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Takes place after the first movie and during the Order of the Phoenix.

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Harry smiled as he watched his two best friends bicker before returning his attention back towards the white letter in his hands. Harry stared at the letter for a few minutes, realizing just how odd it felt for him to receive a letter that wasn't made out of parchment, before flipping it over and tearing it open. This drew the attention of his two best friends and they both turned to look at him.

"What's that Harry?" Ron asked and Harry just couldn't resist taking a jab at Ron, after all he was still a little miffed at how they both kept him out of the loop for so long.

"It's a letter Ron. Haven't you seen one before?" Harry answered keeping a straight face while laughing on the inside.

"Of course I have! I just wanted to know why it looked so weird." Ron said turning slightly red and Hermione rolled her eyes at them both.

"That would be because it's made out of paper, not parchment. And from the postage stamps on it I would have to guess that it's from outside of England. Who's it from Harry?" Hermione asked and Harry let a large grin spread across his face.

"No one you would know Hermione, it's from a childhood friend of mine. His name is Sam and he lives in the US." Harry answered and watched as both of them look at him surprise.

"I didn't know you were friends with a yank Harry." Ron said and Hermione slapped Ron arm.

"Ow! What was that for Hermione?" Ron asked and Hermione glared at Ron.

"Honestly Ron, don't call Harry's friend a yank!" Hermione said and Ron looked at her confused.

"But he is isn't he?" Ron said looking confused and Hermione glared at him. Harry laughed drawing their attention back towards their friend.

"Harry, how did you become friends with an American?" Hermione asked stressing the last word and Harry smiled at Ron confused face.

"Well, when I was around ten, he and his family came to London for a family vacation and he saw me getting bullied by my cousin in the park. I don't really know why, but he walked right up to us and demanded that Dudley stop harassing me." Harry said smiling fondly at the memory of a scrawny ten year old American who stood up so bravely against the giant (for their ages) that was Harry cousin.

"So he beat up your cousin?" Ron asked and Harry let out a small chuckle.

"Nope, both of us got clobbered. Right after that his over protective mum showed up and fussed over both of us after he insisted that I was his 'new friend' before she stormed over to my aunt house and started yelling at my aunt. I have never seen anyone as scary as Sam's mum was at the moment." Harry confessed with a small shake of his head much to the amazement of his friends.

"Seriously mate? I mean you have faced You-Know-who and you still think your friends mum is scarier?" Ron asked look amazed and Harry nodded his head. Hermione crossed her arms before nodding in understanding.

"Of course Ron, nothing is scarier than a mum trying to protect her kid." Hermione said and the three of them nodded in agreement.

"So what's the letter say anyway Harry?" Ron asked and Harry smiled as he looked down on it.

"Don't know, haven't have the chance to read it yet. I'll read it out loud." Harry said and Ron and Hermione looked at him eagerly.

"Hey Harry, what's up? I haven't heard from you in a while and you're aunt said that you got into some school/ correctional thing. I don't entirely believe her but if you are in there then I only hope you got put in there because you suddenly decided to fight back against that pig you have to call your cousin." Harry read aloud and they all laughed at the small joke.

"All joking aside I really hope that you're not in the school/ correctional thingy cause then that would be bad, very bad. It's not good to be doing illegal things, but I'm not one to talk, not with everything happened a few months ago…" Harry looked confused and Ron and Hermione mirrored his expression.

"What do you think happened?" Hermione asked and Harry shrugged reading ahead a bit.

"I got some big news Harry! My dad finally caved in and got me a car! I have classic camaro that's painted yellow with black stripes. I even got a girlfriend! Her name's Mikaela Banes and she's a totally hot! She has a juvie record, which is why I can't say anything about you being in a 'correctional school' or whatever it was." Ron looked confused.

"What's a camaro?" Harry didn't know either but thankfully Hermione did.

"It's a type of car Ron. At least now we know he didn't do anything wrong but now I do not like the sound of this 'Mikaela' person." Hermione said worriedly and Harry grinned.

"I'm sure she's a fine girl. Sam has a habit of finding all the right people." Harry said and Hermione reluctantly nodded.

"Mojo leg healed up fine and we've taken him off the pain medication, except now he's gone into withdrawal and snaps at everybody. Mom is talking about getting another dog and Dad has become obsessed with the front yard. I swear he's worse than your uncle. As for myself, well I got one sweet car, one hot girlfriend, and myself esteem is at an all time high, so I would have to say that everything going perfect right now. Reply back soon, and get an e-mail, with loads of smiles, Sam." Harry finished the letter and stared thoughtfully at his two friends.

"Well I'm glad that he sounds well, I haven't been able to contact him since last summer when I was staying at my aunt place." Harry said softly and Hermione smiled at him.

