Chapter 13 Unparalleled Destiny

The room circled as the tension within intensified. The young blonde pushed Kari away towards her brother to protect her. His visible aura glowed, never relenting. His eyes were set upon Kia, pure determenation ran through them.

"Chaos," The voice within TK spoke.

"Hope," Kia acknowledged him back, "I'm glad you have finally revealed yourself." Her smile was full of spite. "Because now, I shall finally finish the job and destroy you."

She stretched out her arm and pointed to him. Crusadermon followed orders and attacked Hope.

"Spiral Masquerade!" Crusadermon cried out as he slashed at TK's body with four blades pertruding from his armour.

Once he stopped. He stepped back a bit and realized, Hope was unharmed. The human moved closer to Crusadermon and placed his hand on the digimon's cheek.

"Crusadermon, why must you follow the commands of such a master as Her?" He asked.

"To do what is just." The knight digimon replied.

"But what is this sense of justice?" Hope sought to help him, "Is it just to kill many of your own kin? Is it just to allow the universe to sink into an abyss where brother will fight brother. Where there is no control, and man and mon alike will have no rules to keep their sanity intact? Where libations will be for ever poured out among creatures, honing in their inner chaos? Where upon the final hour their will be one last creature alive who created this new world? I ask you this Crusadermon, If you are a digimon of justice why do you follow one who is clearly unjust?"

Crusadermon knocked away Hope's hand and backed up slowly. "... but Kia is my partner, it is my sincere duty to protect her."

"But we are only trying to help. The one who is endangering Kia is the beast inside."

"Nevertheless, Kia is still here in flesh and blood."

"Crusadermon," Hope sighed and moved towards Crusadermon once more. This time he placed his hand to the chest armour. "In truth, you never belonged to Kia."

"What... how... impossible," The pink armoured knight sputtered out.

"The crest of brilliance never existed. This "crest" was a creation of Chaos. You my dear Crusadermon was unfortunately a pawn in its game."

Mia was suprised as well, "Is this for certain? I understood that any intangible trait which exeplifies the power of the heart of the child could be used."

"Brilliance is not a true trait," Hope began to explain, "Your vessels emotional attatchment to her has caused you to not think clearly. Brilliance is a physical description of the brightness or glamour of an object. The brilliance you have thought of is more of an explification of Knowledge, or Ingenuity. My dear, I think it be wise to allow yourself full control of that body so you are less inclined to voice your opinion with care of how your vessel feels."

Mia was taken aback by this. "... I..."

Hope sighed and focused once again to Crusadermon who was frozen in place of the utter shock of Hope's words. "Crusadermon, I can feel your very soul within your heart. You know what is right, and what you believe in your heart. I admire your choice, yet it burdens me even more. If you believe that what your actions have accomplished will become the the path of that will lead you to your goal, I must admire you for that. I will trust in what your choice is but I will lessen your burden by revealing the truth to you."

Crusadermon began to glow. From his mind, he was released by the bonds of deceit and finally understood everything. Hope removed his hand from Crusadermon's chest and relaxed a bit.

Kia was frustrated. "CRUSADERMON! GO AND KILL HIM!"

Her 'partner' turned to her, "I'm sorry, but this isn't just."

"What are you doing! You belong to me!"

"I don't belong to you or to anyone else. But I will say this, if there is a true pure Kia there, let her stand and be her own person!"

"I've already made my choice. And you may not 'belong' to anyone, but I own your life force." Kia revealed the tag which held the 'Crest of Brilliance'. "If I break this, my traitor, you will be destroyed indefinitely. How else were you able to digivolve without my help?" Kia squeezed her hand with the tag.

Crusadermon screamed out in pain. "WHAT'S HAPPENING!"

"I'm squeezing all the life that's left in you. Once I have you will die, and no matter what happens, your data will never be reconfigured, you will never be reborn."

Hope moved quickly and efficiently, he grabbed Kia's hand and forced her to release the tag. Kia winced in pain.

