Chapter Two

A sudden bloodcurdling scream filled the lobby. Team 7 jumped a little, startled by the sudden scream, and Sasuke instinctively jammed his hand in his pocket and grabbed a kunai, but didn't bring it out until they all saw a man behind a counter, glaring darkly at the six children.

Carly turned and smiled weakly at the 'hobo kids' and whispered, "That's Lewbert... you don't want to really – "

"Because you kids stepped on the floor, I have to clean it all over again!!" he screamed, interrupting the brunette as he banged his fists on the table, causing all of Team 7 to take a step backwards.

"Just ignore him," Carly whispered behind her shoulder and she and the iCarly crew naturally began to go up the stairs while Team 7 fell behind, nervously avoiding Lewbert's glaring eyes as he stomped over to the floor with a mop and began muttering very loudly.

"Uh, Carly," Freddie whispered in a low voice so that Naruto, Sakura, or Sasuke wouldn't be able to hear, "don't you think that randomly letting random kids into your house for a while is a little...?"

Regardless of Freddie's efforts of wanting to be unheard though, Team 7 heard his words alright since they were, after all, ninjas... and had awesome ninja skills.

Carly looked over her shoulder at the trio who all forced innocent, angelic smiles to reassure her that they were perfectly harmless, and not at all ninjas from the past in disguise (and, well, Sasuke just sort of forced his best half smile which nearly killed him).

She looked back at Freddie and shrugged. "They seem pretty harmless to me. It'll be fine. Besides, they're just our age... do you want them starving out there on the streets? Besides, at least they're not adults. Otherwise, I would have hesitated."

The six of them soon reached Carly's place and she pushed the door open and they all went inside.

Inside, Spencer was working on a new art project, as usual. He was building a huge cellphone for the Pear company and was currently even fashioning an over sized pear key chain. Looking up from his artwork, he grinned at the familiar faces of the iCarly crew, but his smile slowly dropped to a confused frown when he saw Team 7 standing behind them.

"Uhhhhh," he said, raising an eyebrow, with a nervous small smile, "new friends?"

Carly grinned a little forcefully as she looked back at them and turned back to him. "Um, well..."

"Are they hobos?" he asked suddenly, slightly gaping.

Sam nodded. "They're hobo kids."

Sakura suddenly twitched and asked, "Uh... pardon, but... what are these 'hobo kids' you keep mentioning us by?"

"Oh the saddest kinds of hobos!" Spencer bawled, like someone just died. "The ones that don't even know who they are!"

Sam turned to them and said, "Wait... you don't know what hobos are?"

Team 7 shook their heads. Naruto said, "Just tell us what the hell hobos are, damn it! It's bugging me."

She raised an eyebrow and said, "Okay. Hobos are people who live out in the streets, eat from garbage, sing country songs all day, and they don't have cable."

"Wha – why are you calling us by that?! We're not hobos!!" Naruto shouted as he glared at the blond girl.

"Oh yeah? Well do you have cable, then?" Sam asked.

"Uh... well... not exactly..." Naruto mumbled, especially since he wasn't exactly sure what cable was.

"Exactly. And besides, your clothes are all dirty and ripped up, so well duh, you're hobos."

Sasuke, Sakura, and Naruto all slowly began to look down at themselves and for the first time, they realized that their clothes were in small rips and dirt and gunk were spotted on their bodies and clothes. It was all from the high fall they've taken when they used the jutsu to get into the future and fell onto the dirty ground.

No wonder they think we're homeless people, Sakura thought, twitching.

"Anyways," Carly said, that forceful smile still plastered upon her face, "Spencer, I was wondering if they could, you know, crash at our place for a while?"


"Okay," he said, grinning widely.

And that was all it took.

"So... what are your names?" he asked, grinning at the trio.

"Ah, now that I've thought about it, we've never really exchanged names, huh?" Carly said. "Anyways, I'm Carly. This is my brother, Spencer, and that's Sam and Freddie."

"You can just call him Freddork, though. Or Fredweird. Or Fredqueer. Or Frednub. Or – " Sam began.

"Yes, I think they get it now, Sam," Carly interrupted in a strangely high-pitched voice with a tint of dangerous annoyance as Freddie rolled his eyes at Sam's remark.

"Oh well, I'm Naruto Uzumaki, and I'm going to be hokage one day, believe it!" Naruto shouted, grinning widely.

Spencer, Carly, Sam, and Freddie all responded with blank looks.

"Ho...ka...what?" Sam said.

Sakura and Sasuke shot Naruto dangerous glares as Naruto cringed back in shame and panic.

