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I shivered it was cold out not your average night in Columbia, Connecticut. I was waiting for my ride home and it was getting darker and colder. So I decided to walk. I got about half way there when somebody stopped at the side of the road waiting for me. (No I didn't get kidnapped). It was my Uncle I got in and he drove home. Once there I did my homework and thought about how terrible the next day would be. I was in the middle of a big fight with this other girl Megan and I didn't want to deal with it.

Oh! I know I'll just fake friendship! That had been my best thought all night. I stopped worrying and went to bed after rereading my favorite parts of Twilight. I envied Bella but knew she deserved someone special. But that wasn't stopping me from looking for my own Edward Cullen. That was one search that wouldn't stop until he was found. I passed out right after I read the meadow scene.

The next day was better Megan had accepted my phony friendship and believed it real and stopped complaining and I'd squashed a couple rumors. When I got off the bus I ran inside and went down stairs to drop off my backpack with all of its evil 8th grade homework inside.

"Mom I'm going in the woods," I called to her about to head out the door. I needed time to think; to vent the deception was starting to wear on me.

"O.k. Destiny but try to be back before it gets too late." I rolled my eyes.

"Sure Mom!" I called over my shoulder heading for the edge of the yard. I walked down the hill in the woods till I was at my thinking place, right by the bright blue stream. Sunlight was streaming through the trees giving a green tint to the light. This place was magical and always worked to calm me off eventually. Right now it wasn't working I was furious. The other day and part of today Megan had been explosive and had yelled at me about how I acted like I was perfect and had no problems. And she best I'm more messed up than her and everyone else at the table combined.

"She has no idea!" I spat out in a furious whisper.

Just because I don't wear my emotions on my sleeve.' I vented silently. Doesn't mean I think I'm perfect. If they knew the real me I would have more friends. But it would also mean the more I would lose the next time I moved. I did that last time showed the real me had loads of friends. Then I moved I had practically torn my heart out. I can't ever do that again. They would also realize how sucky my life really is. People think I'm just an overprotective fool. But in truth it's my mothering instinct kicking in. I was more the Mom of the family than my Mom. I felt like she was my daughter and my brother my son only occasionally did they do or say something to set me straight. But still for Megan to go that far made me want to slap her so hard her grandchildren would feel it.

Just then the magic of my thinking place started to work on my and I started to calm down. Just a bit but I was still worrying, but now I was worrying about the future. This summer Mom had promised we would move out of our Aunt and Uncles house and get our own. The down side was that I would have to stay home more, clean more, and cook more. I mean I already did a good amount of that.

Oh, well! Whatever I can do to help her out. Being a single parent is hard. I mean even with me giving her all money I make we still struggled.

I continued in that thought pattern for quite some time. In the end I managed to completely calm down. I looked around thinking about nothing in particular. I sat like that for quite some time. Then I heard the first scream. I jumped to my feet and raced up the hill, though all my instincts were telling me to flee. I made it into the house to see something "kissing" my Mom's neck, something that had fangs. My mind ran to thoughts of Twilight.Oh, no. It's a vampire and it sure as hell isn't a vegetarian.

I ran at the vampire knowing it was already too late, that there was nothing I could do, and that I was going to die. Shit! Where's Alexander?

My eyes searched the room landing on a lifeless lump on the ground. I t was a body, still, not breathing or moving, eyes wide open in horror mouth open as if still screaming. It was Alexander. I screamed completely enraged all traces of fear gone now. I attacked the vampire furiously. He sighed and dropped my Mom who moaned weakly and just lay there. I already had my phone out and called the neighbor.

"Help danger hurry." I said quickly before the phone was snatched away from me he smashed it and looked murderously angry.

"You're too late. Others are on their way!" I said triumphantly.

He growled and lunged at me so fast I didn't even see it. I just felt his lips lock over where my jugular was then immeasurable pain. I screamed again. He released me.

"I was going to kill everyone in your town. But what's the fun in that when I can just let you do it and since I've killed your family you shall suffer for all eternity. That should teach you to mess with a vampire. Then in front of me he killed my mother and left before anyone had a chance to show up. I knew people would come, I would be stuck in a hospital, and once the change was completed I would go crazy with blood lust and kill everyone in that hospital . I couldn't let that happen. I had always been tough well now I had to tough it out. I got up and forced my self to get in my Mom's car. I had never been physically taught to drive but I knew enough. I backed out the driveway and drove till the car was out of gas. By then I was somewhere in the Pennsylvania wilderness far from all civilization. I got out of the car and crawled away under a bush and waited for the change to be complete.

Good now I won't be hurting anyone. After this I will go to Forks, Washington, and see if the rest of the story is true I could use some help. I mean I'm only 14. Oh, shit! I'm going to be 14 forever. How can I even think like that my mom is dead! And so is little Alex he was only 11 his birthday was tomorrow!!

I cried while I still could through all the pain but I didn't scream knowing that would attract attention. When my tears wouldn't come anymore I knew the change was nearly complete. I thought about the Twilight books to distract myself from the pain but how long the pain last I couldn't say. Someone could have told me it had been a century and I would have believed them. But when it had run its course it reluctantly left. I opened my eyes and looked around.