"Hope you fool!" She cried, "Fine let that monster live, but it will do nothing. It is powerless to stop me. All your digimon are!" Kia raised out her arm and began to chant a foreign spell. On the palm of her raised hand a black orb appeared lightning struck all around the room. It hit Davis and Mimi and Matt, knocking them against the wall.

Crusadermon in a rush of adreniline attacked her former partner in anguish, "Kia, don't hurt those children any further."

"Shut up you bastard," Kia slapped Crusadermon away knocking her down. Taking her chance, she then fired a blast of lightning from the palm of her hand which effectively eliminated the ill-fated Crusadermon.

Hope turned and saw the digidestined struggling to survive. He then turned to Mia, "Darkness watch over these children and shield them from the Chaos."

"But if I help you now we can defeat her easily," Mia protested.

"No, even if we succeeded together, if anyone of their lives are lost then, the future will be bleak."

Mia nodded and turned to Lunamon, "It is time little one."

Lunamon agreed. "Lunamon warp digivolve to... DIANAMON!" The elegant godlike digimon appeared and brought all the digidestined into one area away from the blasts of the orb.

Mia began to chant a spell that created a shield to protect them.

"What are you doing?" Tai asked bitterly.

"We are trying to protect you dear Taichi," Dianamon replied calmly.

"Protect us why? We can help you fight! You told us yourself we were here to fight this war."

"Look," Mia began to explain, "Like I've told you before, Hope will only emerge when a time of great despair comes over us all. Hope is like a trump card. He is extremely dangerous and can handle this on his own. He's trying to protect you not only from Chaos but also from his own power. If you get in the way, he's afraid that you lot will be killed in the process."

"We won't get killed though!" Tai shouted.

Mia turned away concentrating on her protection spell, "He won't take that risk."

Hope began to counteract Kia's spell with his own. A sword of light appeared in front of him and he took it. He charged at Kia and sliced the dark orb, relenquishing it of its power. In the process he also landed a kick squarely on her chest.

She roared in rage and caused beings of shadows to appear. Those shadows surrounded the Blonde and began to attack at once. Hope dropped his sword and began to struggle. He shrunk into the shadows and then broke away from them knocking them down. However there were too many of them and he was surrounded by them again.

Tai stood up, "We've got to help him!" He began to run to TK but Dianamon blocked his path.

"You have been warned Taichi, do not interfere."

"To hell with that!" Tai yelled, "This is a matter of saving the universe and I'll stop at nothing to protect it!" In an instant his chest blazed with the crest of courage.

Tai Kamiya a voice called to the digidestined. It was like a voice whispering in his ear.

"Who's there?" Tai asked

"Tai who are you talking to?" Kari wondered, unable to hear the voice. Tai shushed her however.

With courage beating strong in a man like yourself, rally the other digidestined to help stop the murderous Chaos.

"But how?" Tai turned to his friends, a few of whom were still unconscious.

Believe, Tai, for I and the others will protect you. Hope, though stubborn cannot do it alone.

"Tai?" Kari asked...

"Kari we need to help TK, I mean Hope," He then turned to Dianamon and Mia, "Can't you see he's losing there? We all need to help him."

Mia hesistated a bit, "Tai, if I let you all do this, I cannot guarantee your safety."

"Don't worry about it Mia," Omnimon told her, "The mission of us digimon, the digimon of the digidestined, is to protect our partners and to protect the world. We cannot fail."

Matt though injured from the last attack tried to stand up, "Mia, Darkness, whoever... Hope is trying his hardest to defeat Chaos. He may be the one of the strongest beings but he cannot do it alone and I can't stand by and let TK die for us. Remember it took all four of you to seal Chaos the last time."

Hope looked between the cracks of the shadows to the digidestined, He felt their lights shine, and he could feel the warriors strength at their side. Maybe it is fair to let them help, Chaos needs to be stopped whatever means found the strength to escape the shadow soldiers grasps once more and ran to the digidestined.

