Chapter Four

Child's Lullaby

MagicianofLove232: Why did u get on this website?

BlueEyes: Two words: Insane Uncle. U?

MagicianofLove232: Insane best friend.

BlueEyes: We agree on something.

MagicianofLove232: U didn't want to fall in love?


Marik couldn't recall much from his childhood except a burning pain and blood. There was also a little girl with blue eyes and brown hair. Her hand was always reaching out to his. Marik smirked as remembered how he thought she was beautiful even though he thought girls were gross at the time. He wondered if she could remember those times. If she did, she didn't show it.

He placed a hand on his forehead as he pushed his bangs out of the way. His reflection showed a boy who looked like he had been beaten the crap out of even though Kaiba hadn't raised a hand to him. His skin sagged against his bones with the burdens of deadly secrets. Sleep crusted at the corners of his eyes. A cut he had gotten from a fight a few days ago looked raw thanks to the rain. His eyes looked hurt, but at the same time hard with time. I love your eyes! She told him once with a big grin on her lips. Her fingers had been sticky with ice cream and her hair forever in tangles.

Bakura walked into his room and jumped on the bed only to fall on his back and relax. He closed his eyes. He took a puff out of his cigarette before he said, "Kaiba and Mana? I'm sure Kaiba thought he was acting the part of prince for her. Stupid jackass knows nothing." Bakura opened one eye. "Your back hurting?"

He nodded.

Marik looked at the torn picture of a little girl before he shrugged off his shirt to reveal decorative design of Egypt symbols etched into his skin. He could still feel the burn from that crazy, horrible night. He remembered the little girl screaming in the background with Isis trying to hold her back.

"When are you going to tell her, Marik? She's going to figure it out sooner or later." Bakura told him as he sat up. "Why do you even freaking care? Mana had nothing to do with your fucked up father."

The blonde-haired boy picked up the picture. It looked like she had been holding hands with someone, but the other half had been ripped off. He looked at her and felt a certain peace set in.

"She was the only one to care."

Bakura rolled his eyes. "And what was I doing? Screwing your mind?"

Marik broke out into a grin, "Knowing you, yeah."

"That hurts, man. Wanna smoke?" Bakura asked as he handed Marik a cigarette. He twirled it around his fingers, wondering what his father would think now if he could see him. He wandered what Mana would have thought if she could remember him. And maybe then she would look at him with something more than hatred.


She felt secure in his arms, but Seto knew that Mana wanted to slap him. He made sure that they had walked far away enough from Marik when he finally let her go. The rain was soaking her uniform which made it cling to her in an awkward way that made him look at her differently. Seto tore his eyes away as he took off his jacket and threw it over her. She looked up at him as he led her into a bar where a man was singing softly a bad cover of Goo Goo doll's song Iris. A waitress led them to a booth as Seto ordered some coffee.

"Why did you do that?" Mana asked as she took off the jacket. He tried looking at the menu. When did she…err, grow? Seto thought as he looked up at Mana finally. She was definitely not a child anymore, but then again he already knew that, right?

"Atemu would have complained to me if I didn't save your sorry ass." He told her harshly as Mana's eyes turned into a glare.

"It's kind of like when you saved me when we were little."

Seto's glare hardened as he said, "That never happened." Mana nodded as he ignored her. "Can I have my jacket back, now?"

She stuck out her tongue before she said, "I'm still cold so get used to it." He rolled his eyes at her.

"How old are you?"

"Seventeen and a half." She said bluntly as he wondered why she never could act her age.

The coffee finally came. He took a sip before he asked, "What did Marik want with you?" She shrugged her shoulder. "You really don't know? Was he trying to ask you out or something?"

She looked away from him with her hair framing her face. She folded her hands in her lap as she said, "Marik's always like that." He looked at her rough hands. He couldn't help, but remember how tenderly and carefully Marik had held them. It was the same way that Atemu held them when he was brave enough. The same way that Mahado held Isis's hand and tell her how beautiful they were. It had been the same way he held Kisara's.

He liked the feeling of a girl's hand, Seto admitted. They were smooth and gentle, but powerful at the same time. They could make music, art, or love. Mana's were no different, he realized. They were only a bit rougher, but still the same. They were a little smaller than Kisara's and the nails had been bitten off. He could see the paint staining the corner of her fingers from her love of art. He thought about the brushes she used to carry with her when they were children.

