The Winchesters weren't always an unhappy family. Before everything went wrong they were a normal middle-class family: a husband, a wife, a four-year-old son, and of course baby Sammy, but then the flames came; the flames the burned normalcy to the ground forever.

Mary had died, pinned to the ceiling of Sam's room and burned in Hell's flames because John Winchester knew something not of this world had caused the death of his wife. John had searched for answers leaving the two young boys that filled his heart with pain every time he looked at them in the care of this business partner; they looked too much like their mother.

John finally learned everything from Missouri, and he left. He packed up his boys, because they were still his sons, and left his life, his career, and the past behind. John traveled the country learning all he could about the supernatural, leaving the Dean and Sam in the care of friends or by themselves while he looked for his wife's killer.

Dean had grown from child to man in within a year, fully taking on the responsibility of raising and caring for his baby brother. He had seen too much to not be fully affected by what happened to his family. He saw the flames that had burned his mother, witnessed the depression and pain that changed his father into the cold, rough man that came home every night and now seemed like a stranger, and learned how to care for his brother who just needed his mother.

For a few years things remained the same. John constantly filled his life with hunting and alcohol, but still made sure to buy his sons what they needed. He was still financially a father, but emotionally and physically he became a monster. As Dean grew up he fully embraced the role of being the father-figure in Sam's life. He continued to care for his brother in every way and became the obedient son his own father needed. Dean cleaned the house, cooked, cleaned weapons, and obeyed his father's every order, even if it meant intense, body-aching training for when he was old enough to hunt. But the hunt was soon driving John insane.

John was no step closer to finding Mary's killer than he had been the night she had died. It tore John apart, and he released his frustration and anger by drinking, drinking and abusing his boys, emotionally and physically. The physical abuse wasn't so bad in the beginning; a punch here, and kick there, a slight whipping with his belt; it was nothing that too permanently injured the boys and Sam really wasn't hit at all. It was the emotional abuse that scarred. The talk that both boys were useless and stupid, the comment that Sam was the reason Mary was dead. That took longer to heal from.

But everything changed when Dean was eleven years and his father once again dragged Sam and him to a god-forsaken town in the middle of nowhere. As soon as they reached the motel, John had thrust the key into Dean's hands and quickly left, not one word as to where he was going and when he'd be back.

John made subtle appearances over the next three days, not saying anything to Sam and Dean as he took a quick shower and left once more. On the forth day however, he returned with a baby carrier and a bag of baby supplies. Dean and Sam looked up from where they were watching TV and watched their father move through the room. He put the baby on the bed, the bag on the floor, and looked at Dean, "This is your brother Adam. I'm going to the bar." Dean could only look at the baby as he wondered, not for the first time, why life was so cruel to them.

So, what do you think? I was bored one night and started wondering what life would be like if Adam grew up with Dean and Sam…and I like "What if Sam and Dean had Max's childhood" stories, so I figured I'd throw that in too. Please give me your feedback. Let me know if you liked it or not. Hopefully, I will update Shadows soon. I almost have that chapter finished.