"Hey Harry what's an e-mail?" Ron asked and Harry blink in surprise. Harry smiled and was about to attempt to explain what an e-mail was to Ron when Ron older twin brothers, Fred and George, burst into the room.

"Come on mates! We have to go now!" Fred said as he pulled Hermione to her feet.

"Yes, we haven't much time before they start!" George said as he pulled Harry to his feet and pulled him out of the room.

"Where are we going?" Hermione asked.

"What's going to start?" Harry asked at the same time and yet the twins seemed to have heard them both anyway.

"To the stair way!" Replied Fred.

"The Order that's what! They're about to have a meeting and it's going to be about You-Know-Who." Said George and the trio found themselves quickening the pace. It wasn't long before they found themselves standing at the stair way with Ginny and had a flesh colored string pushed into their hands

"What's this?" Harry asked and both Fred and George stood up proudly.

"That my dear Harry is our new invention!" Fred said and their smiles gat a bit bigger.

"They're Extendable Ears; they'll allow us to hear everything that's going on in that meeting." George said proudly and then promptly stick one end of the flesh colored string in his ear and watched as the other end grew and slowly made its way towards the locked door.

Not wanting to waste anymore time, Harry followed their example and watched in fascination as the color string grew away from him. After a few minutes of silence Harry blinked when he realized he could now hear inside of the look room.

"He's been muggle hunting." That sounded a lot like Snape.

"Of course he's been muggle hunting! It's one of the things he likes to do the most!" A man yelled and Harry recognized his god-father voice.

"But he's not just doing it at random; he's searching for a specific muggle." Snape said and Harry heard silence fall over the group.

"Why would the dark lord be looking for a muggle?" A woman asked that had to be Tonks.

"I don't know how the dark lord mind works. All I know was that he ordered all death eaters to find and bring him the muggle name Samuel James Witwicky." Harry didn't even realize that he had moved until he slammed into the locked door and bounced right off it. He was vaguely aware that Ron and the others were looking at him horrified but he didn't care.

The door opened and a very startled Molly Weasley looked down at Harry in confusion. Before Molly could ask what was wrong, Harry had jumped to his feet and pushed his way into the room. He swept his eyes around the room until they landed on Snape who was staring at him with one raised eyebrow.

"What does he want with Sam!?" Harry demanded and Snape blinked in surprise.

"Why do you want to know?" Snape asked and Harry glared at him.

"Sam is my friend and there's no way in hell that I'm going to let Voldemort get anywhere near him." Harry answered with a snarl, his mind racing with images of all the bad things Voldemort could to his defenseless muggle friend.

"Do you know where he is Harry?" A soft voice asked behind him and Hurry spun around to find himself facing a calm looking Dumbledore. Harry slowly let the tension in bleed out of his body before nodding his head.

"Yes sir, Sam has been a friend of mine for years and I know exactly where he lives." Harry answered and watched as several members looked at each other excitedly.

"That's wonderful news Harry. Now we can retrieve him and get him to a safe place before Voldemort finds him." Dumbledore said with a twinkle in his eyes and Harry looked at him guiltily.

"That might be a little hard to do since he lives in the US." Harry confessed and a stunned silence fell over the group.

"Well that does complicate things doesn't it?" Dumbledore said his eyes narrowing and Harry could only nod in agreement.


Sam rolled over on his head and continued to sleep.


Sam frowned in his sleep and burrowed himself deeper into his blankets


Sam groaned and pressed his pillow over his face attempting to block out the irritating noise that was disturbing his rest.

"Samuel James Witwicky get up this instance!" Judy Witwicky snapped as she slammed the door to her son room open and glared down at the sleepy teenager before her.

"What mom!?" Sam asked as he struggled to sit up and lazily scratched the back of his head. Sleepily he looked at his alarm clock and his eyes grew wide at what he saw.

"Nine! It's only nine! Why did you wake me up so early?" Sam yelled and Judy frowned at him.

"Nine in the morning is hardly early young man." Judy scolded and Sam groaned before sinking back into his bed.

"It is on a Saturday mom." Sam whined when Judy grabbed him by his arm and forced him to sit up again.

"Well tough for you because you have visitors and I'm not going to make them wait any longer." Judy snapped and Sam blinked in confusion.

"What visitors? I wasn't expecting anyone to show up today." Sam asked but Judy ignored him and was now looking through his closet. After a few seconds of silence Judy gave Sam a bundle of clothing and quickly pulled him to his feet with strength that only mothers could have.

"Hurry up and get dressed, they're already waiting for you downstairs." Judy said before leaving Sam standing confused and annoyed in his bed room. Grumbling to himself, Sam reluctantly put on his clothes and ran a hand over his face, hoping to wipe off any drool that might have been there. With a quick mournful glance at his bed, Sam headed out of his room and down the stairs.

