I awoke a few hours later. Had I really just slept? Vampires could sleep? Then what I had done hit me. The crushing grief rammed into me hard. I whimpered softly. I looked before me to see her body lying there. I stood on my legs and looked around myself. Everyone was still around they were walking around and picking up their dead. They must have been tending their own until now. I shook the dirt from my pelt and moved away from the body. I left a shield around it. No one would touch my kin, ever. I moved among the wounded. There were so many of them. I immediately felt ashamed of my actions. I had hid from them, but it wasn't as if I didn't feel for them. I felt all of it: every little, miserable, flicker of emotion. There was a nomad lying abandoned on the field. I nuzzled her with my nose. She looked up terrified. You sided with the Volturi didn't you? I questioned mentally. She tried to deny it, but her thoughts gave her away. It's all right. I'm not going to hurt you. The war is over. You have learned. She nodded grateful. Where are you hurt?

"My legs, I don't have enough energy left to heal them." I pressed my nose on the wounds and sent her my energy. Lean on me. You need to stand now. She gripped my fur tightly and pulled herself to a standing position. I allowed her to lean heavily on me until she got her bearings. She raced off into the woods. I continued on my way. I helped the injured and overlooked any bodies. A group of vampires from my coven caught my attention. They were yelling. I snarled loudly for silence. I stalked towards them irritated. Why were they so loud? What had happened?

As I got closer I could see Heather in their grasp. She looked desperate and scared. What is going on?

"We found her lurking. I thought she was dead." Panther hissed. Then you were wrong daughter, weren't you? She controls fire. It makes sense that it cannot destroy her. Heather has done us a great service today. She aided us in the battle. She saved my life. Thank you daughter. I said gratefully to her. I bowed slightly to her before returning my gaze to her eyes. She smiled slightly and nodded in acceptance of my gesture. Let her go. She has done no harm here today. The fire has shown her the way. She doesn't need to be punished anymore. Besides, I can't kill anymore daughters. I informed them. My mental tone was sad, but I made sure not to project my emotions on any of them. They wouldn't be able to take it. They released her unwillingly.

"Thanks Destiny." I nodded. Alexandra ran up to me worried.

"Destiny, it's Mark." She was scared; I was instantly panicking. What about Mark. What happened?!?!?!

"He's hurt." That was all I needed to hear. I loped after her as she took me to where Mark lay. He looked terrible. What had done this to him? What happened Mark?

"It was Jane. He got me from behind after we took down Jesseppe." He forced out. His arm was missing as was one of his legs. Anger rose up in me. Jane should be thankful that she was dead already or I would have killed him slowly for this.

I'll be back in a minute. I assured him. I grabbed his missing limbs from where they laid, discarded. I ran them back over and placed them where they belonged. When I was sure the muscles were lined up I pressed mu nose on him and sent him energy until all of his wounds were fully healed. Lean on me. You need to get up. He did as I said and stood carefully. Are you okay?

"I'm fine Destiny, thank you." I nodded. He walked off to help the others, so I limped off to see Logan and the wolves. I needed to know which other casualties I was responsible for.

Where's Logan? I questioned the wolves.

Right here. She responded. She limped into my view. I felt terrible for her. She was scratched and bloody, yet smug at the same time. I sent her some energy and her wounds closed without much effort. They hadn't been nearly as bad as they'd seemed.

Who else is hurt? I inquired. They knew what I was really asking.

We're fine. No one else is still injured. We already healed. Sam informed me speaking for both packs.

The animals all took off. I lost 5 horses, 2 lions, and 6 bears. The rest of them are fine. They're all headed home now. Logan assured me. I nodded relieved. So I hadn't gotten any of my shifters killed… except Emily.

Can I talk to you alone Destiny? Logan inquired. I nodded and followed her away from the others How are you holding up… I saw what you had to do. It wasn't your fault. She was going to kill all of us. She didn't leave you with a choice. Logan said in an attempt to consol me.

There is no way for my actions to be reconciled. I killed my daughter. I understand that I had to, and the safety of everyone else was more important, but she was still my venom daughter. I'll just have to live with it. Don't worry about me. I'll be fine. I assured her. She whimpered softly in understanding. I watched as she shifted into a panther as well. She intertwined her tail with mine. She was mourning with me. She missed the old Katerina. The girl she was before she had threatened everyone's existence. We walked together and she watched as I helped the injured still among us. The took the support I offered before running off.

