Lady Moon-Chan

AN: Second Installment of the 'Opheliac' series. This time based on the lyrics to 'Shalott' and also, semi-indirectly, the Tennyson poem 'The Lady of Shalott'. I read the poem for research purposes, and I quoted it a couple times here. If anyone gets curious enought after reading this to read the whole poem, I found it here: http (colon) (slash) (slash) www (period) lib (period) rochester (period) edu (slash) camelot (slash) shal 33 (dot) htm

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Fic Start

Tennyson's The Lady of Shalott. I read the poem once, in life, and I found it tragic and lovely, but it did not stay with me because I didn't see it as anything more than a pretty Arthurian legend. I forgot all about it, but recent events have certain lines coming back to me, lines pertaining to the Lady's curse and her fate.

A curse is on her if she stay

Her weaving either night or day

To look down to Camelot

I, too, am cursed, aren't I? Cursed to endure eternity as a spirit, while searching for someone who will love me enough to free me, even if it costs him his life. Yes, unlike the Lady of Shalott locked in her tower and kept ignorant, I know my curse full well. But I am also half-sick of shadows. I suppose that, in the end, is why I tried to tiptoe around the curse. Instead of asking Eiri to free me, I asked him instead to join me in death. I loved him, and I didn't want to give him up, even if he would die for me and free me. Like Lancelot and the Lady, when he passed beneath my tower window, I stopped my weaving to look down at him from the window.

I looked at him directly, rather than at his reflection in the mirror, and so I brought the curse down on both our heads. But I, the cursed Lady, am nothing but a ghost, and I cannot float down the river to Camelot and die. So instead, Death came for my innocent lover, and he will probably not linger in this world.

My possessions will find new owners, and I shall have to find someone else to help me. Someone else who will love me, though I will not be able to love that person back. I know all this, but I do not -cannot- move from this spot just yet. The spot where Eiri died.

So I stand on the spot where my lover lost his life, and the final words of the Lady of Shalott poem come back to me. "The web was woven curiously, the charm is broken utterly, draw near and fear not- this is I, the Lady of Shalott." Only, my charm is not broken. It will not be broken until I find another like Eiri, someone who loves me enough that he would give up his own dear life for me.

Second Installment of Opheliac: Fin

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