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Chapter 7: You remind me of the face on the moon, he looks as lonely as you.

Friday, February 22

It had been approximately half an hour, give or take, since Edward had left to follow the beeping noise. I heard the noise a couple more times since then, after that, all I heard was silence. Suffocating, unadulterated silence. I had my head between my knees, my eyes closed and concentrated on hearing whatever I could.

I remembered Edward telling me to leave if he didn't come back in five minutes but I couldn't.

I was debating to myself whether I should go out and look for him when I heard the unmistakable sound of footsteps. They weren't too near yet but they sounded precise and heading this direction.

It had to be Edward. But I knew it wasn't, there was more than one person walking.

About a minute later, I no longer heard the steps. I was perplexed and wanting to stick my head out of the bush to see around. I was about to do just that when I heard the shrilled voice of the little girl we ran into the day before at the shed.

I could feel my eyes widening and my pulse quicken. I did not move a single muscle, hoping they could just leave.

That was the plan until I heard Rosalie moan and Emmett softly telling her to be quiet. This made my heart clench, painfully so. I quickly assessed the situation and tried finding my best solution. But I already knew life wasn't easy and not everything goes your way.

Without a second thought, I slowly and quietly peaked my head out, little by little.

At first, I saw nothing, but then a pair of dirty little feet came twirling in my sight. I gave a slight jump and stuck my head in a little more so I could see them and they couldn't see me.

Then I saw Emmett walking with a semi-conscious Rosalie in his arms. There was a gash of blood running down Emmett's arm and he had a slight limp to his steps.

Behind Rosalie and Emmett was a dark male with braided long hair and a nasty scar under his chin, I assumed this was the 'Laurent' the red head from before was talking about. He looked big and well built, nothing like Emmett though.

I felt around my pockets, remembering that all the weapon I had with me was a taser and pocket knife. What could I do? I had no idea, probably nothing useful.

I resisted a sigh.

I knew Edward would be furious if he found out I was even thinking of jumping out and doing something on my own, I know I am weak, I really know. But I also know that I can't just stay here hidden while I could at least try to help them.

With this in mind, I took out my pocket knife and waited for Laurent, who was a considerable amount of steps behind, to come a little closer.

I felt around the ground, keeping my eyes on Laurent, and grabbed a rock. This was the best I could do. So I chucked it to the furthest opposite side of me, it hit its target: a tree.

This slight noise made Laurent turn his attention towards the tree and away from me. I took this as my chance and stuck the taser out of the bush, pointing it directly at his chest and shooting.

I was relieved it was a taser and not a stun gun because with the latter it is ineffective unless you are right by your target, which would defeat the purpose of my hiding.

I was almost afraid the current wouldn't be enough to immobilize him but it was and with a pleasant thud he fell to the ground, twitching. This made Emmett turn around frantically and the little girl came running to Laurent.

I slid back into the bush immediately, on impulse. I later realized that only the little girl was left and I couldn't very well tase her so I came out pointing the tasing gun at the little girl.

"Who the hell are you?" She sneered, her hair was blond and sticking in every direction, making her look like one of the dismantled dolls that were hanging on the shed by the neck.

Laurent is still twitching on the floor and Emmett looks relieved, he puts Rosalie down while I distract the little girl by pointing the gun.

I almost feel like answering her, because it feels so good to talk but I know I can't. My voice has left along with the green eyed prisoner who never came back. Edward...

I pushed that thought aside, concentrating on the girl and feeling a bit foolish for doing so. She was no older than 12 and here I was pointing my taser at her. But I didn't lower it because she's here for a reason and I don't know her.

Emmett comes to me and I pass him the taser, he grabs the little girl by her wrists and holds her like that. This action reminds me that we have some rope in the bag, one we picked up from the shack.

I hold up a finger, gesturing to Emmett that I'd be back. I run back to the bush and pull out the bag, placing it next to Rosalie and taking out a long rope. I cut two long ropes with my pocket knife and put the rest back into the bag. I hand him the ropes and he hands me the taser, I put it back into my pocket.

The little girl is nagging and threatening to no avail, annoying more than anything else. I briefly wonder how she got this way because I'm sure there was no 12 year old in this game at the beginning, maybe she was already in this land before we got here.

She begins screaming and at this point I know we can no longer just leave her like that. So I hold my finger tight against the spot that I know will knock her out and when it does, she falls limp to the ground. I shake my head at Emmett because he looks like he's about to ask me where I learned that from. I wasn't about to tell him I learned that from my father, the man I killed with my words.