I left the job of burning the random pieces of vampire, which were scattered across the battlefield, to Heather. She didn't mind. She was doing everything in her power to prove she had changed her ways. It was absolutely ridiculous. If she had wanted us to fail she would have killed me when she had the chance…

Eventually we were back to Katerina's body. Logan whimpered as pain tore through my body. Logan bowed her head over the body as tears fell from her eyes. Seth loped over to her in wolf form. He nuzzled her in an attempt to give comfort. They truly were perfect for each other. I couldn't stand the sight of such love so I looked away from it down to Katerina's mangled body. She was still in wolf form; she was stuck that way for all eternity. Children! I called to the group. It is time to bury your sister. They heard my call and all that remained ran over. Jessica, Kally, Heather, Panther, and Taylor: I know you all despised her, but she's still kin. They nodded in understanding. Kally, Heather, Logan, and Panther cried. It was no mystery why they were so sad. They had known Katerina well.

"Don't we have to burn the body?" Jessica inquired.

No. She died in animal form not in vampire. She doesn't have to be cremated. I'll dig the hole. They nodded and stayed where they were. I got to work on the hole and Logan soon joined me. It didn't take long. Our panther forms were fast, strong, and equipped to deal with the pain. When we finished I grabbed Katerina's body and gently lowered it into the grave. I allowed the tears to fall as I looked into her grave. Heather conjured a fire flower and placed it on Katerina's chest. I sent her a wave of gratitude before cutting off my emotions from everyone. I opened my mind to my children and Logan before 'speaking'.

My daughter: You have wronged in these past weeks. You stood to destroy us, so I destroyed you. I'm sorry I couldn't find another way, because, despite everything, I don't hate you. I never did. We will miss you, all of us. Despite what you did, even now as we await your sisters' burial. Good bye Katerina, my daughter.

"I have something to say before you fill the grave." Heather proclaimed to the group. I nodded and backed away. "My sister: I will miss you… in a way. I'll miss the fierce way you would protect the animals and the little ones. I'll even miss your attitude. That's what I'll remember you for. Goodbye sister." She stepped back with the others as I put the earth over her body. When it was done Kally stepped forwards with a headstone. It read: Katerina 03, 19, 1995 to 5, 03, 2010. Through you died for the wrong side we'll remember you for your past as: a sister, daughter, and an amazing friend.

Thank you Kally, I thought to her. She nodded, unable to smile as tearless sobs wracked her body. I shoved the head stone into place with ease. Now it was official: she was dead. Heather stepped forwards with vials of ashes in her hands. "These are Caitlin, Devon, Emmy, Emily, and Shanna's ashes." More tears were threatening to fall. My children: Dead, by me, or just as good as. We'll put Devon's grave by Katerina's. Heather placed Devon's ashes where I had specified. I buried them with ease. The vial was the size of a water bottle.

Devon, my daughter: You left us for the enemy, but none of us can hold it against you. You were afraid to die. We understand. We will remember you for your smile and your laugh. You made us see a brighter side when we thought there was no light. Good bye child. Kally put the headstone in place as Heather placed a fire flower over the grave. Heather looked up at me.

"Where are we going to bury the others?"

Up the hill, I gestured with my head. Hearing this Logan laid down with her nose touching Katerina's head stone. Are you coming with us? I questioned her. She shook her head.

No, I... I nodded in understanding.

You don't have to say anymore. I understand we'll leave you to grieve in peace. The rest of you follow me. We have more to bury. I limped my way up the hill to a spot free of ashes. I dug four little graves, and we poured the ashes in as heather placed fire flowers in them as well. Kally stuck grave stones by the heads. The girls were crying before I even began talking. It only got worse as I spoke.

Caitlin, Emmy, Emily, Shanna: my children. You died to save us. You died to protect others from sharing your fate. I'm sorry you had to fight at all. I'm sorry I brought you into this world even thought I knew a battle was on the horizon. I asked for too much, and due to my mistakes you're dead. Especially you Caitlin: I should have taught you more. Your sister shouldn't have been able to hurt you… I should have protected all of you better, I'm sorry. As individuals we will remember Emmy and Shanna for their loss of the last of their family as they were siblings before the venom bond was made. We will remember Emily for her cunning and speed. We will remember Caitlin for her self sacrificing ways and her willingness to learn. As a group we will remember all of you for the warriors you were. We will remember how you died protecting those you loved. I'm proud to call you my children. Goodbye my warriors, my daughters. I'm sure that where ever you are you're happy. We will miss you. Goodbye.

