Chapter One:

The Gift of the Internet

All I can hear is blah…blah…blah, blah, blah and blah.

And I still feel nothing.

"Bright colors for teenagers are so popular right now. Even the boys are dressing more feminine now. The super skinny jeans have been making millions for me. " She played with her thick black hair by curling it around her fingers. Her body was traced out in a slim black dress that revealed nothing to the imagination. A silver chain traced out her collar bone, something that most men would want their lips to taste. Her skin was dark and probably tasted of brown sugar.

Seto took a small sip from the wine glass as his eyes traveled up and down the woman who talked about her business. She was a fashion designer from the United States and worked with Vogue magazine. His eyes stayed on her lips, trying to imagine the taste of her lips. Nothing came to mind though as she lovingly stared back at him.

The dimly lit restaurant made the perfect scene for a love story to unfold. The only lights in the place were coming from candles and the walls were red along with the carpet. The large white windows let in the lights of the stars and the moon. The wine was the perfect age and the waiters spoke French. The food was delicious, but healthy enough to be on one of those obnoxious commercials that had the super skinny models on them. The music was smooth and strong like the wine. The tables were white with the red roses lying across the plates perfectly when they had entered the restaurant. Nothing could be going wrong at this moment, but something was missing.

There's always something missing. Seto thought as he took one last gulp of his wine. He felt the soft numbness spread through his system as he asked, "Miss Sixty, would you like desert?"

"No thank you, I'm watching my weight."

You don't have to, Seto thought about saying this, but he kept his mouth shut. "Then I must go home. My little brother needs me and…"

He always used the little brother trick whenever he needed to get out of somewhere. It worked every time, but he wasn't sure how long it would work. Mokuba was getting older and he usually hated it whenever he came home just a little bit early from a date.

The woman gasped and put a hand over her mouth, "Of course I do! I hope we can have another date. Please call me when you're in America, alright?" She grinned at him as he took her hand. It was automatic, something that he had taught himself to do on dates to make the woman smile in glee at the touching. It was a trick he had seen some other business men do whenever they weren't trying to look all that bored.

His eyes lowered to their locked hands. Nothing, not a spark. Not even an electric shock. He thought in annoyance as he gritted his teeth. He wanted to let go of her hand in disgust and walk out, but he had business connections with this woman. Even if he wanted to…it wouldn't be worth it. He walked her to her limo and bowed lightly which she giggled at. He watched the limo drive into the city as he sighed and walked over to his own limo where his driver looked over at him.

"Mr. Kaiba, how was this date?"

He looked at the window as he answered, "Same as always."


A girl with brown hair-Seto tried remembering her name, but couldn't think of it at that moment- came up to him with a smile as she placed a small lunch box on his desk. He raised an eye brow as the girl rolled her eyes, "Mokuba called me and told me you had a rough date. "

And you are…? He thought to himself, but as he leaned closer he suddenly recalled how the girl had been over his house to play with Mokuba or meet up with his cousin. What was her name? He mentally starting thumbing through all the names he could remember. Moss? No. Alice? No. Misa? No. M…M…Mana? He knew for sure that she was also a friend of his cousin, Atemu. Life time friends if he remembered correctly, but he had never really talked to her.

"I did not have a rough night last night, Mana."

She smiled and bravely tried to tame her brown hair by running a hand through it. "That's not what Mokuba told me. Atemu heard his dad grumbling over the phone about you too."

He kept his emotionless mask up, "Atemu doesn't know everything about me." And neither do you. "She just wasn't my type."

"You've said that about every girl you've met on a date."

"Do not." He said smoothly.

"Well, how about Miss Misa, that super star that you dated once? And Michiru, Rin, Aya, and Shuro?" Mana raised one eye brow at him as she leaned on his desk on her hip and smiled at him. "Name one girl that you've gone on more than five dates with and I'll drop the subject." That annoying smile was not helping him keep his mask up.

"Tell me one guy that you actually dated, Mana. And I'll answer your question." He challenged blandly with a smirk on his face as Mana's jaw dropped and a blush crept onto her features.

She closed her eyes, "You know what I think?"

