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VERY SHORT CHAPTER. Just wanted some fluff, reflection on their past.


'The leaves of memory seemed to make
A mournful rustling in the dark.'

~Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Recap from previous chapter

"Awake? You kept me waiting for a little while, I will admit." an incredibly suave yet emotionless voice spoke.

Lavendar eyes met with dark honey ones.

And all of a sudden, the image of a snarling yet affectionate red wolf came to mind.

Hinata's lips parted to let out a scream, but instead tumbled out silence.


Sasori smiled devilishly at her response, propping his chin up on the palm of his hand as he observed her curiously. The way he looked at her made Hinata feel... suffocated.

She could almost have likened the experience to a wolf stalking its prey, or a snake slowly coiling around the helpless animal's body. Nonetheless, it still made her feel uncomfortable.

Summmoning up all the courage she could possibly muster, Hinata pulled the crimson sheets against her body, almost as if to shield her covered body from prying eyes, recoiling as he let out a velvety smooth chuckle at her antics.

"Amazing. So you do remember me." he stated, a slight amused tone to his usual monotone voice as he regarded her with fascination and intrigue. "But just to check..."

he added, moving closer to her, intensity and passion burning in his eyes,

"... tell me what you remember, Hyuuga chan."

"Ano..." Hinata started hesitantly, fear overwhelming her. Just what did this strange, dangerous man want from her? Even worse, he wasn't just some deadly stranger, he was an Akatsuki of all people! Hinata cast her eyes to avoid his intense gaze, clutching the silk sheet tightly against her frame.

"Well, uh, I..."

"What is it? Do get along with it," he stated, getting more and more impatient by the minute. Of course he adored the girl, practically worshipped her, but his impatience had never known any exceptions. She was not one of them.

Sensing his dangerous decline of mood, Hinata panicked, beginning her recollection of her memories.

"Well, it's a bit blurry, but..."


"Inu kun! Inu kun!" a young Hinata exclaimed excitedly, getting up from her place to greet the animal. She'd been ordered to sit in that spot for the whole time during her father's meeting, forbidden to go inside, and a whole two hours had passed. She had been bored out of her mind, so when she saw her familiar friend, her enthusiasm flowed over the top.

"Inu kun! I'm so glad you came!" the delicate young girl announced, embracing the wolf as she rubbed its mane affectionately. The animal merely panted in response, licking her sweetly in return.

Hinata giggled. "Inu kun, I have a present for you. Wait here, okay?" her small voice requested sweetly, silently trudging into the building, only to retrieve a platter of steaming pork buns.

Usually, Hinata would expect the wolf to start panting vigorously at the scent, the Hyuuga guard dogs usually seen with their pink tongues lolling out in hunger, awaiting the toss of the bun into their mouths. But this time, Inu kun, her wolf, sat silently and calmly, eyes stalking her every move.

"Inu kun," Hinata started, "don't you want to try? They're awfully- ah!" she cried suddenly, as she collided with the ground, pork buns flying through the air before landing on the ground, scattered around her limp form.

Sasori trodded towards her, nudging her body with his wet nose. At this, Hinata regained her conciousness, at which she started crying.

The food had fallen! When otousan or the others found out about this, they'd get so mad! Her little body ached too, but that was nothing in comparison to the wrath of her father.

"Inu kun! Oh, Inu kun, what will I do?" she sobbed, holding the animal tightly by the neck for support and comfort, burying her head into its fluffy neck. "Papa's gonna get so mad! And... my body hurts a lot! Everything stings!" she whimpered.

Sasori observed her wounds. From his perspective, it was nothing. Just a few scrapes and bruises. Che. He'd dealt with dislocations, broken bones, cuts deep enough to reach his nerves. Yet... when he looked at the small girl clinging to him desperately, needily, he felt an unfamiliar feeling bloom in his chest.

Sympathy...? Pity...? He scoffed inwardly. Pity was disgusting. It was for the weak.

So why did he feel so ... bad for her? Why did he feel as if he was obliged to do anything for her? It was strange.

Hinata stopped crying when she noticed something wet and ticklish. Peering down from her pain-filled stupor, she watched as the animal licked at her cuts, the blood disappearing. For some odd reason, she felt the pain seep away too, replaced by a ticklish sensation. She began to giggle.

"Inu kun!" she whined, with a smile, as it continued, satisified at her change of mood, "stop that! I-it tickles!" she laughed, as it seemingly grinned at her.

"Oh Inu kun," Hinata declared, hugging the animal, pain forgotten, "you're my only friend in the world, you know that?" she whispered gently to it, as it listened wordlessly.

"I love you so much. Don't ever leave me, okay?" she whispered sweetly, before planting a kiss on its forehead.

Inwardly, Sasori felt another ugly emotion swell within his chest, like a hideous flower unfurling its petals.



"... and that's the most vivid of it all that I can recall." Hinata finished, hands clutching the fabric of the sheet tightly, memories dancing within her eyes. Her face remained bittersweet, as if lost in her own world, forgetting the cruel reality surrounding her.

"I remember other things too, but not as clearly. But always, always, when I think of that wolf..." she stated, a small smile curving on her pink lips, as Sasori widened his eyes in response,

"I always feel... happy."

And with that, Sasori felt that once forgotten emotion swell within his chest. A refreshing, warm feeling that soothed his senses. Much different to the joy he took each time he heard the sickening crack of a body part or the splatter of blood. Much different to the glee he felt from the screams he heard as he tore through his enemy, or the delight he took in silencing another one of those useless ninja.

Pure, untainted, happiness.

And Sasori was not sure whether he liked it or not.

"I... have to go." he said suddenly, the feeling bright and bold, as it reared its ugly head within his body.

Without another word, or a glance back, Sasori left the room, the only sound left the echoing of the shut door.

'Why won't this feeling go away?' Sasori thought in disdain, as he clutched his chest. 'Kami... that woman really does make me feel pathetically weak, afterall.'

'It really is her.'