"You Chosen Children, I have been mistaken, we do need help sometimes, and I have hindered your destinies from you all." He turned to Angemon and raised his arm out.

"I feel strength within me flowing... Angemon digivolve to ... MAGNAANGEMON!" MagnaAngemon appeared to full power.

Hope called to the angel, "Angel of Hope, MagnaAngemon, heal the chosen children, the chosen Digimon of all their woes to begin the final battle."

MagnaAngemon nodded and crossed his arms across his chest. "MagnaAntidote!" A rainbow coloured energy passed through the digidestined and they all were fully healed, the unconscious awoke. In Sora's arms Nyokimon glowed.

"Huh.." Sora gasped as Nyokimon digivolved to Yokomon. "Yokomon" She hugged her friend lovingly and her crest began to glow pink with love.

"Sora I feel stronger!" Yokomon cheered and, "Yokomon warpdigivolve to GARUDAMON!"

Kia was furious, "Hope! How dare you help these, these humans!" She calmed a bit, "Nevertheless it will not do much I'll just cut you all down!" Kia chanted another spell and a ball of white fire appeared above the evil one. "Feel the burn."

"Kia don't!" Mia summoned another shield to protect them from the heat.

"Digidestined now is the time to bring forth your strongest abilities!"

Garudamon, Omnimon, Dianamon, and Imperialdramon were ready to fight. The rest of the digimon digivolved into (one of) their strongest forms: MegaKabuterimon, Zudomon, Lilymon, Digmon and Halsemon.

Hope called to MagnaAngemon, "I believe its time for you to find your next level once more" Once again he held out his arm at the Angel.

"MagnaAngemon digivolved to ... Seraphimon!"

The other digidestined looked on in amazement. "I didn't know MagnaAngemon could get any stronger!" Zudomon exclaimed, dropping his jaw.

Hope walked to Kari, "Hikari Kamiya, let your light shine through."

Kari was unsure, "Do you mean I should..."

Hope chuckled, "If that is not your wish, no. Besides, I would rather she stay safe within you. On your power alone you can see your hearts content shine through." He winked.

Kari's light began to glow in her chest. Angewomon exclaimed, "I feel an unknown power surging through me, Angewomon digivolve to ... OPHANIMON!"

"Wait a second," Imperialdramon thought, "the last time Angewomon went mega she was Magnadramon (the pink dragon)"

Ophanimon smiled, "I have more than one digivolution form, You should know many digimon can do that, Imperialdramon (Fighter mode)."

"Enough with this," Kia cried, she slammed her foot on the ground causing an earthquake in the their feet held firmly on the ground the digimon protected the digidestined from harm.

The shield lifted and the digidestined were ready for action. Hope stood in front and walked closer to Kia. "Chaos, you have done harm to the people of this universe. It is time for you to vanish." He motioned himself and cast a thunder spell aimed right at cunning Chaos. He missed.

Kia smiled wickedly, "24 against 1 thats hardly fair. Maybe I should do this ... one on one" She cast a spell which divided herself into 24 counterparts. "This is more like it." The 24 Kias attacked one on one. Each person present tangled with her. Digimon and digidestined alike were having a hard time fighting her. Her power raged, and Cody fell. Followed by Mimi. Then Yolei, then Joe, then Izzy. The relentless Kias fought on.

Omnimon destroyed his Kia, with a bit of a struggle.

The Kia facing Imperialdramon held the digimon in a binding spell but eventually met her end with his positron laser.

Digmon and Halsemon, however bravely they fought were brought down by the menacing Kias.

Ophanimon, with her Eden's Javilin destroyed her Kia with some damage and began to fight Kari's opponent before she was in anymore danger. She defeated that Kia as well

Matt and Tai battled side by side, holding off the Kias' attacks until Omnimon appeared to defend them. The same course of action took place with Davis and Ken.