A note of finality rang in that last thought as I filled their graves. Everyone was sobbing. We had lost so much in so little time. My daughters forced to mature beyond their years because of a war they never should have had to fight in. I shook my head. It just wasn't right. I walked away from the graves to give the girls peace to mourn and Jessica approached me. I turned to her questioningly. What did she want?

"Destiny, will you speak at Justin's burial as well." She forced out between sobs.

Of course I will. I'm so sorry about Justin. I rubbed my head against her side in comfort. She flung her arms around me and hugged back.

"I know it's not your fault. Please, speak at his grave as you spoke at the others." She pleaded.

I will speak at his grave. He was my child as well as your brother. I cannot ignore my son's death. Let's bury him. Ignoring the pain I jumped from the top of the hill and loped to a spot under a willow tree. Once the hole was dug I stepped back and I allowed Jessica place his ashes into their final resting place. When she stepped back I began my speech. Justin, my child: you were so young when I found you in Volterra. You were brave and opted to become a vampire. You stayed and trained even when given the choice to run away. Then in the battle you fought to protect your true sister along with the rest of your sisters. You fought until the very end. You fought to the death. Justin, your bravery is unparalleled. You had been just ten years old. You were wise beyond your years and braver then most ancient ones. You were my warrior son and we will remember you for this.

Your true sister, all of your sisters in fact, and I are so very proud of you. We can't believe the strength you showed. We will remember you for all of this. You were kind and true. You were everything we expecting and more. Take comfort that your true sister lives on. Take comfort that with the help of your sacrifice we have won the war. The fighting has ended, but you will never leave the field. Your ashes shall remain buried under the willow tree. It shall eternally serve as a sign of the tears your family has and will shed for you. I know that wherever you are it is a better place; that you have been reunited with your parents. We take comfort in this knowledge. As you can that we will tell your story to all who ask. You shall forever be remembered as a brave warrior, so goodbye Justin, my only son.

I conjured a fire flower and placed it gently into the grave. I covered it with dirt before whispering my intentions into the soil to form a head stone it read: Jason, a warrior of few years with a large heart. He shall be missed. This tree is a mark of our eternal sorrow at his loss. We will always remember him as he was: our warrior. Jessica sat down beside the grave crying uncontrollably. Although no tears fell she was mourning more then anyone would ever know.

I lay down beside her as my own tears fell as I thought about the loss of my children. They had been bright and pure. They were so young. They should have had many years ahead of them, eternity. All of that was taken away leaving some behind to mourn. How cruel fate had been to my family, to the Cullens family. After a while I stood and made my way to where my coven stood clustered around the graves of those we had lost: Cacy, Carry, Sarah and Sasha: all dead because of this war. I created fire flowers and placed them on each grave as I let yet more tears fall. This was a day of great sorrow. I turned away from my mourning coven and ran up to the top of a giant hill. I shifted into a mighty tiger as I stood there. I reared back on my hind legs and roared loudly to everyone around to get their attention. Come! I ordered mentally. All the vampires came from their places of mourning. My coven came quickly to stand at the foot of the hill. There were a few smiling among us. It pissed me off.

How can you smile? Today is a day of great sorrow. I don't care if the Volturi are dead. Today is hardly a day to rejoice. So much blood shed. So much hate and misery! How can you stand it! Between those that survive new hatreds are being formed. New enemies have been made between survivors of different sides. Have you no shame? Have you no conscious or smarts? Do you realize what this will do to those that survive? If there is much more blood shed there will be no vampires. There will be no wolves. There will be monsters, nothing more.

We have just buried our dead. I have just been forced to bury six of my daughters and my only son. Is there no end? How can we call ourselves victorious when we have lost so many? In this war both sides have lost. We are just 'lucky' enough to live to tell the tale. Today we mourn and tomorrow we will attempt to move on, but never look on this day with joy in your hearts. With relief that we are no longer hunted, yes, with remorse for those you killed or couldn't save, absolutely, but never joy. The battle leaves us weak and our covens smaller. So go bury your dead, help your wounded, and understand that there is a light up ahead with the promise of a brighter tomorrow where we are free! I finished with a roar. The crowd below cheered before they dispersed. I sank down again hurting worse then ever. I didn't have enough energy to heal myself and communicating like that had cost me. I laid my giant head on my forepaws weakly.

Mark ran up to me. "Are you okay Destiny."

I'm fine. I forced to him mentally.

"No you aren't. Have you seen your reflection? You look like hell. Have you healed yourself at all since the battle?


"Destiny, you have to take care of yourself!"

There were others that needed my energy more. I'll be fine.

