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"Dolls are dolls.

Humans are humans.

Both should not be confused."

- Dirk Valentine

He had yearned for her attention for such a long time.




Her round lavendar eyes, soft like a doe's, constantly flushed cheeks and face as cute as a cherub.

Ah yes, that was what had first fascinated him.

That was what pulled him into an obsession, a matter of becoming her dark knight, her silent assassin, wielding a hidden blade only to be revealed if harm was to be inflicted upon her.

When she was a little girl, and he was in his teens, he would silently watch her from a safe distance, dark honey coloured eyes trained on her petite figure, staring as she played with koi in the pond, sang songs, made riceballs and explored the Hyuuga premises.

He watched her through sad times too, like how the elders and other children would mock and sneer at her, her father would abuse her, and how much she cried when her mother passed away.

He knew it was forbidden to love her, to watch her, to even think of her as a living being, but one cannot deny their heart's emotions, can they not?

After all, the heart wants what the heart wants.

One time while he was alone, his task to supervise and spy on Konoha, he was daring enough to shift into a wolf which had gained the little girl's attention and affection.

It was a hassle deciding on what he should take form of, first considering a scorpion, which he resolved was probably frightening to small children, and though puppies were probably what little girls would definetely hold in their arms, he knew he was a respectable S rank missing nin who highly regarded his dignity, thus leading to the next best thing, a wolf.

Alright, let's get straight to the point- When Sasori was doing this, he knew he only had a, let's say, 99.9 % chance of the Hyuuga being fond of savage rabid dogs.

That didn't bother him though.

If that didn't work, he would snatch up the girl as quickly and gently as he could and take her as far away from Konoha as possible, the girl residing by his side forever.

Moving on, while the Hyuuga elders attended to their duties, a silent youth observed the wilderness, analyzing the lush trees, ocasional stag and even raccoon dog.

She let the animals glance at her, either to flee or cautiously approach, in which she would hold out a hand to signify no harm intended.

Sasori joined in on the charade, cloaked in a wolf's guise, and peeked at her through the greenery.

The little girl shuddered, sighting the dull red coated wolf, then giggled, smiling.

Sasori approached.

The Hyuuga would put a small hand on his wet nose, then run her small hand through his fur.

Sasori, the careful man he was, cautiously planned out each visit to the naive girl, dressed as the wolf, and eventually the girl would smile at his arrivals, call him 'Inu kun', and feed him raw meat from her clan's personal chef's stores (which he blatantly refused).

Sadly for Sasori, the man who supposedly felt nothing yet felt something with the little girl, his duties which brought him to the landscapes of Konoha were completed, and he had not once since returned or even thought about the girl.

Over the years, his heart ceased all existence of feelings, and in exchange it became a ruthless, living clock work which kept him alive.

When he reflected on his past with the small girl, he would scoff at the stupidity of his actions and so called 'feelings'.

Emotions. Che.


But with his bitterness came curiosity.

There were two things which did give him reason to further involve the little girl in his life.

Why had he become attached to the girl? What had she done to ignite such passions of interest?

'Damn women.' Sasori thought. So far, all had had a negative impact on his life, like his grandma to the pink haired girl.

Did they actually think they could defeat him?

He had already slaughtered them, using only his first three puppets.

They did put up quite a fight, he had to admit, but still...

their attempts were absolutely, non argueably futile.

He decided that he'd find her, see what was so very captivating about her.

One problem.

She was a Hyuuga, but,

What exactly was her name?


Sasori walked silently through the desert plains, sand gently sloping under his feet.

He would have very much prefered being inside Hiruko, but that had been damaged a little while ago.

Sasori staggered across the sands, blood dripping onto the golden grain, the Konoha kuonichi had done quite a bit of damage, but that wasn't enough to guarantee her life and the death of his own.

Yet, he had to applaud her on the damage she had done.

His chakra vessels were clogged slightly, abrupting the flow, and he had some pretty indecent wounds.

If he could just make it to the Akatsuki base on time...


He had made it successfully, where he treated himself of his injuries.

Lying down on his bed, though he wanted to finish up on repairing his precious wooden companions, the irritable fact that he was in no condition to wasn't put past him.


her first name was simply a mystery to him.

And all at once he was possessed with a strange feeling.

A feeling of deathly curiosity.


Many moons later ...

"You all know by now why we are gathered here," Pein's clear voice echoed throughout the room, "we are planning an attack on Konohagakure."

Itachi was silent, and though his loyalties once lied within his home land, the fact they had killed his younger brother had made him bitter towards them.

Sasori listened along with the others, as their leader droned on and on about their mission and top priority.

"Remember, all must be killed, providing you are able to capture the Kyuubi vessel. Any who knows of his whereabouts, take in for interrogation. Otherwise no lives are to be spared."

It sounded harsh of course, but as an Akatsuki member it was their duty to obey.

Even if it went against their morals.

"Aw, can't we take atleast one souveneir? A temporary plaything? Fuck buddy?" Hidan asked.

"... do as you wish, but those who are useless must be eliminated and the Kyuubi must be obtained above all costs."

"Yes, Leader sama."

"I give you permission to raid through their stock and supplies, and if possible, take any valuable information you can get, important documents and as I've said, hostages."

After the briefing, the mission was carried out.

No one was to be spared by the puppeteer's hands.


Hinata ran to the Hokage's office, despite how much it hurt.

"T-tsunade sama," she rasped, panting, "reports have been shown A-akatsuki is planning a direct attack!"

