*CLICK* The door was closed. The last thing Anko saw was Hinata´s quiet expression while she was sitting on the edge of the bed. She had the look of a cow in the line of a slaughter house.

She collapsed against the door. The guy looked really dangerous and perverted. She didn´t have a plan that could assure their safety. She hated to admit it but at this point the less risky thing to do was to let Hidan have the young Hyuuga.

She was about to slam her fist in the floor when she heard loud glass-crashing noises followed by a high pitched female cry coming from the inside of the room, which could only belong to one person: HYUUGA HINATA.

She froze.

The Special jounin was about to panic. She revised the possibilities:

The sound was from a simple accident and Hinata wasn´t in danger.

Hidan was torturing Hinata

Hidan was killing Hinata

She believed that the last two were more probable but she needed a plan. She couldn´t enter in the room and try to rescue the young Hyuuga. First because with her almost paralyzed condition she was not going to be able to stop him, second he was an Akatsuki his powers were surely greater than hers, third if Hinata had the situation under control her mere entrance could irritate Hidan and complicate things.

She couldn't hear anything from the inside of the room. She pressed her ear on the door. Everything was quiet.

"This isn´t right" She didn´t have a plan and it was probably a stupid idea but she couldn´t let Hinata be inside with this guy.

She stood up and opened the door violently. The light was off and she could hear Hinata´s anxious breathing.

She turned on the light and looked at the scene stunned.

Hidan was lying on top of Hinata on the bed. The covers were drenched in blood. She ran towards the young Hyuuga.

"I- I-I-M Ok… I´m k" she whispered

"Hinata, What the hell happened?" She looked at her in panic. The Akatsuki guy was unconscious and his face was also covered in blood.

"I´m ok… Let´s get out of…." Her voice faded out before she could hear the end.

Anko pushed Hidan away from the heiress and checked her up. She was covered in blood, specially her face; from her mouth dripped the red liquid. Her right hand was also bleeding and she had a huge cut in her palm. The reliving thing was that she was breathing.

"What the hell happened here?" She sighed.







The Hyuuga heiress opened her eyes. "Wha?" She was a little groggy

Anko sighed in relief. "Take this" She said handing her a wet cloth.

She grabbed it and looked down "Oh no… It wasn´t a nightmare"

"Tell me what happened! Are you ok?" She was worried. Even though they were far from the brothel at this point she still didn´t get what had happened.

" I´m ok. Are we safe here?" She asked the older kunoichi while she started to remove the remaining blood from her face and body.

"Yeah. I got our things, I left Hidan sleeping in the room and got his money so he would think that you just rob him, I don´t think he would relate it to a ninja attack that way. Of course no one noticed anything they should still be thinking you are with him inside the room"

"It´s over" she sighed in relief

"Yeah" The older girl smiled at her trying to cheer her up. She was feeling bad for the young girl, something bad had happened in that room while she was alone with the Akatsuki.

"Sorry Anko-san for doing what I did… I´m really sorry… I was so stupid"

She deserved to be scold but Anko knew that she had gotten a worst reprimand for what she had done in the first place "Sorry? For what? That silly chakra cut technique? You think you could take me down with that! Ha! You need to keep practicing Hyuuga!" she minimized the situation so that the younger girl didn't feel bad for that too.

Hinata smiled "Thanks"

"Are you going to tell me how on earth you take that Akatsuki down?" She was really worried about what happened inside.

Hinata Sighed "Well… after you left the room"


Hidan closed the door living Anko outside. He smiled wickedly at Hinata "Where were we?" he moved close to her again but suddenly stopped and turned around.

Hinata noticed that the sound of Anko collapsing on the door from the other side distracted him.

"That´s it I´m going to kill her!" He moved to the door

"No Wait!" In that second she realized that she was alone in this. She had put Anko in danger too and she was the only one who could save her.

She moved towards him and tripped, on purpose to distract him, falling over the glasses and cutting her hand in the process. "AAH!"

As soon as Hidan heard the noise he turned around. "Are you hurt?" He grinned.

Hinata stood up and showed him her hand. Drops of blood coming from her palm, product of the glass cut, slowly running down her arm.

The Akatsuki stared hypnotized at it. "I´ll kiss it better" He grabbed her arm and started licking the blood from it.

The young Hyuuga stared at the outlaw ninja in front of her. Lustfully licking her hand. It was disgusting, but she had to endure for the mission, for her teammate.

She flowingly slipped away from him and moved to the bed. He followed her as if they were playing a mouse-cat game.

