Everybody was very content with their lives. Ziva had her three kids, Zach and Aliyah who were now three, and the newest addition to the DiNozzo family, the six month old Elizabeth Jennifer DiNozzo. Ian was now a close family friend, not only to the DiNozzos, but to the Gibbs and McGees too.

Gibbs and Jenny had one more kid, whom they named Michael Cade Gibbs. He looked just like Jenny, except for his eyes, which were purely Gibbs's.

McGee and Abby had twins. Their names were Keegan Gage and Kyrie Alivah McGee. They look exactly like Abby, with none of Tim in them.


So, everybody was content and lived their lives fully. As the team got older and their kids grew up, they all had grandchildren, whom they spoiled. They all eventually died, but the died how they would've wanted to, happy.

(A/N: I know it was really short compared to my other stories, but I couldn't think of much else to do. I will write more stories, maybe some for House too. I'm sorry if you didn't like it.)