"Now who could have been so important that you had to wake me up so early in the morning? I swear to God that if it's another Sector seven member then I'm going to head back upstairs and going right to bed. Screw Sector Seven and the God damn Gove…" Sam felt the rest of the sentence die on his lips as he finally caught sight of who was sitting in his living room.

There were five people sitting in his living room, three teenagers and two adults. One of the adults was an really old man with a really long white beard and dressed in what could only be described as a bright purple robe with large golden stars placed in a random order. The other man looked to be about twenty to thirty years old, with greasy black hair and what looked like a perpetual glare on his face, he was also wearing a robe except his were completely black. One of the teens was pretty tall; wearing what appeared to be a red sweater and an average pair of blue jeans, he had freckles running across his face and short red hair. Another of the teenagers was a girl with a wild mess of brown curls, she was wearing a simple white blouse and a light blue skirt, and she was currently fingering a book that rested on her lap. Sam recognized the book as his dad book on mechanic and wondered why she had it. The last teenager was a boy with black hair and green eyes. A pair of glasses perched on his nose and he was dressed in a simple blue shirt and a pair of blue jeans. He looked the most excited out of the group but he also looked a little nervous. Sam blinked when he realized just who he was looking at.

"Harry!?" Sam asked and Harry looked at him with a large grin.

"Sam!" Harry greeted and Sam moved forward and pulled him into a large hug.

"Harry what are you doing here? Who are these people with you? How long are you staying?" Sam asked and Harry laughed and quickly stood back to introduce his friends.

"Well the one with red hair is Ron Weasley, the one with brown hair if Hermione Granger, The man in the black robe is my Professor Snape, and the one in purple is my Head master Albus Dumbledore." Harry said point to each on in turn.

"Ron and Hermione are my best friends." Harry said and Sam nodded in understanding.

"But that doesn't explain what you're doing here." Sam said and Harry looked away guiltily.

"I can explain that Samuel Witwicky." Albus said and Sam frowned at him.

"Just Sam please. When someone says my full name I feel like I'm in trouble." Sam said and Dumbledore chuckled.

"Ok then, Sam. I understand that you have been friends with Harry for a very long time. And that you have problems contacting him since young Harry does not own an 'e-mail' and only answers to your letters during the summer." Albus stated and Sam nodded in agreement.

"Yeah what about it?" Sam asked and Harry sifted nervously.

"Well there was a reason for that. You see Sam Harry here, and everybody else in this room, are wizards and for the past four years Harry has been attending Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardly. Due to the unique mailing system in the wizarding world, Harry has not been able to contact you until the summer where he resided in his aunt house, without breaking several wizardly laws." Dumbledore explained and Sam stared at him stunned.

"What?" Sam finally manage to croak out after several minutes of silence.

"I'm a wizard Sam." Harry said softly and Sam blinked at him in surprise.

"Are you for real?" Sam asked and Dumbledore looked a bit confused before understanding dawned in his eyes.

"Ah, yes I believe that was an American term and yes we 'are for real'." Dumbledore said and Sam crossed his and looked at them skeptically.

"Really? Then prove it." Sam demanded and Dumbledore smiled.

Purposely raising his wand slowly, Dumbledore flicked his hand. When he did so the table in the middle of the living room lifted off the ground and floated just above Sam head. Sam blinked in surprise before walking straight towards the table and started waving his arms around and touching what edges of the table he could reach.

"What are you doing?" Harry asked and Sam frowned.

"Checking for wires and any other hidden devices." Sam answered and Hermione rolled her eyes.

"You're not going to find anything." Hermione said and Sam frowned again.

"I guess you're right. So ok, magic does exist, why are you telling me?" Sam asked and watched uneasily as the entire group looked at each other before turning towards Harry.

"Well I guess I'm going to have to tell you everything." Harry said and Sam looked at him confused.

"Tell me what?" Sam asked and Harry sighed.

"When I was one years old, there was this dark wizard running around and terrifying everybody. His name was Voldemort and for some reason or another he decided to kill my family. My mom begged him not to kill me, to kill her instead, he did and then he tried to kill me. The something went wrong, the killing curse sort of reflected off of me and struck Voldemort and killed him instead." Harry said and Sam frowned.

"I thought you aunt said that your parent died in a car crash? Even if they didn't why are you bring all this up anyway?" Sam asked and Harry frowned.

"Well my aunt lied. As to why I'm bring all of this up, well last year Voldemort came back. Wizards everywhere are freaking out and for some reason or another Voldemort is coming after you." Harry said and Sam blinked in surprise.