Maybe that's what I'll get MagicianofLove323 when I meet her…Seto straightened out for a moment. How could he even think about meeting this woman? He hardly knew her!

"Must want to get in your pants badly," Seto said as her cheeks turned the same color as Atemu's eyes. She opened her mouth, but then closed them. She opened them again, but again, nothing would come up. Seto smirked slightly.

The man smiled to the crowd before asking, "Anyone want to come up here and give it a try?"

Seto rolled his eyes and took a sip. Without missing a beat, Mana was off the booth and walking over to stand. She looked slightly awkward in his jacket that was huge on her, but somehow looked different. Seto may go as far and say she looked pretty. She held onto the microphone in such a childlike manner that it almost made Seto smile.

The song she picked was slow and soft to his ears. Not the song he imagined Mana picking. A piano played softly and gently. And then she opened her mouth, "Once in awhile you are in my mind. I think about the days we had and I dream that these would all come back to me. If only you knew every moment in time nothing goes on in my heart. Just like your memories…How I want to be with you, once more."

She looked goofy. She looked pretty.

She looked childish. She looked womanly.

She looked naïve. She looked seductive.

She looked off. She looked right.

These contradictions kept forming in his head as he watched her sing. He couldn't recall Mana singing in their childhood. How could she though? Atemu wouldn't let her play if she did anything slightly girly.

The crowd went crazy when she was done. She bowed slightly before she jumped off stage and ran over to him. Seto nearly choked on his drink when he saw jealous glares of men turning to him. Mana looked at him as she sat down.

She laughed, "That was so much fun, but I better get home."

Seto nodded as he said, "I'll walk you home."


MagicianofLove323: Did I say something wrong?

BlueEyes: You've never been in love, have you?

MagicianofLove323: Obvious, huh?

BlueEyes: Yes.


Atemu sighed as he carefully unfolded a picture of Mana from his pocket. It wasn't his favorite, but it was a picture he knew his father wouldn't miss. The picture had captured him, Mana, and Seto when they were at the beach. Mana was messy with her hair tangled with hair and salt water. Seto, who still smiled back then, had an arm wrapped around Mana with Atemu next to her. They were all sun burnt and happy.

"Young master?"

Atemu sat up in his bed as Mahado came in. "Oh Mahado, what's up?"

"Nothing, I just wanted to check up on you." He said as Atemu quickly folded the picture.

"When did Seto stop being happy?" Mahado gave him an odd look. "Seto's always been a jackass, but he used to smile when we were kids. Did it have to do with his parents leaving him and Mokuba?"

He gave Atemu a lopsided smile. There was something wrong. There was always something wrong when Seto's name came up. It seemed to have started with his screwed up, cruel parents. He remembered the hushed whispers that seemed to follow Seto after his parents left.

Poor little bastard…

I heard his mother never even wanted him…

Yeah, I heard she almost had an abortion…

Until his uncle stepped in. Told them that he was going to be worth something.

Nothing like his cousin though, Atemu's a genius at games!

He always outwits Seto…even at chess!

Isn't that his best game?

Seto had held his head high and ignored them. He remembered how Mana had tried to get him to play with them. He wouldn't. She burst out into tears. Mana and Seto didn't seem to talk much after that. All he seemed to make her do was cry. He even remembered what Seto said, Please don't cry. I can't stand seeing women crying.

It had always been Seto's weird, twisted way in being a gentleman. He could never stand seeing her cry. Even now, Atemu suspected how Seto would react if he ever saw Mana cry.

"I'm sure that's part of it, but do he used to smile a little after that. Unfortunately, he fell in love." Mahado said nothing more on the subject and Atemu didn't feel the urge to push him on it. Mahado had always been protective of him, Mana, Seto, and Mokuba. He guarded their secrets with his life.

Atemu finally got up from his bed and grabbed a black jacket. Mahado looked at him, frowning as he asked, "Where are you going?"

"I'm going to see Mana." Atemu said, feeling suddenly heavier than usual. His chest felt empty. When had things been so screwed up?


MagicianofLove323: Don't U have a family?

BlueEyes: My little brother.

MagicianofLove323: No one else?

BlueEyes: And your family?

MagicianofLove323: So, I'm going to take that as a no then?

BlueEyes: Are you going to answer my question?

MagicianofLove323: If I do, do you promise not to pity me?

BlueEyes: Yes.

MagicianofLove323: I have no one.

BlueEyes: How can you have no one?