"Do you have a kunai Hidan-san?" She asked

"Why would I have a Kunai? Do I seem dangerous?" He said ironically

"If you had one I Think that I could do something with it that you would really appreciate" she tried to demonstrate in that sentence all her brand new knowledge of the seducing art.

He lifted the right cuff of his pants and took out a kunai that was attached to his leg.

She put her hand over his to get it. She knew he was an extremely dangerous ninja but she could tell that his guard was a little down because of her doings.

His eyes followed fascinated her hand holding the weapon until she reached her mouth.

She opened her mouth and positioned the kunai on top of her tongue. She slid it down making a big cut on her tongue provoking a massive bleeding in her mouth. "Would you kiss it better now" She said it as she was the most confident woman in the world

Hidan´s eyes grew bigger and he jumped over her ravishing her lips. She continued his kiss, her blood invading her mouth all she could taste was the metallic savor of her injury and the pain. She pushed him down positioning on top while they still kissed.

"I Think alcohol would help too" She interrupted the kiss and moved away from the bed to get the bottle of champagne that Anko had left there a couple of minutes ago.
She climbed again on top of him. First she took a quick sip of the beverage and handed to him. He had half of the bottle and dragged her down to kiss her bloody mouth again.
The taste was so strong, blood and alcohol. She tried not to frown or show any sign of disgust. She took the opportunity as he was distracted by her passionately kissing and extended her hand to the floor and searched for a little box that had capsules in it. She found it.
With her hand she took one of the capsules and opened it. She guided it to her head and shifting Hidan´s face so he could kiss her neck, dropped the content over her tongue. He quickly lost interest in her neck and proceeded to kiss again her injured mouth. She started to interval their kisses with sips of alcohol and introducing the contents of the pills. It all mixed in their mouths and Hidan ended up drinking it all together.
She was putting the content of the 3rd capsule when she started to feel she couldn´t take it anymore.

The outlaw ninja moved over her and started to take his clothes trying to get down to business. She could tell he was being very clumsy with his movements; the sleeping pills were affecting him. At that time she was giving him the 8th capsule when suddenly he moved away from her. "What the hell is going on?!"

Hinata could barely open her eyes.

"YOU LITTLE BITCH!" He moved his hands to her neck and started strangling her.

She tried to resist, but she was also drugged. She surely had drunk some of the mix in the process of intoxicating him. She couldn´t take it anymore. Luckily when she thought that Hidan was going to choke her to death he collapsed unconscious in her arms. She would have done the same if it wasn´t for Anko who turned on the lights.


"Wow! Great plan Hinata-chan!" Anko said honestly surprised.

"Thank god it worked!"

"Yeah" Anko scratched the back of her head. Hinata´s tattoo had covered all of her neck, her ears and around her eyes. "So he didn´t… you know… nothing sexually"

"No! no… He just touched my breasts… and I could feel his… you know inside his pants…" she didn´t sound very affected

Anko frowned concerned "Are you going to get depressed when Tsunade removes the seal?"

"mmm… I probably faint… a couple of times when I´ll remember it"

Anko looked down

"… but I´ll be ok, I got better things to remember about this mission" She smiled

Anko giggled

Unexpectedly the young Hyuuga moved away from her and started puking. Her stomach was really a mess product of her previous cocktail.

"Your first kiss, your first hang over… It seemed like yesterday when you told me you didn´t know what a condom was" she joked

Hinata cleaned herself and moved next to her team mate "It was yesterday" the two of them laughed and started to walk towards Konoha.

"Does your tongue hurt?"

"Mmm no... It´s almost healed." She said and took her tongue out.

The two girls walked quietly. Anko looked at Hinata, she looked like a different person from that girl that she met 2 weeks ago in the Hokage building. It was probably because of that seal. She was being so carefree and indifferent about all that have just happened. She couldn´t help but to worry thinking in what could happen when seal-less Hinata remembers what happened the last two weeks. "What are you thinking Hinata chan?"

"This mission… was pretty good in the end"

"What?" Anko asked amazed

"Well… I get to do a lot of things that I would have never dare to do if it wasn´t for this mission"

Anko nodded

"I knocked down an Akatsuki member!" she smiled

Anko showed her thumb "Kick-ass!"

"And I kissed Naruto- Kun" Her expression was dazed

Anko giggled. Well if she thought about it like that she was going to be ok. "You know Hinata, Actually your REAL first kiss was with Hidan" she teased her.

Hinata raised an eyebrow.

"He was pretty handsome" she giggled "You know… they said that if you kiss an extremely dangerous ninja for your first time you are going to become an elite kunoichi in the future, beautiful and powerful and charismatic"

Hinata looked at her "Says who?"

