Name: Desperate times, desperate measures
Anime: Naruto
Rating: T
Timeline: Time Skip
Characters: Hinata, Tsunade, Anko

Anko and Hinata in a mission together? What´s the mission about? Hey Hinata don´t faint!… yet.

--- Desperate times, desperate measures ---

Tsunade fussed behind 3 piles of stacked paper on her desktop.

"I can´t believe we are going to miss this chance!" She was looking through different files, photos and papers but it seemed that none of them convinced her.

"Tsunade sama?" Shizune interrupted her.

The blonde glared at her "I have to find a suitable ninja for this mission!"

She moved around the desktop to be at her side. She looked at the mess on her desk, there were mostly female ninja profiles.

Shizune imagined for what mission she was looking a kunoichi.

"Her!" The hokage instated. She pointed at a file but a paper was covering the name and the photo of the kunoichi.

Shizune looked at the info on the file, her height and measurements "Kurenai?"

Tsunade started to remove the obstruction "Can´t be she is in a mission with Asuma"

The file was completely visible now. The two women could tell who it was.

"No way!" Shizune opposed

Tsunade frowned. That candidate was impossible "It´s our only chance"

"I could go in her place" She knew that the hospital needed her but she was a better option, at least a safer one.

"You are too old"

Shizune frowned "How about the other girls from her class"

"Judging from these files they still look like kids!"

"You know who that girl is?" Shizune asked her. She couldn´t be thinking in her for a mission like that one. The brunette hoped that her master hadn´t recognized the kunoichi in the file to at least justify her decision.

"Of course I know who she is! But this mission is imperative and she is also one of Konoha´s ninjas. I´ll ask her and it will be her choice" she stood up from her seat.

Shizune sighed "You know she has influent people on her side, she could be offended just from the mere offer of this mission and even your job as hokage could be in danger"

Tsunade looked at her assistant, her left eyebrow twitching. "It has been decided!! It´s our only chance to get some info on Akatsuki!" she imposed throwing her fist on the table.

Shizune sweat dropped.

---1 hour later ---

Tsunade remained in her desk but now the files were staked, the place looked organized at least.

She heard a soft knock on the door "Come on in"

The door opened slowly and a long haired Kunoichi entered in, she was already bowing. "Hokage-sama you called me" She said in her feathery tone and looking down.

The hokage couldn´t deny she felt bad for asking the girl what she was about to ask. "Hyuuga Hinata"

This time the dark haired ninja moved her head to look at the Hokage. She was so nervous; she had never been in that office alone.

She cleared her throat "Hyuuga Hinata I have a mission for you"

She nodded lightly. She was also proud that the Hokage had noticed her and was going to offer her a mission.

"First of all I have to tell you this is an S-rank mission, it´s a very important mission for the village"

The girl couldn´t hide her surprise. S rank mission was a little too much for her, wasn´t it? Or maybe Tsunade had faith in her. She expressed a nervous smile.

"I can´t give you more information unless you accept it, only that you are not going to be alone"

Her shock was clear in her facial expression. According to her ninja knowledge she had never heard of this kind of missions. She´ll have to accept to know what´s the mission about.

"And one more thing, this mission is extremely secret for its implications. If you accept it you can never tell it to anyone EVER" She needed to keep her job even if the mission was a success.

Hinata thought about it for a minute. Something big was behind this mission and she was the one selected to do it. She was special for the first time. She wondered what it could be that it had to be kept in secret forever.

"Look Hinata. I don't want to push you into this mission, you can say no and it won't be reflected on your file" Tsunade looked down. She was nuts for asking this girl.

The Hyuuga heiress gulped. Something about this mission was surely wrong but she was a Konoha kunoichi and this was the Hokage asking HER for a super secret and special mission. If she couldn´t perform something like that she was a shame of a ninja...she didn´t want to go there. If Naruto were on here place she knew what he would do "I accept the mission Hokage-sama" she felt her pulse accelerating.

Tsunade raised her sight to look at her again completely surprised by her answer "Really?"

She nodded. Her right hand clenched her jacket involuntarily as a nervous response.

"Great!" She clapped.

The young girl expected her orders. Her notorious excitement about her positive answer made her a little afraid.

"Ok your mission is…. I have to remind you this is a top secret mission, you can´t discuss it with anybody but me and your partner"

"Yes" her voice was a little shaky

"Not to your friends or FAMILY, no one" she was just making sure.

She nodded again.

"What I´m about to ask you is against ninja laws" She lowered her voice tone

Hinata´s mouth opened in surprise. She had never thought the Hokage could ask her something against the law.

"…But I´m desperate and you are the only ninja who could do this" She looked down ashamed.

"Y-y-you are a g-g-great leader, I´m sure in t-t-this case the end j-j-j-justifies the m-m-means" The dark haired girl tried to cheer her superior.

But that innocent stutter made her feel even worst. She tried to think on the evil plans that the Akatsuki members could have and how important this mission was. "There is a rumor involving one of the Akatsuki members…"

Akatsuki and against the law. No she was petrified

"His name is Hidan. There are no records of him, we don´t know how does he looks like, or which are his powers. You know that when it comes to these kinds of organizations any information could save millions of lives"

She knew that. How much could´ve affected the village if they had known that Kabuto worked with Orochimaru. Maybe they could´ve prevent his infiltration in the Chunnin exam and who knows what else. An image of Sasuke popped into her mind.

"Basically it´s a mission of espionage" she mentioned lightly

Gathering information from an Akatsuki member couldn´t be easy. She wondered why was she the selected one? Maybe her byakugan was needed? But why her and not Neji, he was a jounin after all?

"How old are you Hinata?" She was getting to the hard part and she didn´t want to scary her too much.

That question was weird "14" now she was getting intrigued more than frightened.

"What!? I thought you were 15! Your file said…" This was going to be harder

"That´s because my birthday is on December!" she corrected her timidly

Tsunade sighed "Your job is to gather information about Hidan"

She nodded.

"The illegal part is that it´s a seduction mission and you are 14" she looked at her completely ashamed

Hinata involuntarily moved her feet back making a little step away from her. A seduction mission!? For her?! She was 14?! She was extremely shy!! She stuttered talking with boys! She was… She! Her face reflected all her emotions.

"Apparently this Akatsuki member has a hobby: Teenage girls. We have an informer who told us he usually goes to a strip club… so…"

She was blushing deeply "I… I…" Was she technically a teenager yet?

"I know you are a little young for this but, it´s our only opportunity and you are the only ninja left in the village with the physical attributes to work in a place like this and fit Hidan´s preferences" she tried to smile at the panicked girl.

She touched her chest ashamed "Ho-ho-hokage-sama. I-I-I I´m very shy, I´m afraid I won't be able to d-d-do it"

"I was counting on that. That´s why you´ll have to train with your partner, of course we don´t want you to do anything else than dance!" she tried to calm Hinata down, the young heiress looked like she was about to faint.

"I-I-I" she tried to say something.

"You know Hinata that you have accepted the mission already"

She had thought the worst thing that could happen to her was die, but this seemed scarier "I I I Know that" she gulped.

"Great!" She said enthusiastic "So, Your partner will be Mitarashi Anko, you´ll have one week to train and the next one you´ll be working at the strip club"

"Strip club…" She mumbled and fainted collapsing on the hard floor.

Tsunade sighed "Desperate times, desperate measures"

~Karen K.

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