Okay, so here is Volume Three.

This is the volume that I personally think is where my writing started to drastically improve…plus I got a more ideas.


So here it is.


My summer was extremely exciting. I wasn't allowed to use magic in the Muggle world outside of school, but I was excited to be a witch, nonetheless. My father had died in my second year at Hogwarts, and I was about to go into my third year. See, my father and mother worked for the Ministry of Magic, and Lord Voldemort had ordered some men to kill my father, and they had succeeded, though no one had told me why or how.

Scottward, my older brother whom everyone calls Scott—except Chelsea and I—Chelsea calls him Scotch now, and I've always called him Matty because his middle name is Matthew—he's been off doing his own thing—getting used to the neighborhood, making new friends—not to mention he's fourteen now and he's been flirting with the girls—though he wants a witch for a girlfriend.

My sister Chelsea had been doing multiple things for me this summer, because I was paying her in Galleons. In fact, I had asked her to cover for me as I went to go and meet the Dursleys for the first time, since Harry didn't know that I actually lived 5 blocks away from him. 20 minutes walking distance from my house to his. I was going to visit in the daytime for a few hours, and Chelsea would cover for me if my Mum asked where I was.

I had been walking for ten minutes when I realized that I had to come up with an alibi. I had to make sure not to mention that I was a pureblooded witch, and I had to not ask for Harry. I had to act like a new kid in the neighborhood. I walked up to the door and knocked. I heard a woman yelling at Harry to open the door. I hadn't seen Harry since the day on the train, so I straightened out my denim skirt, and fixed my blouse. I made sure that my ponytail was perfect, and my headband was in place. Then I put chapstick on and stuck it back in my pocket. I was cute if I did say so myself.

Harry opened the door and stared at me for a moment.

"What are you doing here?" He whispered.

"I'm here to meet the fam." I said.

"Hi." Harry said, loud enough for the Dursleys to hear.

"Hi. I'm new in the neighborhood and I just wanted to say, 'hi', and introduce myself." I told him loudly as well.

At that moment, a pale thin woman came to the door and smiled, pushing Harry out of the way slightly.

"Well, hello. I'm Petunia." She said.

I shook her outstretched hand.

"Nice to meet you." I told her.

"And I'm Harry." Harry said from behind her.

"Nice to meet you Harry." I told him, smiling.

A large man and a smaller boy, though larger than Harry came to the door as well.

"I'm Vernon, and this is my son Dudley." He said. "Haven't we seen you somewhere before?"

I shook my head quickly. "No."

"Please, father, I'd know if I'd seen this beauty somewhere before." Dudley told his father.

I shook both of their hands, and then Dudley looked at me funny. I turned to Harry, and Petunia invited me in and offered me tea. Harry shook his head, and I told her thank you, but that I had eaten before I came and I was fine.

"Well, I hope you like it here." Vernon said. "This neighborhood is very friendly."

I smiled. "I can see that. I've known you for a few minutes, and I'm all ready at home."

Harry snickered slightly, and Vernon turned to him and glared. Harry stopped, and I changed the subject.

"So are you related to Harry?" I asked Petunia. "I hope you don't mind, but I see that you have the same shaped nose. It's very becoming on you I might add."

Petunia blushed, taking the compliment, and ignoring the fact that I had said that she and Harry had common features.

"Yes. I am his aunt." She told me.

I smiled. "You've got to be very kind to house him."

Vernon smiled, and Dudley couldn't stop staring at me. I was feeling uncomfortable, so I checked my watch and stood up slowly.

"I should get going. I told my mother that I would be back quickly, and here I've been here for twenty minutes." I said cheerfully.

Petunia and Vernon smiled.

"Well, I could walk you back home." Dudley said quickly.

Harry saw my not so happy face and walked up to the table.

"And I could go too. A girl such as her should have as much protection as possible." Harry said.

Before Vernon could say anything, I nodded.

"That would be delightful. I would love the company of both of you." I told them.

Actually, I wasn't looking forward to Dudley's company, but it could not be avoided. I walked out of the door after saying good-bye to Petunia and Vernon. They seemed nice enough, but sent mean looks Harry's way, and made him do things for them the whole time that I was there.

As we were walking, Dudley was between Harry and I, and Dudley kept talking about how he was going to a very prestigious school and how he was top in his class. Then he tried to hold my hand, but I saw it coming and quickly pulled it away, and stuck them in my pockets. Goodness, Dudley was annoying.

When we got to my street, I was thinking twice about showing them where my real house was, so I picked a neighbors' house, and opened the door slowly, knowing that they wouldn't mind. Harry saw my back yard, and saw Chelsea swinging on the swing set back there, and smirked, knowing that I was lying to keep Dudley away. Then I walked inside, and waited for five minutes, before going out to my own house, and in through the back door, pretending to have been with Chelsea.