"I heard the story of a young girl who kissed a former Akatsuki member and ended up like that" she looked away

Hinata giggled. She was trying to cheer her up she surely had gone through something similar with Orochimaru or maybe worst. "Really?"

Anko nodded flashing her winning smile

"Because I heard something like that, she was beautiful and powerful and charismatic … but a little flat chested"

Anko froze and looked at her. "We need to get to Konoha right now and remove that seal! It´s turning you into an EVIL, EVIL MONSTER!"

Hinata laughed.

The girls arrived at Konoha's gates

"Hinata you never told me how did you get those sleeping pills"

"From Manko´s purse"

"Manko´s purse?"

"Yes I had to give her something before I entered the room with Hidan and I saw the pills and thought that they could be useful"


"I´m Here to get Hotarubi!" Naruto entered the brothel and slammed his fist into the madam´s desk

She sighed "It seems to be your lucky day boy. She is not here"

"Eh?!" He looked at her shocked

"You have earned yourself a lot of money she was a robber, she drugged one of our best clients and stole his money"


"That´s love son. They steal your heart, they steal your wallet" Jiraya landed his hand on his shoulder

"But no… She… I´m sure she was a great person"

"Come on Naruto let´s get back home you must be really tired for all the work you have done today"

"But…But…" He exclaimed as Jiraya dragged him outside.

As they were walking away the brothel a huge woman ran after them

"Naruto! Naruto!"

The blonde turned around

"Hotarubi-Chan asked me to give you this" She handed him his frog wallet

Naruto stared at it and opened it. Inside it was a note "I hope you see me next time!"

Manko left the young boy and his sensei looking at the paper.

"Ero sanin, What do you think this means?"

"I don´t know… maybe she doesn´t know how to write well and she meant I hope we´ll see each other again some other time?"

"Mmm" His answer didn´t convince him she had an outstanding calligraphy for an illiterate "And why do you think she returned my wallet if she was a theft?"

Jiraya sighed "Because she is a woman"


"We´ll never understand them son… never"

The two of them walked back to the town in deep thinking.

"Hokage Sama! Mission Accomplished!" Anko yelled and entered inside her office.

Tsunade was getting asleep while doing her paper work but opened widely her eyes as she heard the female voice. She looked at the two girls enter the room.

"THE SEAL!" The fifth pointed at Hinata extremely worried.

The girls who were smiling changed their facial expressions.

"It surpassed the 60% of her body! I told you that if that happened she was going to lose her conscience completely!"

"WHAT!? You never told me that!" Anko shouted in her defense

"I´m ok!" Hinata tried to step between them

"Really?!" the blond stared at the younger girl

"Yes! The mission was a complete success I saw Hidan and I even didn´t have to have sex" she smiled

"WHAT! Why would you have to have sex in the first place?" Tsunade strangled Anko

"The- gggg" Anko tried to talk

"Because the mission was in a brothel…"

"WHAT! THE MISSION WAS IN A STRIP CLUB" she continued choking Anko

The purple haired nin tried to shake her head and get away from the blond´s grip but it was impossible

"Yes! But we …well... I was determined to do it anyway! And everything went ok, even Naruto didn´t recognized me" she giggled


"Well… Err… I Think she is unconscious now" Hinata pointed at Anko´s hanging head.


"Well Mitarashi Anko, Hyuuga Hinata. I´m very grateful for your collaboration in this matter" The blond bowed at them

The two girls bowed at her.

"You are dismissed" Tsunade said

When the two girls were about to reach the door

"REMEMBER SUPER SECRET!" The Hokage didn´t want to even imagine what could happen if anyone find out what have been going on with this two lately.

"Yeah Yeah!" Anko closed the door.

The girls moved out of the Hokage building

"Well Hinata-chan! I´m going to miss you after this!"

"Thanks Anko-san" she bowed

"If some time you want to train or talk about anything… you know… I´ll be there!" she smiled. She realized that Hinata was a pretty lonely girl and she wanted to be there for her if she started to feel sad about what had happen the last 2 weeks.

"Thanks Anko-san… For everything you have done for me these last days!"

"No prob … was really fun!"

Hinata smiled

The older girl started to walk away "Use my training wisely… you know if all the information and techniques I taught you ends up in evil hands!"

Hinata giggled


Hinata walked away too "DO YOU THINK I´LL HAVE THE GUTS TO PUT MY OWN LIFE IN DANGER JUST FOR A TEENAGE CRUSH?" she said using her words.

"I DON'T´HEAR I PROMISE!" she put her hand behind her ear.

All she could hear were Hinata´s giggles as she walked away.

Anko raised an eyebrow "I guess Desperate Times, Desperate Measures"


~Karen K.

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