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Harry was both excited and nervous as he led Dumbledore and the group towards Sam house. Just a few hours ago, Harry had told Dumbledore everything he knew about Sam, including his address, and then demanded that they take him with them when they went to go pick Sam up. Dumbledore had agreed and plans were made. Sam would go to Hogwarts under the disguise of a student while Sam's parents stayed at the Order of the Phoenix.

After that Dumbledore and Snape had apparate Harry, Ron, and Hermione (both had demanded to come as well) into the US, and to say at the very least, that was not a pleasant experience. After that they had found the nearest map and apparated the closest to Sam house without setting off any of the magical alarms the US ministry may have put up. Then they had walked up to his house, attracting quite a lot of stares.

Harry found it amusing that Sam yard looked just as perfectly neat (if not more colorful) as his uncle yard was and took extra care to walk on the stone path way that cut through the grass. The others followed his example and oddly enough, stood behind him when they approached the front door. After finding the door bell and pressing it quickly, he had to briefly explain what it was to Ron; Harry stepped back and waited for the door to open.

The door was opened by a middle age lady, who Harry recognized as Sam mum and barely had time to wave his hand before he was pulled into the house and given a bone crushing hug as Mrs. Witwicky recognized him. After a brief introduction, Mrs. Witwicky promised to get Sam and disappeared up the stairs. A few minutes later, yelling was heard and a few minutes after that Sam came stumbling down stairs, still looking half asleep and quite annoyed.

Sam had been mumbling something under his breath, which stopped when Sam had seen them. After a few seconds of silence, Sam had recognized Harry and for the second time that day, Harry was pulled into another hug.

Harry had introduced everybody and then waited anxiously as Dumbledore had explained what they were. Sam had of course shown disbelief and even went so far as to check to see if their magic wasn't just some trick. When Harry had explained to Sam why they were telling him all this now, he didn't miss the way Sam had used the term 'muggle' despite the fact that no one had said it before. Dumbledore and Snape both caught it too and Harry could tell that it worried them both.

After Sam had led them to his car and refused to let them use any magic on it, Harry was stuck sitting next to Snape in the too small back seat and was only too glad to get out once the car had stopped. After stepping out into a large clearing, Harry watched as Sam went to greet a pretty black haired lady with a snog. Despite the fact that Harry knew Sam had a girlfriend, he still wasn't prepared when they started snogging and was slightly glad when Snape interrupted them. Wondering about why Sam had brought them here, he was shocked when Sam so easily confessed they were wizards before yelling out 'Bumblebee'.

Not having a clue as to why Sam would yell that out, Harry wasn't prepared at all when he heard the strange whirs and clucks coming behind him. He didn't even have time to turn around when a giant thing had landed in front of him The colors of the thing reminded Harry instantly of Sam car and the suddenly realization struck him. That thing was Sam car!

"Guys, meet Bumblebee. He's an alien robot from outer space and my guardian," Sam had said pretty smugly and Harry felt too gob smock to answer, a few minutes later Ron said the single thing that really seemed to sum everything up.

"Bloody hell mate," Ron whispered and Harry could only agree with him.

Sam had to bite his lip to stop himself from laughing, Harry and his friends looked soo freaked out that even his creepy teacher was starting to resemble a startled goldfish. Mikaela turned to look at Sam and rolled her eyes at his mirth, Sam responded with a cheeky grin that made Mikaela snort in a very un-lady like way. They attention was snapped back to the wizards in front of them when Harry cleared his throat.

"Did you say that thing came from outer space?" Harry asked.

"His name is Bumblebee and he's not a thing, and yes he did come from outer space," Sam replied wondering where this was going to lead to.

"Then what's he doing here?" Sam smirked and slowly straightened up trying to keep a straight face and Mikaela rolled her eyes at Sam over dramatics.

"Ah, well you see I can't tell you," Sam almost laughed at the shocked expression on the wizards faces, but when Snape shock turned into a very nasty glare he quickly raised his hands up in a defensive position.

"It's not that I don't want to tell you, it's just I can't tell you. I wasn't even supposed to let you see Bee's true form but you guys told me that you were wizards and so I only thought it was fair. Besides, even if I left without Bee, he would find a way to track me down and show up anyway, so I thought it would be easier to just tell you guys and save myself the trouble of trying to explain how my car showed up in, what I'm guessing, is supposed to be secret hideaway or something." Sam babbling was cut short when Harry's headmaster, Dumbledore that was his name, gave an amused chuckle.

"I am going to guess that you ramble when you get nervous?" Dumbledore asked.

"Uh, yeah but normally I blurt out something sarcastic and most likely get myself into some kind of trouble," Sam admitted with a sheepish smile.