"Ah... well... that is..." he stammered meekly, sweat perspiring his forehead.

"Hey, is that your real hair color?" Spencer asked suddenly while staring at Sakura's hair, his eyes wide with fascination.

"That's what I asked!" Freddie said, glancing at Spencer. "She said that it was... isn't that really weird? I still think she's kind of bluffing though."

Sakura glared at Freddie. "I'm not bluffing. This is my real hair color." She blew a few strands of her hair out of her eyes and rolled her eyes.

"That is so cool," Spencer said, grinning a little too widely as he leaned forward and asked in a small childish voice, "Can I touch it?"

Sakura twitched. "Excuse me?"

All the while this was going on, Sasuke breathed out in slight relief. He was glad for Spencer's sudden interruption at questioning Sakura's hair, otherwise, he wasn't sure how they'd explain what 'hokage' was to them. His eyes slowly flickered over to Naruto who also turned back to him and grinned a sheepish, apologetic smile. Sasuke glared at him and thought, We have to be more careful... Especially Naruto.

- & -

"Okay so this is the plan," Sasuke said once he was absolutely sure that Spencer and Carly had gone to bed as he sat up and kicked off his sleeping bag. Naruto sat up from the couch and slid down onto the floor too and Sakura quickly pushed her blankets off and sat up as they all sat in a circle on the ground. (They were going to rotate on who got to sleep on the couch.)

Sasuke reached into his pocket and took out a slip of paper and unfolded it as he said in a quiet low voice so as to not awaken Carly or Spencer, "Tsunade-sama said that the academy we'll be attending will be called Ridgeway High. I asked Spencer early which school Carly goes to, and he said Ridgeway High, so it's perfect then. We'll just follow her and her friends to school and see what happens from there, got it?"

Sakura and Naruto nodded their heads and then Sasuke's eyes flickered over to Naruto and glared at him darkly. Naruto gulped and grinned apologetically once more, knowing that this was coming.

"And Naruto," Sasuke began with a sigh, "you can't say things so carelessly like that, dobe! Of course people in this century wouldn't have a 'hokage' by now. Who knows who rules the land in this era?"

"That's right, Naruto," Sakura said, giving the blond an equally firm glare. "If you continue to blabber about things from our own era, you're going to give everything away."

Naruto mumbled, "Sorry, sorry, okay? It just slipped from my mouth. I won't do it again, okay?"

Sasuke and Sakura exchanged looks too and finally he said, "We all have to be careful anyways. One little mistake could give everything away so for the time being, try not to say a lot of things too much until we all familiarize with this place a bit."

"That's a great idea, Sasuke-kun," Sakura said, grinning but then she frowned at Naruto. "I don't think Naruto can shut his mouth for five whole minutes though."

"Hey!" he interjected, frowning. "I can too!"

"Shhhh, there are people sleeping in here, you know," Sakura hissed and he quickly mumbled, "Sorry."

"For the time being, we're going to have to keep it low-profile which means that Naruto will have to learn how to control his mouth and Sakura..." he turned to the rosette and she looked a little hurt and confused as if she didn't know that she needed a lecture too. "...your hair seems to stand out too much in this era."

She sighed and said, "I know..." then she paused and said, "Wait... you're not thinking of dying my hair, are you?!" The question came out as a hoarse squeak.

Sasuke shook his head. "Just wear a hat and don't take it off unless absolutely necessary." Sakura breathed out a sigh of relief.

They then took out their notebooks and began taking notes on the future.

Sasuke's notes:
- strange vehicles on the road with people inside them. Will research more on it
- buildings are extremely high and tall
- so far, no danger
- pink hair seems to have gone "extinct" over the years. People have been highly awed by Sakura's hair.

Sakura's notes:
- everyone thinks my pink hair is weird here. It makes me feel insecure
- people took us into a nice home. They seem like decent, nice people
- strange shiny moving vehicles on the road all the time. It seems dangerous
- overall, though, the future seems somewhat peaceful
- so far, already two girls goggled at Sasuke-kun. Thankfully, I immediately claimed that he was mine and they weren't the bitchy type so they stepped back. Yay.

Naruto's notes:
- Im not sure if dey stil hav ramen in dis centry!!! I hope dey still do. I think im gonna die if dey dont hav ramen!! I wanna ask spenser or watever his name is if der is ramen but im scared hes gonna dink im weird and den blo our cover away lyk how I almost did wen I told dem I wanted to be hokage!!!!! and den sakura-chan and sasuke-teme wer supersuper mad at me bcuz I almost did. Shud I ask or not?????
- strange shinyshiny things on rode. Rly wierd
- to lazy to say more. Stil hope dey hav ramen tho.......

