Hi everyone! I'm starting a new fanfiction (obviously ^.^)!!!! I know I'm in the middle of another one (It's an Inuyasha fanfic! Check it out!) named Rose, but this one will be relatively short. So, don't worry, I can do both! I have to warn any of you who read Rose, though. This story will be a drama, and I've never really written one. So, please tell me whether or not I completely failed at it! Thanks Bunches!


The air was thick with smoke. Brilliant flames rose from the thatched rooftops of the village cottages, and mixed with the steadily increasing sunlight. Aside from the sounds of collapsing buildings, there was silence. In the open space of the market, bodies were strewn across the ground. Amidst the corpses, knelt a young woman with shoulder length auburn hair pulled back into a loose braid. Tears tumbled from her eyes although she bravely wiped them away. Beside her lay a young man with shaggy blond hair who was struggling to stay conscious.

"Don't worry Mora…We will…be together…" The man winced in pain, but then smiled reassuringly. At least my last moments are with her. "…in another…life." With that, his eyes glazed over and his strangled breaths came no more.

"No….no…." The woman stammered in shock "NO!" She fell onto the man's chest sobbing uncontrollably. You can't leave me now! I can do nothing without you! Then, visions of the previous events flooded her mind's eye. Even so….I will avenge you…and all the lives lost here! I will find a way. With new determination, the young woman lifted her head to gaze at the young man's oddly peaceful expression. She began to hum a soft melody. It was whimsical and sweet, but somehow had a slight trace of melancholy to it. When her song ended she smiled sadly and sat up again, still looking into the man's unseeing eyes.

"In another life, Fai."

I know the beginning really leaves you hanging, but that's the fun of prologues right??? ^.^ *crickets chirping* Well, they're fun for the person writing them, ok?

P.S. Don't worry Icy! This IS not, and never WIIL be a rip off of your story!