Dumbledore hummed in thought, while Harry and his friends slowly made their way towards Sam. Sam wasn't sure who to keep his eyes on, Harry who was approaching, or Dumbledore who was now quietly talking with Snape. Sam didn't get to decide when Harry stepped right in front of him, looking tense and slightly worried. Mikaela moved out of Sam gasped and moved to stand next to him instead, Sam frowned until Mikaela grabbed his hand making his smile reappear. Hermione saw this and smile widely but both Harry and Ron's attention was still glued towards Bumblebee.

"Can he talk?" Hermione asked.

"Sort of, his vocal processors were damaged and he's still working on them," Mikaela answered. Harry and his friends all looked confused so Sam decided to try and clear things up for them.

"So basically his vocal cords are all messed up and he can't really speak, well unless he finds something on the radio that seems to match the conversation," Sam explained.

"Are you sure he's an alien?" Ron asked.

"As sure as the sky is blue," Sam replied.

"But aliens aren't real!" Sam raised an eyebrow at this.

"Say's the one who calls himself a wizard. Just because you think it's not true doesn't mean it is. How would you feel if Bee said he didn't believe in magic; Bee do you believe in magic?" Sam asked as he leaned back to look at Bee.

"I'm a believer!" blared from Bee's radio while Bee swung his hands around as if he really was trying to cast a spell.

Sam laughed and Mikaela chuckled over Bee's antics, Sam was glad to see Harry and his friends smiling as well. After Bee calmed down, they started talking again; Sam was using this time to catch up with everything going on in Harry's life. Sam felt guilty that he couldn't tell Harry what happened between him and the Autobots, he could tell Harry was frustrated every time he had to evade a question. Still, as Harry continued to talk, Sam found himself pitying his long time friend. Having to face death so many times, being dragged into so many battles, Sam only had to do it once and he never wanted to do so again.

Sam dimly noticed that Mikaela was talking to Hermione and every so often their eyes would flick towards Ron. Sam smiled on the inside, Mikaela only knew Hermione for maybe half an hour and already she's got Hermione to trust her. Their conversations were cut short when Dumbledore and Snape approached them, Dumbledore smiling and Snape glaring.

"We have come to a conclusion. Sam, you'll be joining us at Hogwarts as planned, meanwhile you're parents and Mikaela will be going to a secret hideout for their own protection. Your guardian won't be able to join you in Hogwarts since that'll draw too much attention, instead he'll be staying Hogsmead in a private house the school owns there," Dumbledore raised a hand up before anyone could say anything in a soothing gesture.

"Now before you can say anything please listen to what I have to say. The hideout where the Witwicky and young Mikaela Banes here will be staying is one of the most secure hideouts I personally know of. The private house owned by the school in Hogsmead is at most ten minutes away from the school itself, if the speed in which we were travelling was anything to go by. So this way, everyone can remain safe and in easy contact," Dumbledore explained.

"Why can't Mikaela come with me to Hogwarts?" Sam asked.

"Transfer students between schools are almost unheard of in the wizardry community, accepting just one transfer is suspicious enough but accepting two is just asking for trouble. We know for a fact that Voldemort is after you, so it would be best if we kept you someplace close where we could keep an eye on you at all times, the only place that's possible is in Hogwarts," Snape explained looking bored.

Sam was silent for a few minutes before turning to look at Mikaela, a wordless communication passed between them before Mikaela nodded slowly. With a sigh Sam turned to look at Bumblebee, a questioningly look on his face.

"So Bee are you ok with that?" Sam asked.

Bumblebee was silent for a few minutes, his optics slightly dull, before brightening and letting out a very cheerful chirp and nodding his head.

"I'm so excited!" Sam laughed before turning back to Dumbledore, who was smiling with a twinkle in his eyes.

"Well I guess this means I'm going to Hogwarts, a school for magic can't be as bad as high school right?"

Bumblebee stood silently behind Sam as he listened to what the old man had planned for Sam's safety. At the same time, Bee was maintaining a com link with Optimus and the other Autobots, allowing them to hear everything that he was hearing.

Bumblebee didn't like the way things where turning out. He knew that all Sam wanted was to be a normal boy but it seems like he never had been one in the first place. Having a childhood friend who was a wizard, being a descendent of the man who found Megatron, being the one to kill Megatron when years of war had failed to do so, and now having this Voldemort person chasing after him, it almost seemed as if Sam was never meant to be normal.

Should I go Optimus? Bumblebee asked.

We have no other choice, with the Decepticons still out there and now this Voldemort person, Sam going to need all the help he can get. Optimus replied.

I don't like it, what if all of this is a trap? We know almost nothing about these people; we could be sending Bee and Sam to their deaths. Ironhide said.

Or we could be sending them to a safer place. If this Voldemort person is really after Sam then its best if he's in a secure place until we can figure out what we're dealing with. Ratchet said and Bee could feel his curiosity.