"You will now." Before I could argue he pressed his hands against my side and started to send me energy. I felt my muscles and skin knit themselves back together. My leg straightened out and healed fully. When he was done I stood and shook some of the blood and dirt from my pelt.

Thank you Mark. I said rubbing my head against him slightly.

"You're welcome Destiny. That's what friends are for. I'm just sorry I didn't help you sooner."

I was too busy to sit still before. Now was the best time for my own healing. I informed him. He followed me as I walked down the hill among our coven. I whispered words of comfort to them all. When that was done I made my way to the Cullens. How are you? I inquired to be polite. I already knew they felt like hell.

"We'll survive." Jasper forced out, his voice cold. I hissed at his tone.

Is there a reason for the animosity I feel?

"Edward told us about the way you buried Katerina. We all saw the funeral service you gave that murderous bitch." He spat at me. I growled loudly in outrage.

Don't you ever talk about my child like that, ever! She was confused and no matter what she did she was still my daughter. I don't take kindly to people insulting me dead. If you have a problem then be angry at me, but leave my children out of it! I snarled at him.

"Fine then: I blame you for their deaths. I blame your shitty plan. I blame the way you taunted the Volturi before the battle. This war wouldn't have occurred if you would have just left us alone. We didn't need this. We should have sent you away when you showed up, but we didn't and look what that got us: two dead siblings. You're a child that never should have been given the right to lead. You are the reason my family is suffering!" Jasper hissed at me standing his ground. I flinched back from the accusations. I flattened my ears to my head sad. I looked around to all of the Cullens.

Do you all think that? I inquired. No one would meet my eyes except Renesmee. She shook her head fiercely.

"We cannot blame her for our loss. She came to warn us of the Volturi. They had already been moving against us. She tried to help us. Have you not seen? She has been forced to witness the burial of six of her daughters and three others from her coven. She has suffered. We cannot blame her." Renesmee stated firmly. They all nodded grudgingly.

Thank you Renesmee: She nodded and walked back over beside Jake.

"I'm sorry for snapping at you like that Destiny. I just miss my siblings." I nodded in understanding before walking away. I was half way to the willow tree when Heather ran up to me.

Destiny, the fire is going to be merciful! She squealed mentally.

You don't mean? Excitement filled me as she nodded.

We can bring two back from the dead! I smiled slightly. I could bring back two of my daughters. I looked around at my children. They didn't have to be as sad! Two could return! Then I remembered the Cullens. They had lost a mated pair. They had lost a very large part of their family. My daughters hadn't had time to form the deep bonds all of the Cullens shared. Was it right of me to take that from them? I knew the answer already , no. It wasn't as if I could have brought Katerina back anyway… I would just have to deal with my pain. The Cullens needed the fire's mercy more then me.

We will give this gift to the Cullens. I stated wearily.

Are you sure? What about Caitlin, Emmy, Emily, and Shanna? She questioned. I winced slightly.

I cannot bring just two of them back in good conscious. Heather nodded at my thoughts. We walked together over to the Cullens once more. They looked at us curiously. I attempted to smile. Today would be a happy day for them. The fire is willing to be merciful. We can bring two back from the dead.. There eyes remained guarded, except for Alice. She bounced over and hugged me.

"Thank you Destiny, thank you." She exclaimed.

You're welcome. Now let's fill the others in… I can't save all my daughters and saving just two is unfair to the rest so we are going to bring Emmett and Rose back. For while my family will heal yours would have never recovered. Then they were all hugging me, thanking me for my kindness. I took it all and tried not to sulk as they all laughed. It was hard.

"We will always remember your sacrifice. Don't think we don't realize how much this is costing you." I shrugged. I would deal with it.

Where are their ashes?

"Here, and there." Carlisle said pointing. I nodded.

Back up. This requires a great deal of fire. They did as I said and we started. I did a back flip through the air leaving a circle of fire behind me. We call the fire that burns and churns, the one who ends; the one who mends. We come to call this ancient power in one of our now darkest hours. We call you in to heal these two this mated pairs for me and you. Heal these vampires with your might. Fix and mend so they may fight! I jumped into the air and clawed at invisible enemies leaving trails of fire behind. Heather worked to build the fire behind me larger as I continued.

Heal them in your glorious image with all the powers of your village. We know that you oh mighty fire won't do this with out an addition to your pryr. I shifted into human form. Thank god I knew how to pull my clothes into my animal form so that they were still there when I shifted back. So see this knife here in my hand for we need you to understand: our every move we do to please so please accept this offering. I ran the blade down my arm and the blood welled up from the cut easily. I tossed the bloody knife into the fire before making sure some of my blood landed on the ashes of both Rosalie and Emmett. Now fire with your added power help us in our darkest hour. As I give them their new life blood I need to see you won't succumb. I need you now to heal these two. I need you now to save theses few. So take your sacrifice and gift them with a new life. I shifted back into a lion and roared at that.

