Prudence and Potions: A Collection of SS/HG Drabbles


Very occasionally I found myself inspired by the challenges posted on LiveJournal drabble communities. One that I frequent most often is the GrangerSnape100. I hate the idea of posting whole stories or adding a whole chapter for nothing more than a one hundred word drabble, so this will be a collection of my Hermione and Severus ficlets.


Disclaimer: If I owned the legacy of Harry Potter, I very highly doubt that my writing would be limited to uber-short ficlets posted on the internet. As such, Harry Potter, the world he lives in, and all of his lovely fictional friends are all property of J.K. Rowling.



Team Name: Moldypot's Minions—err, Death Eaters

Word Count: 2 x 100 = 200

Rating: Dare I say G? *re-reads* Yes, G.

Challenge: Hidden Agenda

Characters: Hermione, Draco, random barrister, mention of Lord Snark

WARNING: DH Spoilers

Part 1

The only other people in the room were the barrister and Draco. She joined them at one end of the long conference table, pushing her unruly hair behind her ears. The barrister began at once, explaining that Severus Snape had left his possessions to them in his will and reading a list left to Draco.

"To Hermione Jean Granger," he continued after, pulling a small black box from his pocket and revealing the shiny diamond ring within, "I bequeath the contents of my library, my mother's wedding ring, and the ghost of a question I apparently kept inside too long."

Part 2

The rain pounded down hard, running in rivulets across the body of the life-sized statue. Hermione knelt at the statue's feet, oblivious to the wet, to the cold. She stared up at the stone face, so like the real man's, then let her eyes fall back to the open velvet box in her hands—her acquisition from the reading of his will. She sniffled and spoke in a pained voice.

"If only you had asked," she whispered, slipping the ring on the third finger of her left hand. The diamond sparkled in the grey light. "I would have said yes."


That Which Lingers

Team Name: Death Eaters of Dewm

Word Count: 100

Rating: PG for the mention of blood

Challenge: The Senses Challenge

Characters: Hermione

WARNING: DH Spoilers

Patchouli. Even with the preservation spells its scent was starting to fade from the worn black cloak. She'd swiped it just before they'd left the school following her sixth year, sneaking deftly into his ransacked quarters and disabling the weak wards set by the Aurors. It was her greatest secret all through that final year of war, the private security blanket she kept hidden from everyone she knew.

It was still a private bit of security now, nearly two decades later. As always she hoped the cloak could shield her from the smell cemented in her mind: patchouli and blood.


This Is The Trick?

Team Name: Death Eaters

Word Count: 100

Rating: G

Challenge: Trick or Treat Challenge

Characters: Hermione and Severus

"This is the trick part, right?"

"Actually, I think it may be intended as the 'treat,' dearest."

"This can't be possible. She's lying, right?"

"Minerva? Lying? Did you miss the part where she was the Head of Gryffindor or have you reverted to your former dunderhead status?"

"It just isn't right! Why would Minerva issue slander post-mortum?"

"You know, I always did think that twinkle was unnatural."

"Severus! This is serious!"

"Obviously so, you appear quite upset."

"I'm serious!"

He sighed. The time for teasing had apparently ended. "As am I. Albus was gay. It certainly explains those psychotic robes."