"What?! Why would he be after me? I'm just a muggle; I didn't even know that magic existed until you told half an hour ago!" Sam yelled and Harry winced.

"We don't know why they're after you. But we know that the dark lord wants your for whatever reason that maybe. So we've come here to take you somewhere safe, a place where he won't be able to get to you." Dumbledore said and Sam turned to look at him.

"Well this is just fucking great! Why the hell am I always being chased around by homicidal, psychopathic, tyrants set on a war path?" Sam whispered to himself, not meaning for anyone to hear him but Dumbledore raised an eyebrow at his statement.

"So what? Where am I going and when am I leaving?" Sam asked and Dumbledore smiled.

"You, Sam, get to be the first muggle to set foot in Hogwarts and we'll be leaving as soon as you're ready to go." Dumbledore said and Sam nodded.

"Ok, I'll just call Mikaela and get my car ready." Sam said and Dumbledore chuckled.

"Sorry dear boy, but we can't allow you to tell anyone about what's happening and you cannot bring your car to Hogwarts." Dumbledore and Sam frowned at him.

"Why not?" Sam asked and Snape was the one to answer.

"We have already bent the rules to the wizarding world to as far as they can bend. We can't allow anyone else to get involved in this." Snape said and Sam glared at him.

"Look, you're not the only ones to have a few secrets of your own, and I have obligations here that I need to keep. Besides I doubt that you can keep my car from coming." Sam snapped and everybody looked puzzled by the strange sentence Sam had said.

"Don't you mean 'you can't keep me from bringing my car'?" Hermione asked and Sam sighed.

"Let's try this, you guys come with me for a little ride and afterwards you guys try to keep Bee from coming." Sam said and everybody looked confused.

"I highly doubt that a little drive will make us change our mind." Snape scoffed and Sam glared at him.

"Or so you think anyway." Sam muttered before heading out the door.

"Come one lets go." Sam said not waiting for them as he headed to his parked camaro. Flipping out his cell phone, Sam scrolled through his address book before finding the number he wanted. Pressing the dial button he watched as Harry and his group headed towards him and Bee.

"Hello?" Mikaela asked and Sam couldn't help the smile that appeared on his face.

"Hey baby, I need you come meet me out in our field." Sam said, translation: Bee needs to stretch but due to some reasons I can't say that out loud.

"Sure Sam, who's with you?" Mikaela asked translation: are you in danger?

"Just a childhood friend of mine and his mysterious friends." Sam answered translation: my childhood friend who's more than what he seems.

"Ok babe, see you soon." Mikaela said before hanging up and now Sam was faced with the problem of stuffing one too many people in his friend.

"Um, sorry but I guess you guys are just going to have to squeeze in there." Sam said and Snape rolled him eyes.

"I could just enchant the car so we all fit." Snape said and Sam quickly shook his head.

"Oh no, no, no, no, no, no! You are not touching my car with your freaky magic stuff!" Sam protested and Snape glared at him.

"Just get in here and bear with it for a little bit." Sam said and with a shrug they did so.

Harry, Ron Hermione, and Snape ended up sitting in the back while Dumbledore got the other front seat. Once everybody was seated, Sam put turned the key and placed his hand on the steering wheel while giving the space between the gas and brake pedal a nudge. Bumblebee catching on started driving, already knowing where Sam wanted to go and acted as 'normal' as a normal car would. The drive didn't take long, and it was pretty soon that they arrived in the empty plot of land Sam and Mikaela had found for him to transform in and stretch his legs out. Mikaela was already waiting for them and raised her hand in a greeting.

'Parking' his car Sam got out and headed straight to Mikaela and gave her a 'hello kiss' before turning so he was now standing behind Mikaela and wrapped his arms around her waist. He turned to see three shocked looking teenagers and one amused head master, and a grumpy looking teacher.

"Guys this is Mikaela and Mikaela this is Harry and his friends." Sam said and Mikaela turned her head to look at him.

"They don't look all that special to me." Mikaela said and Sam sighed.

"Yeah, but I don't look to special either remember?" Sam said and Mikaela smiled at him.

"You do to me." Mikaela whispered and Sam gave her another kiss.

"What are we doing here?" Snape asked interrupting them and Sam sighed.

"Ok Mikaela, these people in front of you are wizards. Harry, Dumbledore, this is why Mikaela needs to come with me and so does my car." Sam said to the shocked wizards and yelled out before any of them could raise their wands.


The result was instantaneous. With several loud whirs and clunks, Bumblebee transformed into his primary form and jumped so he landed behind Sam. Sam smirked at the dumbfounded expressions on his friend face and couldn't help but laugh.

"Guys, meet Bumblebee. He's an alien robot from outer space and my guardian." Sam said and they five stunned wizards looked as if they never even heard him.

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