- & -

Carly arrived at her locker with Naruto, who was happily slurping the instant ramen cup he got at a supermarket on the way to school, Sakura, who was wearing a baseball cap with all of her hair tied up into a bun and tucked under it and keeping her eyes peeled for girls who were even looking at Sasuke, and Sasuke, who was just standing there, looking very much so emotionless.

"Okay, so Principal Franklin gave you these lockers," Carly said as she gestured over to the lockers beneath hers. She paused and then said, "Really... where are you from? You guys have such... unusual names and amazing hair colors and... are those marks on your cheeks like traditional markings of a certain tribe or something?" She studied Naruto's cheeks closely.

"Uhhhhh," Naruto said dumbly as he stopped eating his ramen for a moment to give her a blank stare.

"We... we just kind of... travel a lot," Sakura said, grinning a little too widely. "We always go from here... to there... and yeah..." She coughed into her fist.

"Wait, what are tribes?" Naruto asked, as he scratched the back of his head.

Carly raised an eyebrow for a moment and said, "Um... nevermind."

These guys are pretty strange, she thought. They're like nomads or something... how did they end up in Seattle? And I wonder how long they're going to crash at my place...

Just then though Sam appeared and greeted them, interrupting Carly's train of thought as she began to open her locker, but then she caught sight of Naruto slurping the ramen happily and couldn't seem to take her eyes off the noodles.

"Hey, um..." she began, her eyes fixed on the ramen noodles.

Naruto looked at her and said in a muffled voice, "Yeah?"

"You, uh," she began, "going to have all that?" she nodded at the ramen cup as a gesture.

He looked down at the ramen, then back at her and nodded.

"Give me some, please?" she asked.

"Sam!" Carly exclaimed.


"Come on!"


"You know you want to give me some of those noodles, right, Uzumaki?" she said, in a dangerous tone, her teeth clenched as she took a menacing step towards him.

From years of experience of handling a hot-tempered girl (coughsakuracough), something told Naruto that he'd better give her the entire ramen cup before she beat him to death so he quickly shoved the ramen cup to her and took a step back like a good little boy.

Damn and I thought Sakura-chan was scary, Naruto thought as he watched Sam slurp the ramen noodles happily.

"Listen, I'll apologize for Sam," Carly said, giving them a weak smile.

"Whaf vurr voo apolovive ferr?" Sam said, her voice muffled from the ramen noodles she was shoving into her mouth. (Translation: what's there to apologize for?)

"No, this idiot's got to stop eating so much ramen anyways," Sakura said, smiling forcefully as she pinched Naruto's cheek tightly, causing him to yelp in pain.

They both sounded like mothers, talking about their hopeless kids.

"Hey guys," Freddie suddenly said as he came into view.

"Hi Freddie."

"Hello Freddie."

"'Sup Benson."




Everyone turned to Naruto who was still grinning widely, oblivious of the weird stares (well, Sam was more like snickering and grinning widely, silently praising him).

"What? What?" Naruto cried, now noticing that everyone was looking at him weirdly.

"You idiot," Sakura hissed as she smacked him across the head. "Call him Freddie."

"Why?" he whined. "Sam said that I could call him Fredweird, or Freddork or – "

She smacked his head again, and he finally shut up as he mumbled a low, quiet, "Sorry... Freddie."

"No, no, no!" Sam exclaimed. "You can call him whatever you want. Sakura, there's really no reason to smack his head." Her grin widened as Freddie shot her a glare. "You can even call him – "

Freddie sighed. "Don't I get a say in this?" After all, it was his name.

"Shut up, nub."

"What? But this is my na – "

"Just hearing you talk makes my ears bleed, so just shut up!"

And as the two continued to bicker, Sakura sighed in exasperation and thought, Oh great. Not another pair who always argue with each other... how wonderful.

Somehow, she knew that their stay here wouldn't be boring, to say the least.

- & -


Somehow, school here was even more boring than the academy Naruto attended in Konoha and he didn't think that was possible. But then again, it wasn't like they allowed them to train and throw shurikens and use jutsus. In fact, the teachers forced them sit in their seats for the whole freaking class period. And Naruto, being Naruto, could not stand to be even still for even five minutes.

He was itching to do something to enrage the teacher and finally get some amusement in the classroom, but he remembered that he promised Sakura and Sasuke that he wouldn't do anything too drastic or to catch people's attention too much.