Garudamon fought and was damaged considerably.

MetalKabuterimon tried his best to hold her off.

For Lilymon, the chase was on. Her flower cannon could only do so much and she was swatted down like a fly.

Zudamon's Volten's Hammer proved ineffective as well.

The power of Chaos was evidently equal to that of a mega. The Ultimates and Champions just didn't have it in them and they all fell.

Seraphimon used his Excalibur to defeat his opposing Kia.

Dianamon summoned her Arrows of Artemis and destroyed her Kia as well.

Omnimon destroyed two more Kias with his GaruCannon and Transendent Sword.

Imperialdramon also finished two more.

Mia came face to face with the Kia and powerful attacks were brought forth. Her pure dark magic seemed to have the upperhand in the battle. However she was knocked away sent with a bloody lip. She glared scornfully to the girl she once called sister. Stretching out her arm, Kia cried out, "La nuit de mort." The night of death. A shroud of darkness encircled Kia and she screamed in pain. In a moment, she disappeared.

Hope matched lightning with lightning in his fight. They seemed perfectly even when he pulled out a large amount of energy "Kingdom of Virtue," The energy formed a prismic ball found its way to Kia and obliterated her. The final enemy vanquished Hope relaxed, as did the others. Those still awake tended to the injured ones.

"It's over," Ken sighed in relief as he went to check on Yolei.

"Yes," Mia smiled as she checked on Joe and Izzy.

Izzy's arm hurt him but he looked around and smiled, "Prodigious, we can finally go home."

MetalKabuterimon had dedigivolved to Tentomon, the other ultimates and Champions had dedigivolved as well. Tentomon headed to his friend, "Izzy are you alright? It seems as if your arm is broken."

"I'm fine so long as we get out of here soon."

"That would be nice," Matt said as he went to Sora. They took their time over the next half hour to check up on each other.

Davis grinned ear to ear once everone awoke.

"Davis, why are you smiling," Cody asked him

"Well we defeated the bad guy right? Why shouldn't I be happy?" Everyone laughed.

Mia and Hope looked to each other and nodded. Hope then cleared his throat, "Thank you all for you valiant efforts. You never gave up, and I applaud you for that."

Matt was about to speak then stopped himself. Hope saw this, "What is wrong?"

"It's nothing, I'm just... it's"

"Say no more," Hope interrupted. He closed his eyes, and the glow which had basked Hope faded. Matt caught TK's body before it fell to the floor.

"He'll be alright," Mia smiled, "I believe it's time for me to leave as well. It was a pleasure to meet you all." And with that Mia collapsed as well, thankfully to be caught by Davis.

"Come on guys," Tai urged them, "Its time to go home everyone must be wondering what took us so long."

Kari smiled and watched as Matt carried TK's unconcious body on his back. "Man this was easier back when you were eight buddy," Matt groaned to his brother. Davis carried mia in his arms.

Imperialdramon changed forms and they all made their way in. Matt with TK, Kari, and Tai were the last to board. As they did TK opened his eyes.

"TK!" Kari rushed to hug him as he got off his brother's back.

"Are you okay?" Matt asked.

"I'm a little dizzy other than that I'm fine." TK grinned.

"What was it like, having hope be in your body?" Tai wondered.

"It was like a warm glow which kept my spirits up." TK said. "It was kind of weird not having control over my own body yet I was able to see everything that happened. And -" TK froze.

"TK what's wrong?" Kari asked, with a concerned look in her eyes.

"Watch out!" TK cried as he pushed the three away. Out of the corner of his eye a lazer like beam created a huge hole in the spot where they were four of them looked up to see who attacked them.

"It's Kia!" Imperialdramon cried as the deranged Chaos came fighting back.

Ophanimon, Omnimon and Seraphimon, raced out of Imperiadramon and came to protect their digidestined.

Kia cackled insanely, "YOU FOOLISH DIGIDESTINED," She screeched in an unfamiliar voice. Like nails on a chalkboard, her voice pained them to listen. There was no hint of Kia left at all, it was pure Chaos.

