So this is my first fan fic, I know it's really rough but I hope this wants you to read more. I will post the next chapter tomorrow =)

Chapter 1 Lost Hope

"TK?!" Patamon shouted. He flew everywhere in the digital forest but could not find his partner. Worried, Patamon headed back to the lake where the rest of the digidestined are.

Matt is the first to meet him. "Patamon did you find him?" Patamon shook his head in response."Damn it where could he have gone?" Matt shouts.

Gabumon looked to his partner. Trying to comfort him. "Don't worry Matt, he'll turn up eventually.

"If you ask me, I think TQ went back." Davis says.

Tai crossed his arms, his brow burrowing deep, "Why the hell would TK run off on THIS day. This is the aniversary of the defeat of Malomyotismon for crying out loud!"

"I don't know?" Patamon cried, "One minute TK was right beside me then the next minute he wasn't. I'm worried! Something must have happened to him."

Izzy tried on his laptop to pinpoint TK's digivice to no avail. "I can't locate him anywhere!"

"Do you think something got to him, Tai?" Kari asked her brother. She had a bad feeling in the pit of her stomach.

"I hope not." He said distantly, trying to convince himself.


TK awoke alone on the floor of a dark black cave. "What the hell happened?" He wondered, "The last thing I remember was being with the rest of the guys in the digiworld. Where the hell am I?" A cold draft breezes through the mouth of the cave. TK shivered. Forming a cone with his hands around his mouth he begins to call out, "Kari! Matt! Patamon! Where are you?" No answer. He decides that he should follow the path that the wind came from. He tried to stand up but cringed. His left leg fell limp. He touched it and felt something sticky. Blood, his blood.

Sensing there might be danger in the cave, he started to crawl out. He crawled slowly towards the opening for over an hour until he finally saw light. TK reached the edge of the cave, tired and exhausted he collapses.


Izzy continued to scan for TK's digivice reading by the lake. The sun was setting but the rest of the digidestined were still looking for the lost blond. Yolei returned to their world to see if TK had gone home, however she failed to find him.

Searching everywhere they could the rest of the digidestined returned empty handed.

Matt dropped to his knees and punches the Earth. "Where is he?!" Tai tried to pull him off the ground but Matt pushed him away.

Everyones heads drop. They began to lose hope until Kari sees something coming. A tiny figmint in the sunset began to grow."TK!" She screamed, wiping away the tears off her face.

Patamon flew over to him, joyfully. "TK! I'm so happy you're okay!" TK looks up at his partner and smiles. Patamon sees that he is drenched in sweat. He looks down further and finds the broken leg. A blood soaked piece of his shirt is tied around an enormous gash. "TK what happened?" Patamon cries

Matt rushes to his brother. "TK!" TK looked to Matt. His smile full of relief. He closed his eyes and fell forward. Matt caught him before he hits the floor as the others reach them. "TK!TK!" Matt cried, shaking his brother's unconscious body.

What happened to TK? Where is the love story? Read the next chapter to find out more