"I personally don't care about what you think, but I'll humor you on this."

"I think it's your rotten personality and the high expectations you have on girls who every other guy would love to date and would cut off their right arm to get it that makes you such a bad date." She said as she opened her eyes, "And the fact that acting like a creep seems to be in your DNA code."

"Wouldn't that mean that Atemu was a creep as well?"

She shook her head, "He has a big ego and all, but he isn't mean. Look at how popular he is." She pointed to the group of people that surrounded his cousin. He was smiling and laughing, chatting with everyone he wanted to. It was like he was the sun and all these people were just little planets.

"What are you doing over here then?"

"I wanted to check up on you. Can't someone be nice to you?"

He shook his head, "The only time someone is ever nice is when they want something, Mana. Haven't you learned that yet?"

"Atemu is nice to me and he doesn't want anything."

Seto finally turned his eyes away from his computer as he stared at Mana. Mana had grown a lot since they were kids. She was no longer the tomboy that Atemu used to wrestle with in the living room (though he still caught her in boy's clothing at times). She no longer had the baby face, but her eyes were still as wide and innocent as ever. Her legs were long and slim and she was definitely not flat in the chest area. He snorted and looked back onto his computer, "If you haven't figured it out then you're an idiot."

"Pervert!" Mana yelled at him with a blush creeping on her cheeks. "He doesn't think of me that way and you know it."

Seto raised an eye brow at her, "Sure he doesn't."

"Agh! Creep, why do I even bother?" She turned and walked over to where Jounouchi and Honda were.

Jou looked over at him and then at Mana, "Why do you even try to be nice to that guy? You know he's only going to be mean to you." Mana ignored this comment and looked over at Honda.

"Hey Jou, how was your date with Mai?" Honda asked the blonde-haired mutt who grinned at this. Usually, Seto didn't pay attention to the geeks, but he was suddenly curious about how mutt face's date went. Maybe he would figure out what he was doing wrong. He leaned his head slightly, but kept his eyes on the screen of his computer.

Mana grinned, "Let me guess. It was super cheesy and cute."

The blonde blushed at the comment. "I took her out for dinner at The Heights."

Mana's face lit up like a light bulb, "No way, isn't that place super expensive?"

Jounouchi smiled proudly as his chest puffed out. "Yeah, but you know how I've been working hard at Yugi's grandfather's shop to pay for it. After that we went to the park and the moon was full. And the roses, man! You should have seen them. It was perfect like God was on my side that night." He looked at Mana who was far away in her own dream land, "Uhh, Mana? Mana?" Jounouchi waved a hand in front of her face.

"Don't bother man, she's a goner. You know she's a sucker for romance. Hey, Mana, why don't you just date Atemu if you want some romance so much?" Honda asked her as she blushed at the comment. When didn't that girl blush?

She shrugged, "Atemu is my best friend, practically my brother."

He snorted, I'm sure he sees it that way.


Seto sighed, when did he get this ridiculous nickname again? He looked up at the girl who called out to him. She had short brown hair with trembling pale hands that held out a letter to him. Not again… He took the letter anyway and smiled at the trembling girl. It was the least he could do. She was trembling so Seto could figure that her emotions were at least genuine. It was better than listening to the girls who were after him for business related reasons.

He smiled at the girl who smiled back and scampered off to her seat. He almost felt bad for the girl. He knew that the girls from his fanclub (he always shuddered at this thought) would be throwing a tantrum for a day, but he did admire her for her bravery. Either that or she was just plain stupid.

Class started and Seto was forced to put his work aside as he watched Mana and Atemu pass notes. They were practically together already. He was pretty sure that they were planning on working together at some restaurant. Seto's uncle threw a fit about this because he didn't want his son to work as a "commoner" (he did actually use that word). Atemu had argued in the end that it would be good for him and with Mahado, a "butler" in the family, also defending Atemu's choice; his uncle faltered and gave in.

His hyper possibly homicidal teacher gave a grin to her class that caused Seto to grimace. She pushed up her thick black glasses, "Okay, that's it class for today on European history, but I want you to do a report on certain time periods. And I'll be picking the groups."