Sighing, Naruto looked around and spotted Sam at the back row with her head on her desk, and her arms surrounding her head.

She was sleeping.

Naruto wrinkled his nose at the girl. He didn't like her very much since after all, she stole his ramen. And anyways, she seemed much scarier than Sakura when angry... and he didn't think that was possible (well, of course, Tsunade still ranked first as the scariest when angry though).

But hey, sleeping isn't such a bad idea, Naruto thought. He turned to Ms. Pricks or Ms. Triggs or whatever her name was – who was gushing about Scottish something, something – and finally yawned and lowered his head onto the table, ready to take a nice, deep, long nap, when –

"Puckett, Uzumaki, Haruno, detention!"

Naruto, startled, immediately sat back up straight as Sam did so, quite slower, rubbing her eyes and yawning. Sakura, who wasn't even sleeping, perked up at her name and began to panic and wonder why her too... even though she wasn't exactly sure what detention was.

"Aw man, who woke me up?" she grumbled.

"Ahem, I did," Ms. Briggs said, raising an eyebrow and glaring at the two blonds. "Detention, Puckett, for falling asleep in class, and for Uzumaki for attempting to fall asleep in class." She then turned to Sakura and said, "Detention for you, Haruno, for wearing a hat in class, so take off that hat!"

"But, I – !" Sakura began hopelessly.

"What's detention?" Naruto asked dryly, interrupting her.

Silence fell over the entire classroom.

Sakura and Sasuke had to try all their might not to slap their foreheads, regardless of them not knowing what detention was either. But even still, they wondered if he just had to ask that out loud to the entire classroom. They could have just found it out later and –

"Um, they're nomads," Carly chirped up suddenly, trying to be helpful. "They, uh, travel a lot... they're probably from Africa or somewhere with like tribes and stuff, I think... so they don't really know much about – "

"How did kids from Africa end up in Seattle?" Ms. Briggs said dryly.

"Uh, no, we're not from this Africa or whatever!" Naruto said. "We're from Kono – "

But Sakura immediately clamped a hand over his mouth, and grinned forcefully at Ms. Briggs as she forced a bit too high-pitched and artificial laugh and said, "Oh, don't mind this idiot." Her grip tightened on his mouth, her nails digging into his cheeks, making tears spring up to his eyes. "He doesn't know anything! Anyways, we are from.. uh, this Africa. And we got here by, um..."

"Boat," Sasuke suddenly said.

And silence fell over them once more, the awkward tension thickening.

"Anyways," Ms. Briggs said, "like I said, detention for you three." Her eyes flickered over to Naruto and she hissed, "Don't you be like Puckett, Uzumaki."

Naruto gulped and nodded slowly and thought, No one still explained to me what detention is.

Ms. Briggs then turned to Sakura and said, "Didn't I tell you to take that hat off?"

Sakura squeaked nervously and finally sighed and pulled her baseball cap off and untied her bun.

A series of gasps and murmurs filled the entire classroom, making her twitch with irritation.

"Dying hair is strictly prohibited in – " Ms. Briggs began.

"This is my freaking natural hair color!" she screamed, annoyed.

Ms. Briggs raised an eyebrow. "Oh really? We'll see about that. I'll be talking to Principal Franklin later about your attitude and your hair, Haruno."

Sakura slumped down in her seat, ashamed, for after all, she was never really the type to get trouble in class.

Class then rolled on normally once more, as Ms. Briggs began to continue talking about whatever she was talking about before.

Sakura sighed and tried to refrain from banging her head against the desk repeatedly. She instead turned to Sasuke and whispered, "How come you said boat?"

He pointed over to the map at the back of the classroom. "See there? That's Africa and I saw a shop while going to this academy that said 'American Eagle' so I figured that Seattle is a sort of village or something in America, and judging by that map, the only way to get from Africa to here would be by boat."

Sakura beamed at him. "Sasuke-kun, you're so smart!"

"Hn," he said. "Anyways, Naruto has to be more careful. We told him to not talk so much, but of course he has to open his stupid loud mouth. Idiot."

Sakura opened her mouth to agree, until –

"Detention for you too, Uchiha, for talking in class," Ms. Briggs said, raising an eyebrow. "You three don't seem to be on my good side already. You know, I hate trouble-making kids." She gave the trio one last glare before going back to her 'teaching.'

Naruto, Sasuke, and Sakura exchanged looks and sighed.

For some reason, staying in the future was a lot harder than they had anticipated, and they still had a long way to go.

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