Do not fear I will teach them your ways. Do not fear they will understand your gaze. They will learn to jump and fight. They will learn what I mean by your might! Just grant them to their new life an end to darkness; an end to strife. Let them return to those left behind. For fire what use are your warriors if left locked inside. It started right then. I saw their bodies start to retake their form. I began to pick up the pace to the fire's dance. Jumping and clawing with a new found ferocity. They make their way back to the living with your mighty and gracious giving. They shall know you by name. They shall know all your pain. Free them and free your army. We shall stay loyal till you deny me. We shall all understand how gracious you were to tip your hand.

Their family stands by in wait. They are glad of you opened the gate. The gate of souls you shut so tight. You opened it for them this one night, so thank you fire for hearing our plight. Now that they are back here with us: It is time for you to trust in us: to tell them all your ways. Don't worry we know how this game plays. So rest mighty fire. You have saved them from your pryr. We thank you for you graciousness, but the time has come and you must rest! At the last word Heather put out the fire and all the fire line I had made died in the air. Emmett and Rosalie awoke with a start.

"What happened? Rosalie questioned looking around. Then her family was all over her and Emmett. Smiles and laughter could be heard and seen from all around. I sat down panting. I was tired. A summoning like that took a lot of energy. A lot of energy wasn't really something I had.

"Seriously, why are you guys so excited to see us?" Emmett interrogated.

"You and Rosalie died Emmett." Alice whispered.

"What? There is no way. Do I look like a pile of ashes?" He laughed.

It's true Emmett. Think back you will remember. I had to call the fire to save you both. They gaped at me as they remembered.

"You saved us? How?" Rosalie questioned walking towards me.

Don't you hear the fire? It calls to you. In brining you back you are now one with the fire. You are one with me as well. I had to give you my life blood. I explained. Rosalie's eyes widened as she heard the fire.

"You saved us instead of your daughters. The fire just told me… why?" She questioned.

Time can heal my family's wounds. Your family never would have recovered. She wrapped me in a hug. I placed my head on her shoulder in attempt to hug back. When she released me she walked over to her family. My own family came to surround me. I stayed in animal form. The pain was getting worse and I still had to address them. What are your plans? I questioned.

"Daniel and I are going off on our own. We want to see the world. Thanks to you now we can do that without the fear of being hunted thank you." I nodded.

"Same for me and Allen: we want to be on our own for a bit. Good bye everyone," Faith called as she and her mate darted off.

"I'm staying." Jessica declared. I smiled at that.

"So am I," Kally and Panther chorused.

"I want to stay too if you'll have me." Heather said hesitantly.

Of course we want you here. You're family! She smiled.

"We would like to stay as well." Jem said speaking for herself and Nick.

"There is no way you're leaving me behind. You made me your second." Alex said smugly. I rolled my eyes at her.

"Do you mind if I stay?" Mark asked worriedly.

Why would I send you away? Two days ago I protected you from an angry coven and now you think I want to send you away? You must be on something. How hard did Jane hit you? I teased him.

"Ha, ha, very funny Destiny."

"Not to but in but where are we going to stay?" Panther queried.

I don't know…

"We aren't going to send you away when you need our help Destiny. You can stay on our land." Carlisle offered.

Thank you Carlisle. That's very kind of you. He walked back over to his family. I took a deep breath before shifting into my vampire form. I nearly collapsed from the pain.

"Destiny what is it?" Mark asked supporting me.

"I… I'll be fine. This form isn't that great at dealing with pain." I said.

"Are you okay?" Jasper questioned. I shook my head.

"I just need to deal with it. Just give me a minute." I forced out. I took a few deep breaths and worked to compartmentalize the pain. When that was done I stood tall. Are you guys ready? I questioned. They nodded. "Then let's get off this damn battle field." We raced off towards the Cullens place. I knew that life wasn't going to be perfect now.. not after every one we had lost, but maybe it would be better. At least we had Logan and Seth's wedding to look forward to. Mark grabbed my hand as we ran and a shock ran through my arm. Maybe I had something else to look forward to as well. But why worry about the future when today was so damn exciting! I smiled as we raced into the forest behind the Cullens house: our new home.

Author's Note: This was the end of the story guys! I hope you liked it! :)