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Short Shrift

Chapter One: Lavender and Sandalwood

The thick smell of false blossoms escaped from some sort of concoction. Water splashed softly creating ripples on the clear surface, composing a lovely song as melodic as the rising laughter of a pair of dark-haired females.

He found himself near her again. No, that's not true he came here willingly. He wanted to find her. The moment that he picked up the scent of his brother's pack earlier, he immediately pinpointed hers above the rest—so warm and light yet heavy with sorrow. There was nothing, since he could remember, that could pique his interest quite like her scent did. It drew him in, clung to his senses, and dared him to decipher it.

It was never the same, always changing, always shifting. But beneath the unpredictable surface there was always the bitter sadness that would rise above all other notes, puzzling him all the more. Why is there a lingering melancholy about her even when she seems happy?

A troubling notion, this was, that he had adapted such curiosity for this human female. Though it was not nearly as troublesome as the idea that he had allowed himself to come this far. In the beginning, when he first picked up on the subtle smell, he was in battle with the hanyou. Within the week, the taiyoukai became plagued by the jasmine, and sandalwood that were only made stronger by her fear at that moment, and more importantly: the underlying unhappiness.

There is no explanation for it. He needed none for he is the Great Dog General of the West and no one dare to question his motive. Possibly attributing to this fact is that his recent obsession was unknown to anyone else. His observations were done in complete secrecy and often triggered by mere chance. Whenever he catches her scent, whenever he heard rumours of his brother's pack in the area, he would come upon her.

His ears twitched.

As of late, however, it has become more than her scent that grate his nerves—it was her face, her laugh, the way she walked and moved in that peculiar fluidity developed from years of training. It annoyed him to no end that she had become the primary focus of his time.

A snarl contorted his lips.

What was it about her?

He was in high alert suddenly when he saw her stiffen. Realizing that he had unknowingly pushed his youki, he drew it back in and held his breath. Hopefully she did not notice. His eyes slanted as she made a turn to scan the vicinity. Seemingly satisfied, she shook herself and returned to chatting animatedly with the other female.

Sesshomaru exhaled.

The taiyoukai's rage flared ten-fold. Having to be reduced to some sort of night stalker, a silent audience, craving her presence like an addiction. Sesshomaru was extremely unhappy about it.

With an inward huff and a soft growl, he leaped soundlessly from his perch on a branch hidden from sight into the fading sunlight swearing that he would never return, all the while knowing that his curiosity would drive him to seek her again.

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