…does he know it means beautiful eyes? Probably not. Stop acting like a hormonal teenager around him, Kaoru! You are twenty-six, an established art director with a PhD!

"If you have a dog, what would you name it?"

"Is this a trick question?"

"It's my turn to ask the question, you must respond."

"Chebutykin or Mufasa"



"I was just perplexed, but anyways, what do you do on your free time?"

"Shouldn't it be my turn to ask?"

"No, my turn. You asked 'what' and I responded."

"I feel cheated."

"I would never cheat on you."

"That wasn't the point."

"…Again, what do you do on your feel time?"



"…What can you cook?"

"I can cook, if that is what you're asking. I actually enjoy cooking."

Now that put a stop in Kaoru's mind. Cook, eh? Well, he looks like a guy in touch with his feminine side…wait Kaoru, what are you saying? That he is more feminine than you because he can cook and you can't? Great, just great. Love the way I can pull myself down.

"If you were my pet what would you be?"

"I feel like that question should offend me."

"It's just a 'what if' question. Nothing more, nothing less."

"Well…um…I like to be a canary bird because of the freedom, but at the same time, I'm loyal like a dog, yet a little detach like a cat."


"If you keep saying that I'll walk out."

"Just stating a fact is all."

"So I can ask any quest...I mean it's my turn to ask any questions I like."

"Yes, but remember this is just our first date." Kenshin said with a smile.

"Thank you for tonight. It was…interesting and fun. Oh, and the dinner was good," Kaoru said as Kenshin was about to walk her to her car. Kenshin not letting her slip away that fast ran after her. Putting a hand right on her front door and said with a pout face, "You didn't let me say good-bye." Leaned in and kiss her temple before walking away.

"Kaoru, wait up!" shouted Kenshin. Oh my cheesecake! Why is he here? Turning around she saw that Kenshin was about eight feet away from her. He's so near and I didn't notice it? "Hi, Kenshin. Do you need something?" Kaoru respond with a dry voice. Kenshin paused, slightly confused as to why she seemed mad.

"Is something bothering you?"

You. "No, nothing at all."

"…Well, I was wondering if you'll like to grab lunch with me?

Why is he so…bright? "Well, I um…need to… um…finish paper work and you know, coordinate because I am an art director who has to…well coordinate…?"

Kenshin paused and noticed that she was nervous. I don't like that. Why is she keeping her distance from me? "Well, the coordinating can wait until you are fed. I doubt the museum would fall apart if you weren't there for an hour."

"The Anglo-Zanzibar War only took 38 minutes."

"Well, then it's good that we'll be eating near the museum. You can go rescue it if needed, but you need food in your system."

What to say? What to say? He keeps looking at me and I think I'm blushing….

Kenshin waited patiently until she nodded her head.