Oh boy…Seto mused. This teacher would be crazy enough to put him with mutt face.

"Anzu, Kisara, Yugi, you'll be doing the middle ages." She crossed those names from her lists, "Ryou, Malik, and Bakura, I want you to do the Protestant Reformation. Mana, Atemu…and…"

Big surprise, Seto thought as he yawned. He hoped he wouldn't have to do it with mutt face.

"And…Kaiba, I want you to do the Renaissance."

Atemu nearly fell out of his chair, "What!"

"Are you insane?" Mana cried out.

Seto didn't say anything. Instead he looked over at Mana and sighed. Great, he thought as he slouched in his chair, this is worse than mutt face.


"This sucks," Atemu declared at lunch before taking a big bite out of his rice ball. Mana stare helplessly at her lunch, losing her will to eat at the idea of working with that…that… that…creep. That didn't even begin to describe Kaiba Seto, the big scary CEO. Mana began forming a list of words that would begin to describe the rude, brown-haired man. Evil, vile, mean, cruel, bastard, jerk…

Anzu looked away from Yugi for a moment and turned to Atemu, "It can't be that bad. He's your cousin."

"You can say that because you're not with him and you're working with your boyfriend!" Mana pointed out to the other girl in their group.

Atemu began unwrapping some sort of food as he stated, "I highly doubt it. I've asked my dad to have a blood test to see if we really are related." He took a big bite out of his sandwich afterward, ignoring the laughter that sprouted from the group.

Jounouchi and Honda hollered in laughter as the blonde said, "Really? Wouldn't surprise me! Just looking at you two could confuse anyone on how you're related. Honda and moneybags look more alike than you and him!"

Ryou shook his head, "It's not going to be terrible, Mana." He tried comforting the girl by patting her on the shoulder before taking a bite out of his sandwich. "You could be working with my brother and his friend."

Mana shuddered at this idea. Working with the jerk, but working with…those two was just insane. She gulped at the idea. Knowing Bakura, he would make her do all the work and make some sexual comment that would make her sick in the stomach. Marik would just laugh and lightly kiss her cheek. Even at this idea, her hand unconsciously rubbing at her cheek.

Atemu scowled at this, "Like I would put up with that." He mumbled mostly to himself as Otogi snorted and lightly nudged him with his elbow.

"A little jealous, Atemu?"

He blushed a little at this as he turned his head away from Otogi, "Nope, but that would be like giving her over to murderers or rapists."

"I can take care of myself," Mana stated as Atemu looked at her.

He shrugged, "I know, but you never know when you might need me. And do you honestly think you can tackle Bakura if he decided to be the ass that he is?"

"Why Atemu! I didn't know that the prince of our high school used such language!"

Mana sighed as Ryou turned his head, "Hey brother, what are you doing here?" Bakura sat next to him and smiled down at Atemu who glared at him. Anzu and Yugi shook their heads as Mana felt herself inching away from Bakura even though he was two people down from her and couldn't possibly touch.

She looked at Atemu and he practically radiated his thoughts that read: I'm going to kill him… I'm going to kill him…I'm going to kill him…She shook her head at him as he smiled when she felt someone slide next to her. How many people could this bench hold?

"Hey Mana, what's up?"

She turned her eyes to Marik who was grinning at him. As usual, he wasn't wearing his school uniform which was blue, but instead he was wearing an outfit held a black jacket and pants with a white shirt underneath it. His golden jewelry glittered in the sun light when he moved. She could smell the sun on his skin and the sand of Egypt. She looked down, trying to ignore him.

"Can't you see she doesn't even want to be around you, Marik?" Atemu yelled, losing his temper with the two. She got a hold of his hand and squeezed it lightly, hoping that it would calm him down a bit. Mana closed her eyes and tried to block out the noise for a moment before she felt a hand slip around her shoulders.

Her dark green eyes turned to Marik, "Get off."

"Ahh, she speaks."

"I'm trying to be nice and ignore you, but you're pushing it. Let go now."

"Or you'll what?" Marik grinned and gave her shoulders a light squeeze before Mana forcibly shoved him off the bench where he landed in the muddy puddle by the bench.

