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Kill Ari Part 3

"I am scared, and I already admitted it to Tony. I refuse to cry anymore than I already have though. Like apologizing, it is a sign of weakness, and I will NOT be weak." Ziva was thinking, but her thoughts were interrupted when Gibbs, McGee, and Jenny busted through the hotel's door, guns drawn, with Abby running in behind them.

"He's gone, Gibbs." Tony said. Jenny, Gibbs, and McGee re-holstered their guns.

Gibbs spoke, "We have to get home, and they could go after our families."

"Exactly what we were thinking, boss." Tony said and he and Ziva jumped up.

"Okay! All of you pack your things! You have 15 minutes!" Gibbs yelled and walked out. Tony and Ziva rushed to their bedroom and picked up all the clothes that were thrown around during their episodes and put them messily in a suitcase. They grabbed their hygiene products and things of the sort and packed those. After they were done, they ran into the hallway, where Jen and Gibbs were already waiting.

"We have a red-eye flight on the same jet that flew us here. It will take us directly to DC." Gibbs told them and Tony looked confused.

"What's up DiNozzo?" Gibbs asked when he saw the confused look.

"How did you manage to get a red-eye flight on the same jet that took us here and pack in the five minutes we were in our room?" Tony asked.

Despite themselves, Jenny, Ziva, and Gibbs smiled. "It is Gibbs honey." Ziva said and Tony shrugged his shoulders. McGee and Abby ran out and they managed to get out of the hotel in 10 minutes. A cab was hailed and Tony, Ziva, Abby, McGee, Jenny, and Gibbs were taken to the airport. They were there in 5 min. thanks to the rapid and angry instructions that Tony gave the driver.

When they got to the airport they all jumped out without paying the driver and ran over to where their jet was waiting. All of them threw their bags in the corner and sat down for the flight.

"Might as well get to business." Gibbs said and continued, "Ziva, do you have any idea who could have found out you killed Ari." Ziva went wide-eyed.

"I already told them." Gibbs said.

"No hard feelings." Abby said and hugged Ziva tightly.

"Yeah." McGee told her and also hugged her. Jenny did the same and then Gibbs got over it.

"Okay! Back to business. Ziva?"

"Well, there are many people who would like to kill me and get payback. But, there are only a few who would care so much about Ari." Ziva said and Gibbs looked at her expectantly.

"Oh, you want me to tell who!" Ziva said, her mind was Ducky, Palmer, Kyran, Kelly, Aliyah, and Zach.

"Yeah, Ziva. That would be helpful." Gibbs said in his annoyed tone that he usually uses with Tony.

"Okay. Well, all four I had to do extensive background checks on for Mossad. The first and most dangerous is Emmanuel Josiah. The second is Canaan Zamir. Third is Liam Azaria, and forth is Chalese Kadiah. I think we can count out Chalese, since I saw her die in a suicide bombing." Ziva told Gibbs.

"Well yeah, we can count her out." Gibbs said and asked Ziva to describe each man, starting with Emmanuel.

"Emmanuel Josiah; he is about 6'2 or 6'3, 230 lbs., long black hair that is always tied up in a pony tail, scruffy, brown eyes, and skin a bit darker than mine. Always armed with more weapons than me." Ziva said.

"Okay. Azaria now." Gibbs said after he finished writing Josiah's description down on a slip of paper.

"Liam Azaria; he is about 6 feet tall give or take an inch or two, skinny at about 200 lbs., short brown hair, a small goatee, hazel eyes, and olive skin. Always has at least one weapon but no more than two or three."

"Okay, last one." Gibbs said.

"Canaan Zamir; about 6'5, skinnier than Emmanuel but weighs more at 245 because of his muscular build and height, bald except for a small amount of hair, has stubble, but not much, blue eyes that are darker than yours Gibbs, and lighter skin than most Israelis. He is surprisingly passive, and will give you a chance to surrender, unlike Azaria and Josiah. Very deadly, but does not use unnecessary force."

"Passive?" Gibbs said.

"Well, he's passive for a Mossad officer." Ziva said and shrugged her shoulders.

"Okay." Gibbs said and sat down beside Jenny. Jenny laid her head in his lap and Gibbs ran his hand through his hand through her hair.

"Let's sleep while we can. We still have about 4 hours until we get to DC." Tony said mostly to Ziva, but to every body else too.

"Okay." Ziva said and she and Tony lay down on the couch.

When Tony and Ziva woke up from a troubled sleep, they were about to land in the airport.

Ziva and Tony ran around waking every one up and they all jumped off the plane. They got a cab and were driven to Ducky's house.

When they arrived and walked in, they saw something that made all their hearts drop to the floor and their heads spin uncomfortably.