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Grimmjow yawned. Clearly he was bored out of his mind from sitting for twenty minutes, waiting for Gin to come to the meeting. Sitting across Mr. No-Fun Ulquiorra doesn't help either. Grimmjow glanced at him. Pitch black hair, emotionless green eyes, black tear marks (actually Grimmjow can't tell if they were black or just really dark green), depression is practically pouring out of the guy. Grimmjow wondered if the tear marks were natural or if they were just make-up. He snickered to himself. Ulquiorra and make-up, but then again Grimmjow's eye markings looks like he uses make-up too. Tch. At least it looks manlier than Ulquiorra's make-up.

"Why are you looking at me?"

"Huh?" Grimmjow snapped back into reality to see Ulquiorra staring back at him and Nnoitra snickering.

"Eh? Grimmy like pretty boy over huh?"

"Shut up asshole!"


"YOU—"Grimmjow was cut off by Aizen as Gin walked into the room, trailing behind him was the redhead girl.

"Ah there you are. Since everyone is here I will start now start the meeting, Szayel, did you make gigais like I asked you to?"

"Yes Aizen-sama."

"Thank you Szayel. I have great news for everybody today! I have picked a few of you and a few of your fraccions to join me to the real world. Joining me to the real world are Stark, Halibel, Ulquiorra, Nnoitra, Grimmjow, and Szayel. Stark's fraccion, Lilynette, Barragan's fraccion, Ggio, Gin, and Orihime will also be joining us."

Hearing his name, Grimmjow perked up. What could Aizen possibly want in the real world if he is bringing that many people?


The room became silent as those four words came out of Aizen's mouth.

Stark: Uh. What a pain.

Halibel: We. Are. Going. Camping?

Ulquiorra: Usually I wouldn't be thinking this about Aizen-sama, but IS HE OUT OF HIS MIND?!

Grimmjow: I wonder what Ulquiorra is thinking about his precious Aizen-sama right now.

Nnoitra: Camping. Real world. Hot babes…

Szayel: Hmm. This is a chance to study the real world more thoroughly.

Gin: Yup. He has definitely cracked.

Orihime: Is he serious? Camping does sound nice though…

"OKAY! Everybody go get pack now!" was the last thing Aizen said before he disappeared.

Grimmjow dragged his half asleep body down the hallway, into the meeting room.

"How nice of you to finally join us Grimmjow." Aizen greeted. "Now that everyone is present I will explain about tent mates. Grimmjow, Ulquiorra, and Nnoitra will be in one tent, Halibel, Orihime, and Lilynette will share one, Gin, Stark, Ggio, and Szayel will share, and I get my own."

Grimmjow mentally face palmed. He was stuck with Mr. Depression and Dr. Bad-Flirt. Great.

Aizen then opened up the portal to the real world (anyone remember what it's called? D:) and everybody jumped through high school musical style! Just joking, but everyone really did jump through. On the other side was a bus.

"Who's driving this thing?" Ggio asked, fearing the answer.

"I AM OF COURSE!" Aizen boasted.

Everyone froze with fear. The same words crossed everybody's mind. WE'RE GONNA DIE! Maybe except for Ulquiorra because he believes in his Aizen-sama. Well, his thoughts were more like…

'I really hope Aizen-sama can do this. I have so many things to do before I die! Like killing puppies…'

"So hop aboard everybody! We should get going now; it's an eight hour ride."

After much threatening from Aizen, the arrancars, one human, and an ex-soul reaper reluctantly board the bus. Grimmjow felt like he was going to be sick and Aizen didn't even start the engine yet. Grimmjow was sitting in the back in between Ulquiorra (lucky bastard got the window seat) who was to his left, Nnoitra was to his right.

Ulquiorra noticed how Nnoitra and Grimmjow were tightly gripping the seats.

"Are you trash okay?"

"We're f-fine t-thank you!" Nnoitra stuttered out as Aizen started the engine.

Grimmjow looked like he was about to pass out and Ggio already did. Stark was leaning on the unconscious body of Ggio to sleep. Szayel watched them, wondering if he could experiment on them while they were asleep. Halibel was talking to Orihime and Lilynette to get her mind away from the thoughts of Aizen driving. Gin just sat there and smiled. That smile was replaced by a terrified look when Aizen started to drive.

It was going to be a long eight hour ride.

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