Chaos blasted attack after attack on them relentlessly. The three mega leveled digimon shielded the digidestined from damage. Tai, Matt, Kari, and TK watched in surprise.

Tai looked up to Imperialdramon, "You need to take the rest of them out to safety."

"DON'T" Davis yelled trying to get Tai to hear him.

Imperialdramon tried to protest as well.

Matt agreed with Tai, "Imperialdramon go to safety now! Save them all!" The four digidestined stood and urged them to go.

Though hesitant, The giant digimon fled for safety.

The two angels and Omnimon fought Chaos with all their might, however its strength overpowered the three megas.

Tai grinded his teeth, "If only we weren't fooled like that..."

"...Now it seems like Chaos will win..." Matt said sadly.

"... We might not win..." Kari whispered.

"No," TK said, they turned to him, "We can't lose hope, we can't give up."

Everyone realized this. Matt took his brother's hand, "TK's right we need to stand up to Chaos."

Kari nodded, "We'll try our hardest."

"Never give up." Tai said. They stood side by side, holding hands. Matt to the right then TK, Kari and Tai.

"Little Digidestined your end is near." Chaos cackled as she aimed for them.

Stop A voice, Hopes voice encircled the group

"Hope," Kari gasped

I will give you my powers protect this world. He said as a great feeling of warmth filled the four digidestined, most of all TK. This power shielded them and the digimon from Chaos' attacks.

His expression was serious. "I know how to defeat Chaos," TK pulled out his digivice and pointed it to the sky. "Seraphimon." He called on his friend.

Seraphimon struggled abit to stand, "Yes TK."

"Release the Seven orbs."

"Okay." He called on his deadly attack, "Strike of the Seven Stars."

Kari looked at TK, "How'd you know that attack."

"I just knew, I think Hope told me. Now give Seraphimon as much energy as you can all of you."

He let out a light from his digivice and gave the energy to Seraphimon. The other three followed as well.

"Ophanimon, Omnimon you too." TK called to them.

They transfered their powers to Seraphimon as well, causing them to dedigivolve to Salamon, Koramon, and Tsunomon respectively.

"I feel their energy but, I don't know if its enough." Seraphimon said.

TK was one step ahead of them he contacted Davis via D-terminal.

Davis received the message immediately. Though they were near the edge of the waters they could feel the strong energy emitted from Chaos and Seraphimon. Each Digidestined transfered their light energy from their digivice in that direction. Imperialdramon and Dianamon also gave their power, dedigivolving.

"Its all up to you TP" Davis commented.

Seraphimon received the power.

Hope's final shield relented. And as soon as it did Seraphimon released his attack, "Strike of the Seven Stars!" The attack fired straight at Chaos.

"No!" It screeched its last. Chaos was obliterated. The evil finally dispersed.

Seraphimon sighed, "At last," And dedigivolved back to Tokomon. Tai, Matt, Kari, and TK ran to their exhausted digimon.

Koromon woke first, "Tai?"


Koromon's stomach rumbled and blushed, "I'm really hungry."

Everyone laughed.

TK looked to the sunset, remembering days ago when this all began. Suddenly he saw a figure lying on the ground. "What's that over there?"

"It's a body," Kari gasped.

Matt made his way to the body and gasped.

"What is it?" TK asked.

"It's Kia."

"Hey its them" Joe pointed out to the distance in the moonlight. Kari, Tai, Matt, TK and the digimon were seen walking in the moonlight.

"Matt." Sora said happily rushing to them. The others followed her lead.

"Wh—what?" Yolei was shocked.

In Tai's arms was Kia, her blonde locks neatly behind her ears, she looked like a sleeping princess. Mia saw her sister and sniffled, "K-kia..."

"Why'd you bring her..." Mimi asked.

"She's not going to hurt us anymore," TK said solemnly.