So Emmett ties a rope around the girls wrists and proceeds to tying her to a tree far away from us, then does the same with the unconscious Laurent, making sure to tie it extra tight. After this, he makes a point of searching for any weapons on them, he takes their bag too.

While he's dong this he asks me what happened to Edward, Alice and Jasper. I look down, searching for my voice but it's not there so I just shrug.

I wanted to ask him what happened to him and Rosalie and if they were fine. I wanted to tell him that Edward might be in danger but we were all in danger and I was useless with my voice.

Rosalie began coughing and moaning. We turned our attention to her, I raised my eyebrows at Emmett in question.

"After we separated back at the shed, we were followed by some red headed bitch. Seriously, she stole the fucking trophy at being a bitch from Rosalie." He shook his head but when his eyes landed on Rosalie, they softened. "So we kind of lost her but then this guy and this little girl found us. I tried to fight him off but between the both of them it was difficult." There was regret and anger in his eyes, both emotions much too strong and wrong.

He sighed and sat beside Rosalie, pulling her head softly on his lap. "She must be tired.." he trailed off, lost in his thoughts, I assume.

I pull the bag open and take out some rags and alcohol we took from the hospital before. I cleaned the gash on his arm and wrapped the rag tightly. It was a knife wound and it wasn't too deep but it wasn't anything to ignore.

I close the bag and motion for him to pick up Rosalie and follow me. We walk back to the bush I was hiding at earlier and crawl within it, away from sight.

I grab a twig and begin scrawling on the mud the words I cannot speak to him.

I tell him how Edward left and said he'd be back. How I don't know anything about Jasper and Alice. I tell him I'm scared and he hugs me.

And I don't know why but this makes me cry, I no longer remember how it felt to be hugged, how it felt to be cared for and remembered.

Emmett is so big and strong, and so sweet and gentle. I wonder if this is how a brother feels like, and I know i'm going down the wrong path of thoughts. Down the path of something I'd never have. So instead I close my eyes and concentrate on the feeling of comfort.

Emmett tells me we have to move on, and I know he's right but I can't. I plead him with my eyes but he tells me we have to go and I nod.

Before leaving, I scrawl on the bark of the tree by the bush: Move on E.

Emmett picks up Rosalie and I pick up the bag. A couple hours later, the sky is getting darker and we haven't crossed a single place to stay in. I'm growing tired and Rosalie is growing restless, I can only imagine how tired Emmett must be, though he doesn't show it.

Soon, I start hearing running water. My head shoots up and I close my eyes, I hear the sound of the water coming from the east side. I was well aware that Emmett could not hear the water, I had a stronger sense of hearing, probably due to my loss of voice.

Emmett is looking at me confused and I make the motion of waves with my hands and point east. He gets it and we're both relieved to find water. A couple wrong turns and we find the river bank.

"We can't stay here long, though." Emmett says as he splashes water on his face and wets a rag to clean up Rosalie's. I nod, completely understanding that the river was too loud.

We take out the water bottles from the bag and begin refilling them with the river water. I pick out a stick and write to Emmett on the mud that I want to take a quick bath.

"Sure, make it fast because I want to take one as well and I'm sure so does Rosalie." This makes me smile because he's always thinking of Rosalie. And I wonder if Edward thinks of me too, although this makes me frown because I don't know how he is and the thought of him... dead, it just brought this whole new feeling of despair, one I was much too well acquainted with.

I write on the mud, again, that we should wake up Rosalie and have her take a bath along with me seeing as we're both females. He nods and we wake her up, she is all up for taking a quick bath.

Emmett walks off a little into the woods, turning his back on us for privacy and we take off our clothes and jump into the river. It is heaven. There's no soap but I swim around for a while, hoping all the dirt and dried blood leaves my body.

Afterward, we change back into our clothes and lay against a tree as Emmett jumpes into the river.

Rosalie is combing her hair with her fingers, asking me questions I couldn't answer. I don't think she cared that I couldn't answer them, she asked them anyways.

After Emmett finished up, we continued heading south, stopping only when we came across food. We never came across shelter or anyone else.

Then it got too dark to continue walking, we settled in between some trees and decided to take turns as the watch out. First shift was mine, since I wasn't sleepy at all and I was the better rested one of the three of us.

I noticed that I couldn't see a single star in the sky tonight. I wonder if the sky felt lonely, with no stars illuminating its premises. I spent my shift thinking about everything going on.

Where was Edward? Was he thinking of me too? And what about Alice and Jasper? Did we all deserve this? Would we make it out? And what if we did, what then?

But all my questions were answered with more questions and never answers. The night drags on and comes alive, all the while I stop and die a little more, waiting for my green eyed prisoner to return.