Tsunade's face grew grim.

"What of the ANBU squads I've posted outside? Surely they would have detected-"

"I don't m-mean to interrupt, Tsunade sama, b-but they've been spotted as dead..." Hinata spoke hesitantly.

Kami, her body was acting up again.

Tsunade gave a quick look at the Hyuuga's panting form, blood running down from her mouth.

"Hinata, I told you not to use your chakra too much! Doing so would only-"

"T-tsunade sama! Gomennasai, but it's fine. My safety isn't as important as the community of Konoha's. I-I'm fine. Besides, I was an ANBU, and even now a medic nin." Hinata said defiantly, putting on a weak smile.

Tsunade merely shrugged it off.

"Gather all the recruits you can, and block off any further attempts at assault. Gather all the jounins and Shikamaru to the office to discuss a counter strike plan. Go now!"

Hinata ran at her fastest speed, despite the feeling of wretched agony within.


Hinata delivered the news to Kurenai, Anko, Iruka, Shikamaru and finally Yamato and Kakashi, both together.

"... and so Kakashi sensei, and Yamato senpai," Hinata panted, adressing her former ANBU team leader respectfully as 'senpai', "Tsunade sama needs you, since it's so u-urgent."

"We got it."

"But Hinata..." Kakashi started.


"...please don't push yourself too much. You'll only make your condition worse. After all, you were just recently discharged from hospital."

Hinata smiled once more.

"Don't worry about me, Kakashi sensei. I'll be fine."

Kakashi gave her one last look then smiled.

"Alright then. Go on with your duties."

Hinata nodded, then ran quickly to tell every shinobi the news.

They couldn't fail.


Moments later...

Konoha. The ruins of what was once a great and noble city, thriving with proud people, had perished, becoming the desolate landscape it was.

Golden red flames flickered and blazed, while people dressed in long black coats and red clouds wandered around triumphantly.

Hinata was astounded.

How could they?


She knew she had been useless.

Try fighting with stiff limbs, internal injuries and almost 0% chakra and you'd see what I mean.

They'd come so unexpectedly, and in a matter of minutes dozens lay dead.

She had managed to grab a few young children and elderly people and hide them in a safe place, healing their injuries, despite the fatigue and exhaustion plaguing her.

She felt so weak.


"Everyone, stay here. I have to investigate the situation." she whispered gently, despite the tremble of voice.

Everyone nodded, but a young genin, who reminded her of Naruto, her old crush, cried out in rebellion and defiance.

"No! I'm a shinobi too, and I'm gonna protect my ojii san and okaasan! I'm gonna be strong like my otousan!"

"No!" Hinata cried out desperately, as soft as she could, trying to stop the boy.

Unfortunately, he ran out on his own, leaving Hinata in a very difficult position.

"Everyone, please stay quiet. No one is t-to lead, and I will try gather the remaining shinobi to guarantee your safety. You will not be abandonned."

"May Kami be with you, Hinata chan." An old woman said, holding her little granddaughter close.

Hinata nodded in acknowledgement, before silently leaping out.


Konoha was boring.

Everyone had been so easy to defeat, and those who had not suffered the Akatsuki's wrath had plundered into cowardice, fleeing to refuge in the sands of Suna.

Sasori had fun killing them all, but they apposed no challenge.

And Kisame had actually accidentally killed the Kyuubi vessel. Ouch.

He suddenly heard a childish cry, something like, "Hey you!" and he turned around to see an arroagant angry kid.


He snorted at the pathetic worm.

Short brown hair, angry big green eyes, red cheeks...

the boy was so little.

"I'm gonna take you down! You killed my family! You took my otousan and my nii san away!" the boy said, pulling out a shuriken.

Sasori was about to go overkill on the little boy's ass, when he heard other footsteps.

Hurried, rushed yet soft footsteps.

"Kai san! Get back now! You're no match for someone like him!" A soft voice said angrily.

"Hinata oneechan doesn't know how I feel, I want to get revenge!"


Vaguely familiar.

Sasori looked at her in interest, and was -mildly- surprised.

Long dark hair which shone a brilliant blue, soft looking creamy skin, rose pink lips, slightly flushed cheeks, lavendar eyes...

lavendar eyes.

Was she perhaps---?

She didn't look like a kuonichi at all, wearing a blue kimono with gold koi imprinted.

Hm ... he thought he had seen her somewhere before.

Ah yes, she was that ANBU girl, way back.

She had worn a black band around her neck and a snug fitting black tube top like ninja top, fishnet arm band, black shorts with black ninja boots with lace ups.

She had black gloves which cut off at the fingertips, and an ANBU mask tied to her back.

Strange... in her ANBU outfit she exuded the appearance of a fierce, sexy beauty, but now she was a beautiful innocent maiden, an untouched and delicate flower.


The boy charged at Sasori, and she made a single hand sign, the boy instantly falling into a daze.

Quickly enough, she retrieved the boy in her arms and set him aside, well behind her.

"Konoha nin. Interesting." Sasori stated.

Hinata merely backed up towards the little boy, so she was planning an escape, was she?

Hinata gasped when she felt his hot breath tickle her bare neck.

"Tell me... have you ever encountered a red wolf in your lifetime?" If she had, he would spare her.

If she hadn't, death would await.

"H-hai..." to be honest, she was bewildered by such a strange question.

"Good answer." He said, and instantly she fell into a world of darkness and dreaming.