"Why not, she sided with evil before," Ken said bitterly

"And so did you once upon a time," Izzy reminded him.

"It's not that..." Kari murmmered.

"Then what?" questioned Veemon.

Mia began to sob on Davis' chest.

"It's because she's dead." Davis stated bluntly as he tried to comfort the grieving sister.

Everyone was stunned. Their eyes went to floor, and paid their respects.

The funeral was beautiful. Simple it may be, Kia was a sleeping princess, dressed in beautiful blue. Her mother and father were present with some of their relatives. Mia was there as well and the digidestined.

They all left after the burial two by two. TK and Kari turned to see Mia standing by the grave.

"This..." Kari couldn't speak but instead leaned on TK's shoulder. They walked away silently.

Days passed, and the digidestined's lives were returning to normal.

The school bell rang and it signalled the end of the class. TK and Kari were chatting by their lockers.

"...And then Ogremon tried to eat the red thing. It turned out to be Elecmon and he wasn't to happy. Let's just say, Ogremon will think twice about picking a snack from the floor." TK was telling Kari.

She giggled, "That's terrible TK."

He laughed along side her. The suddenly he saw Davis running down the halls. Once he reached them he was out of breath panting heavily.

"What's up Davis?" Kari asked

"Well Tai just called me and he said there's an emergency in the Digiworld. We need to head to the Izzy's house right away." He said as he ran off to the exit.

"Umm... should we tell him?" Kari wondered

"Nah, let's let him find out," TK teased as they followed Davis out the doors.

"WHAT'S GOING ON!" Davis cried as he slammed through Izzy's door.

"Ummm..." Izzy was a bit surprised by Davis.

"Come on tell me!" The boy demanded.

TK and Kari laughed as they came through the door.

"Hey Izzy," Kari said smiling.

"Ummm... why does Davis look like he's going to have a heart attack." Izzy asked

"He thinks the world's in danger..." TK replied

"Oh... well let's get going then." Izzy sighed

"Alright," TK chuckled, "Coming?" He asked Davis.

Kari pointed her digivice at the computer and away they went.

"About time you guys showed up," Matt said grinning.

"Sorry bro, Davis was a little well..."

"What's the trouble? Where is it? Is Devimon back?"

"Davis calm down!" Veemon exclaimed.

"Yes, there's no danger we're just having an old fashioned party," exclaimed an excited Palmon.

"Huh... Party?" Davis was confused.

"Yeah" Gomamon said as he popped a party streamer.

Everyone laughed as they joined in the party. The partied til night and then some. Kari and TK walked to a more quiet place and chatted all night.

"Kari," TK said.

"Yeah?" Kari replied.

"I just wanted to say..." TK gulped, "I love you."

Kari blushed, smiled, and pressed her lips against TK. When she released, she said "I know. I love you too."

Gatomon and Patamon watched their partners from up a tree.

"Finally," Patamon exclaimed.

"Yeah, finally. I was afraid they wouldn't say it before all of my nine lives were gone." Gatomon exclaimed.

"You know what Gatomon?"

"What?" the kitty asked curious.

"I'm starving."

Gatomon groaned.

"Come on let's go leave the love birds alone and get some food."

"Alright Alright." Gatomon followed him down.

It was a happy day for all the digidestined. Tai and Agumon sang Karaoke. Mimi and Palmon really sang after them. Sora and Matt laughed at their friends. Gabumon and Biyomon ate. Gomamon was trying to tell Joe a joke. While Izzy and Tentomon were on his Laptop. Ken and Yolei sat side by side by the fire while Hawkmon, Armadillomon, and Wormmon were all enjoying a tale told by Cody. Veemon and Lunamon watched the stars while Davis was recovering with Mia fanning him down.

Everything was peaceful in the digital world. All thanks to a group of children, er young men and women.


Thank you all for your love and support. Your lovely comments kept me going thank you. Maybe soon I'll post a new digital but farewell for now.