Grimmjow stirred and sat up. He started to bounce around and then he noticed that he was moving. Something brushed his feet, but that was only Ulquiorra. Where was he? He sees a window and stars. They must be on their trip home…FINALLY! Grimmjow looked around and saw that everyone was one the bus and Aizen got a lot better at driving. He smiled to himself. He couldn't wait 'til they got home.

"Oh? Looks like Grimmy's up, Alice-Chan."

Wait a minute…

Grimmjow turned his head slowly and saw two outlines in the dark. His cat like eyes adjusted and he saw the two people he'd least expect to be here.

"Looks like he is, Sporkie Onii-chan. Are you hungry?"

"I got some more Sporkie mix in the fridge."

"We can play some cards if you're bored!"

"Or play Mario kart!"

Grimmjow stared at them. What kind of nightmare is this? Is he dreaming?

The bus jerked to the side and Grimmjow hit his head on the side of the bus. "Owww…"

Nope, those two were still there.

"You okay?"

"…Why are you two here?! Where are we?"

"On our way to California~" Sporkie sang.

Grimmjow fainted.

"Oh! hey Alice-chan!"


"Gin is waking up!"

"Good Morrow to you, sire!"


"Wow, he passed out faster than Grimmy did."

The End

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Rated: T for language and some pervertedness

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