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Swing Life Away - Rise Against

Eyes - Rogue Wave

Somebody to Love - Queen

In My Arms - Plumb

She shouldn't have felt nauseous on her birthday of all days but she did. Holly turned in the bed, attempting to cuddle up to Logan and drive away the cold and clammy feeling that crept across her skin. It didn't work. His intense warmth against the cool of her skin sent a wave of nausea crashing through her stomach.

Holly forced herself to get out of bed.

She pulled on a hoodie and trudged out into the living room area of her father's house.

Now that Tony knew he had a daughter he wanted her around, even if she was grown. So he had invited Holly, and thereby Logan, to stay with him after the school year had let out at the end of May. Nine days later Holly, and Logan, were sleeping in a mansion on the coast of Malibu.

Well, technically Logan was sleeping.

Holly on the other hand was making herself tea in the kitchen. She looked at the digital clock on the microwave. Then she glared at her own reflection in the black glass. It wasn't even nine in the morning.

"Good morning Miss Holly," said an electronic British voice.

Holly jumped her heart beat in her throat. Jarvis. She would never, in her life, get used to a smart A.I. like Jarvis. "Good morning Jarvis," she said weakly.

Tony had programmed Jarvis to recognize her under the reasoning that he'd already programmed the computer to recognize Pepper and Hogan. Holly was his daughter so why shouldn't Jarvis recognize her too. He also hinted that once Logan put a ring on Holly's finger then Jarvis would have to be reprogrammed again.

Maybe that was why she was sick. Holly mused while she sipped from her mug. Nervous jitters over the shiny bit of jewelry she'd found in Logan's sock while she was unpacking for him. It had been tiny and pristine looking in that blue box. He'd gone to an actual jeweler to get it.

The ring had been either silver or white gold, she couldn't tell. She had never really been one for jewelry. The diamond wasn't big, it was small and square. When the light hit it the stone had sparkled like, well, a diamond. It had two tiny emeralds chips on the sides. It was beautiful. She had wanted to say yes right then and there but she hadn't. Holly had put the ring back in the box and put the box back in his bag and had gone about putting away his other things while he showered.

Her stomach made no protest to the idea. In fact, she was starting to feel somewhat better. Holly contemplated fixing herself something to eat. Nothing big. Toast and butter. Maybe some peanut butter?

Her stomach roiled again.

It wasn't as if she'd eaten anything out of the ordinary last night. Tony had taken them out to this fancy restaurant and Holly had ordered like she always had did, salad hold the meat. Her father understood why she couldn't eat meat. He had come to the conclusion on his own and adjusted for her.

Holly smiled into her cup of ginger tea.

It was also getting easier to call Tony her father. It had felt awkward at first because Pop had been her father figure all her life. Once she started saying it though. Boy, did it get easier. One of these days she expected to slip and call Tony dad by accident.

He had introduced her as his daughter to Pepper and Hogan.

Speaking of. "Good morning Pepper," Holly said with a half smile to the woman entering the kitchen.

The red haired woman smiled at her the way an employee smiles at her employer. Polite and short. "Good morning."

There was a definite tension there. There was reason for tension there, at least in Holly's opinion. Pepper was attracted to Tony which was obvious, she was his employee and his friend. On all of those levels she had the right to be suspicious of Holly and Holly's motives.

Holly just wished the woman would come out with it already instead of being so polite.

Hogan already had.

Logan trudged into the kitchen a few minutes later. Pepper was in the middle of fixing Tony a cup of coffee. He had expensive Italian imports instead of plain old Folgers. Logan liked his Folgers. He waited until Pepper was gone to start his own coffee.

"You got up early," Logan said while he waited for the coffee pot to fill up.

Holly gave him a watery smile, "I felt sick to my stomach." She sipped the last of her tea.

"Was it somethin' you ate last night?" He supplied with concern.

She shrugged and set her cup down. She touched the cloth over her stomach, "I'm just nauseas. It'll pass."

He did not look like he was going to take that as an answer. "Jet lag? You took a nap yesterday. I've never seen you nap."

Holly smiled at him. She pressed up on her toes and planted a kiss on his mouth, "Stop worrying. It's probably nothing."

Logan still didn't look like he believed her.

Holly went about making herself another cup of tea. She had taken a nap yesterday, for about two hours. Which, yes, was unusual. It could have been jet lag. The three hour difference between the east coast and the west coast had gotten to her the night they arrived.

Still, that wouldn't explain…

Then Holly went absolutely still in the middle of reaching for the ginger tea again. What had her mother said? What had she said? Holly wracked her brain for it. How many times had she heard her mother say it when she was little?

Then she remembered.

"I was so tired all the time, even after we got home. I thought it was just jet lag," Holly murmured aloud. "But jet lag after two months?"

Oh the immortal words of her mother.

"What?" Logan asked.

Holly pulled off her glove and lifted the hem of her shirt just a little. She pressed the flat of her palm against her stomach. There it was. A spark and then another spark. Not one but two heartbeats fluttering like the wings of humming birds inside her.

A sob that had nothing to do with sadness spilled from her lips.

He was there in front of her then, holding her by the shoulders, his brow creased in worry. "What's wrong?"

Holly took one of his hands from her shoulder and placed it on her lower stomach. It wasn't a bulge yet. It was soft and a little plushier than her stomach normally was. Maybe that counted as a baby bulge. Was it still just a baby bulge if it was twins?

Logan didn't look as if he understood yet. His other hand left her shoulder to cup her face. He must have felt it, or heard it, or maybe it had finally dawned on him. She didn't know. The lines of confusion and worry left his face. Logan looked down at his hand under hers. His fingers splayed over the skin of her stomach as if trying to get a better feel for the two beings growing inside her.

Then he was kissing her as if he couldn't get enough of her. Holly wound her arms around his neck and kissed him back. "I love you," Logan murmured between kisses. "I love you."

Holly pressed her mouth to his, "I love you too."

The End.

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