She looked down at him and smiled sweetly at him, "That."

Mutely, Marik got up and walked away with his hands stuffed in his pocket. Bakura leaned over with a smirk, "You know, he likes em' stubborn."

She rolled her eyes and ignored this warning as she went back eating.


The first thing Seto noticed when he entered his house was the sweet smell. It made his mouth water and made his stomach gurgle, making him regret the fact that he had thrown away Mana's lunch. It reminded him of a time when he didn't have to be the adult in the house, where his only job was to protect his brother from the bullies at school. After taking off his shoes, he walked into the kitchen and this would be the moment where his jaw dropped.

"Mahado? What are you doing in my kitchen? And where's Moki?" Even with his concerns, Seto grabbed a cookie and slowly stuffed the sweet, edible sugar into his mouth. He knew it couldn't be good that his uncle's butler was here, especially Mahado. He knew him since he was a kid which meant that Mahado knew all of his weaknesses and his past. This usually bothered him, but at least Mahado wasn't a big mouth.

The purple-haired man looked at the CEO, "Mokuba is out with friends for the moment." Seto nodded, wondering who he was going with. He tried recalling any of his friends, but he wasn't sure about any of the images. "And your uncle wanted me to visit you…" Mahado turned to work on some other food as Seto quickly grabbed a few cookies and slowly tried to sneak away from him.

Whatever his uncle wanted, it couldn't be good. It usually came to an embarrassing subject that was not his uncle's business.

"Seto, come back here." Mahado ordered without even looking away from his food.

How does he do that? Seto thought as he slummed against the table.

"Now, your uncle is concerned about your love life."

"It's none of his business!"

"Well, he just wants you to be a teenager. Try an online dating service for a little while," he suggested as Seto groaned.

"So I can find some creepy fifty year old woman? No!" Seto declared, not liking where this was going.

Mahado smiled, "There's a website I want you to try. It's called . It's a place where you talk to a person that matches you up with someone who would be a good match for you. Then you talk to that person for a while and decide if you want to meet up. And the best part is that it's a hundred percent anonymous." He explained as Seto thought about.

"And I don't have to meet anyone if I don't want to?"

"Though I would highly suggest it. Your uncle is going to start setting up dates for you if you don't." He said as Seto paled at the idea. What choice did he have? He couldn't think up of a good excuse at the moment.

"What if it is some nut job woman?"

"Your uncle would probably do a background check before you meet them then."

"What if she's a fan girl?" An even scarier idea that some old perverted woman…or man!

"Don't worry, I have my ways of finding out that kind of information." Mahado smiled at him which sent a shiver down his back.


Username: BlueEyes

Age: 18-20

Occupation: Business

Country: Japan

City: Domino

Hobbies: Dueling, inventing, reading, etc

If you had a date, where would you take them too?

("What kind of dumbass question is that?")

A nice dinner then afterward find a nice quiet place to get to know them.

Which one of these pictures represents your right hand?

("What does that have to do with anything?)

In your family, which one are you?

Oldest: *




What kind of relationship are you looking for?

Single-income marriage:

Double-income marriage:

Committed relationship leading to marriage:

Committed relationship NOT leading to marriage:

Not sure Yet: *

Is your closet ready for public display? How neat are you?

Not at all:

Just a little:

Pretty good:


What are the kinds of people you hang out with?

Social people:

Intelligent people: *


Do you like being the boss?

("Isn't there a big YES somewhere?")

Do you want to fall in love?



Not sure: *

Sailor Ra: FEW! Finally, got that done. Sorry. It took me awhile to right this. UGH! This is going to be a ManaSeto fanfic if you hadn't figured it out. This story was inspired SilentWhiteRose's story Blackmail which I suggest that you ALL READ. Some of the ideas were hers like Seto and Atemu being rich jerks and Bakura just being a bad ass trouble maker xD.

No, there isn't going to be some complicated love triangle. You'll find out why I'm saying this now in later chapters…but I just wanted to let everyone know that. If you're wondering about the questions, I actually took a personality test just to make this authentic, but I sort of cut it short so it wouldn't be forever and I added the last question.


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