Kisara smiled as she giggled to herself. Everything was perfect. Now all she needed was to add a little spice and the food would be perfect. She figured Mana had probably had a crappy day at work. She rarely ever had a good one. She made all of Mana's favorite foods just for her because she was her dear little sister. Okay, they weren't blood related, but who cared about minor details like that?

She pulled the hair tie from her hair as she heard the doorbell ring.

"Coming," She called out as he ran over to the door. She saw a drench Atemu, looking more pathetic than a puppy being forced to take a bad. Of course, if Atemu ever heard her referring to him like this than he would curse her very existence because Prince Atemu was not cute in any sense of the word. Kisara smiled at this.

"Is Mana here?"

Kisara shook her head. "She should be here in a minute though. Do you want anything?" She nearly gave out a nervous squeak when Atemu started taking off his jacket and shirt. "What are you doing?"

He looked up at her with his hair dripping over the newly cleaned floor. "Mana would have probably said it was fine for me to use her dryer."

Brat, she thought as she felt a vein pop out of her forehead. She stopped though, remembering that Atemu was the guy she had been rotting for awhile now. Kisara knew she had read all the signs correctly and that he did have a small crush on her sister. It wouldn't hurt for Mana to get a boyfriend…

"Okay, how about I get you some tea and a towel to dry off?"

I'm sure Mana will see the potential once she sees his shirt off…


MagicianofLove323: I have no one.

BlueEyes: So, you're giving by yourself?

MagicianofLove323: No, I'm living with my best friend.

BlueEyes: See? You're not by yourself.

MagicanofLove323: I would have never pegged you as the optimistic type.

BlueEyes: Aren't you cute?

MagicanofLove323: Actually, I am! I'm a hot sexy blonde with a huge rack and everything you've ever dreamt about.

BlueEyes: I highly doubt that.

MagicianofLove323: What's it like to be in love?

BlueEyes: Can't you ever keep on track?

MagicianofLove323: I can, but I'm so smart that I have a million thoughts at once.

BlueEyes: I think they call that ADD.

MagicianofLove323: :P Answer my question?

BlueEyes: It sort of happens.

MagicianofLove323: What do you mean 'it sort of happens'?


It sort of just happened.

Seto didn't mean to, but yet all he could feel was a strange heat as he entered the apartment building that he used to love. It used to make his heart beat. This had been the place where he first made love. The first time his fingers fumbled and tumbled clumsily. Kisara's hand gently gripped his to calm him down. God, he remember how embarrassed he was by that. He hadn't been here since Kisara had ended things.

Mana had held his hand like when they were kids. Her hands were rough and soft at the same time. She looked at him. She tilted her head back as they waited on the elevator. Her phone vibrated like mad. Another text? Probably from Atemu.

He leaned in.

She didn't turn away.

The elevator door opened.

She smiled, but by the way she grinned he knew she was nervous.

The elevator door closed.

He hated this place. He despised this place. No, he hated Kisara for this. Mana squeezed his hand.

He kissed her.

His fingers threaded through her hair as he roughly tilted her head back. Mana's tiny body felt warm and she tasted so sweet! Seto let his arms trap her against the wall. Mana's tongue seemed to already know what to do.


BlueEyes: It just sort of does.

Sailor Ra: I probably should be studying for finals….Anyway, here's the chapter. Okay, maybe no ones figured it out, but I don't exactly…err, plan these stories, okay? I let them come out however the characters tell me when and what's going on. Seto told me he kissed her. Seto wouldn't shut up. I told him it was too soon, but does he listen to me? Nooo….Maybe he's a little impatient?

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Chasing cars by Snow Patrol

Iris by Goo Goo Dolls

Iris by Boyz II Men

My Skin by Natelie

Let Me go by three doors down

Previews to Chapter Five:

Drunken Fool

"You WHAT?!" Mai screamed in Mana's ear as Jou jumped. "You do not kiss your best friend's ex!"


Seto stared at his cell phone and felt a guilty pang.

He lightly banged his head on the desk as he cursed, "Oh for fuck's sake! She's not even my girlfriend and I feel like I just cheated on her!"


"Mana's what's wrong?" Kisara asked as Mana's stomach dropped.

'Gee, Kisara, well, I sort of had a really, really hot make out session with your ex. Yeah, sorry about that!' Mana gulped in fear as she imagined the conversation.


"I love you…don't you know that?"