Did you all feel it as well? Bumblebee asked.

Yes we did Bumblebee, their "magic" I believe they call it; it feels similar to spark energy. Optimus said softly and all the Autobots fell silent.

It wasn't anywhere near to being as pure or as powerful as any spark energy but it was similar. If we can find out why then it possible… Ratchet fell silent, not daring to speak the silent hope that flooded through the Autobots systems.

Then it's possible to create a new spark, to create another Cybertronian. It's possible to bring our planet back to life. Optimus finished and Bumblebee felt an excited thrill go through him.

Bumblebee I'm going to assign you another mission, find out as much as you can about magic and see if you can find a connection between magic and our spark energy. If all goes well we might just be able to save our race. Optimus ordered and Bumblebee sent his affirmative before ending the com link.

Once Sam and the others had finished their planning, Bumblebee transformed into his alt form and carried them back to Sam's house. It was a short drive, but Bumblebee had already started his mission. He had been able to secretly scan the wizards inside of him and was currently analyzing the results.

Things had not gone as planned. Judy and Ronald Witwicky were as eager to learn about wizards as they were to learn about the Autobots, which wasn't all that much. They were even less eager when they found out that they would have to leave their home to go into protective custody for an unknown period of time and that they wouldn't be able to see their son for said period of time. It had taken five hours and thirty two minutes in which Sam had pleaded, begged, and finally lost his tempered and yelled at them (which resulted in a yelling match between parents and child) till they finally agreed to it. But only because Harry had finally spoken up and convinced them otherwise. He did so with a single sentence.

"Voldemort is a murder, he killed my friend and fellow classmate right before my own eyes without even batting an eyelash, this is the type of guy who is after your son and unless you come with us he will find you."

After that; Sam, Judy, and Ron had a private family talk in the kitchen and when they came out they were ready. Currently, Sam and his parents were packing up the house; Mikaela had gone home to explain things to her father and to get her own things. Harry, Ron, and Hermione were helping Sam pack his things while Dumbledore and Snape were helping Ron and Judy.

"Not that chest, that's my treasure chest and no one, can touch it," Sam babbled as he yanked an all too familiar box out of Hermione hands and stuffed it under his mattress.

"If it's so important shouldn't we take it with us?" Hermione asked looking slightly amused while Harry chuckled at his friend predicament.

"Uh, it's fine here," Sam muttered while shoving past them and heading towards his closet.

"Really mate if it's that important to you we should bring it, we can't bring you back here during the holiday…" Ron sentence ended in a high pitch squeak when he looked inside the box and saw what was inside of it. Harry laughed as both Ron and Sam turned a brilliant shade of red.

"That's why I said that it's ok to leave it here," Sam muttered while Hermione snorted and rolled her eyes.

"Boys, honestly is that all you can think about? Snogging somebody?" Sam blinked and turned to look at Hermione looking confused.

"What the hell is snogging?" Harry, Ron, and Hermione looked at Sam in surprised before Hermione suddenly hit herself in the head.

"Oh of course, we're in America now they have a different slang than they do in England. Snogging, it what you were doing earlier with Mikaela."

"Oh you mean kissing; well that makes a lot more sense," Sam muttered before flinging his closet open and digging through the close piled on the floor.

"Bloody hell mate," Ron said as he stared at the burned and beat up jacket hanging in the closet.

"Sam, these are burn marks," Harry said worriedly as Sam hurriedly snatched the jacket off its hanger.

"Well yeah, I was wearing this while I was at Mission city. Umm you may not have heard about it, but there was a gas leak in Mission city and there was this huge explosion, I got caught in the after blast. I'm ok, I came out of it with just a few scratches and burns but compared to some other people, and I think I was pretty lucky," Sam explained and Harry stared at Sam worriedly.

"Why didn't you mention any of this in your letter?" Harry asked.

"I forgot to?" That sounded more like a question than an answer.

Sam ignored their suspicious eyes and turned back to the beat up jacket in his hand. With a small smile he ran his hands over it and frowned when he felt something hard in the pocket. Wondering what it could be, Sam dug into the pocket and pulled out a small golden shard and blinked in surprise. Holding it up to the light Sam confirmed that it was a fragment of the AllSpark, not noticing the curious looks Harry was giving him.

The fragment suddenly grew hot in Sam's fingers and Sam cried out in surprise as it burned him. Sam dropped the shard and watched in horror as it fell towards the ground. It hit the ground and a burst of energy swept out of the shard before it burned right through the floor. Vaguely remember what happened back in hover dam; Sam snapped his head up as he watched every electronic device in his room start to vibrate.

"Run!" Sam didn't bother to explain any further as he grabbed Harry and started to run out of the room. Behind him the room erupted into chaos as every electronic thing he owned transformed into small metal men's and started shooting.

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