My plans had been working for the rest of that week, until the night of Harry's birthday. I had promised to double my payment to Chelsea, but she said she didn't want my money anymore, because she had something that she wanted me to give to Harry, and would rather me get in trouble for going, than her. She even payed me back half of what I payed her, because she had told me stories of what Mum would do to me if she found out, and had scared me enough that I wasn't going to go anymore.

So that night, I took Chelsea's and my presents, and headed out of the front door, since Mum was asleep. I walked to Harry's house, and picked out his window, having known because of when Fred, George, Ron and I had got Harry out of the Dursleys house the year before, in a flying car that we shouldn't have taken, that got lost in the Forbidden Forest at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and had gone wild…troublemakers, yes…we were…and still are.

I had an owl under one arm, and tied the packages to its legs, and sent them up to Harry's window. Then I hid underneath in the bushes, so he couldn't see me. It was a surprise. The owl tapped the window with his beak, and then Harry opened it and let it in. It wasn't the only owl, because two more quickly followed, obviously from Hermione and Ron. He would open theirs first, I was sure of it. Then after about ten minutes of waiting, Harry opened the window and looked down.

I got out of the bushes and waved.

"Did you get the note?" I asked.

Harry nodded. "Hello."

I looked around, and saw a pipe near Harry's window, so I climbed up, and Harry helped me in his room. I hadn't had enough time to look at Harry, but he looked very good. He was taller, and was definitely cuter. He noticed that I was staring, and blushed, and I did too, and then sat on his bed, noticing that that was the only place to sit.

"So, I figured that my showing up wasn't a good enough present, so I bought you something. Oh, and Chelsea had me bring hers for you too. My mother would kill me if she knew where I was." I told him.

Harry smiled. "So you snuck out to see me?"

I nodded. "It's your birthday. You're 13 now. Or you will be in…" I looked at my watch. "3 minutes and 15 seconds."

Harry smiled. "So, how come you never told me that you lived 5 blocks away?"

"Because you never asked." I told him. "So how come you never told me that your aunt and uncle were so eager to please the neighbors? Oh, and to watch out for Dudley?"

Harry laughed softly. "You never asked."

I walked right into that.

I smiled. "Though really, Dudley scared me. He tried to grab my hand."

"I saw that. He's quite taken with you."

I shuddered. "Oh. Well I'll be sure not to let him walk me home again."

Harry laughed. "Well maybe you just shouldn't compliment him anymore. I mean, he seriously thinks that you like him."

I stared blankly at him. "Conceited much?"

Harry nodded. "Very. Trust me, your coming over everyday this week and being nice to him has him smitten."

I shuddered again. "Off of the Dudley subject. I don't understand why he likes me anyways."

"Well, if you don't mind if I say so, you're very pretty now." Harry said.

I blushed. "Wasn't expecting that, but thanks."

Harry smiled. "You're very welcome."

"Well, if we're going to exchange compliments, birthday boy, you're very cute yourself, but I need to go, because you're officially 13 now, and my Mum is going to kill me if I don't get home before she realizes that I'm gone. She has a sixth sense, if you know what I mean." I said quickly.

"All right, but let me sneak you out of the house by the front door, so you don't have to climb down the pipe again. Let's just not wake anybody up." Harry suggested.

"Okay." I said.

Harry took my hand and led me out of his room and down the stairs. I hadn't heard anyone stir, so by the time we reached the front door, I was home free. Now I just had to run home, so I could get home in less than 20 minutes. I kissed Harry's forehead.

"Again, happy birthday, Harry, and I'll hopefully see you the week before school starts." I said.

I ran away from the door and hurried home. I got home in 15 minutes since I ran the first two blocks. I was excited because I had thought that I had gotten home before Mum noticed…but I was wrong. I snuck in the back door of the house, locked it, and then headed up the stairs. I opened my bedroom door, and got undressed and dressed in the dark, and lay on my bed. Then I screamed.

Something was in my bed. The figure clapped their hand over my mouth, and turned on the light. It was my mother. I stopped screaming, and closed my eyes. I had been caught. I sighed, and my mother let go of my mouth and let me get into my bed. She was leaving my room when she turned around.

"Grounded until the week before the term starts. I'm not about to deny Chelsea and myself the chance to visit with the Weasleys, but you have been sneaking out. Don't think that I don't know. If your father was here, he may just let you off with a warning, considering you two had the most in common and he enjoyed that, but I will not. Oh, and I know that your sister was helping, so don't go and tell me I'm not being fair. I've already talked to her tonight. Don't worry, she didn't rat you out. Sweet thing it being Harry's birthday and all, but don't ever do that again. Is that understood?" She asked sternly.

I just nodded, afraid to make her angry. She nodded, and walked out of my room, shutting the door behind her. I sighed, and switched off the light by my bed. I drifted off into a peaceful sleep, wondering what presents I might be getting for my birthday when we saw the Weasleys. Selfish, I know, but I was excited to be seeing Ron again. I had developed a slight crush on him since we had met Aragog last year, but no one knew, not even Chelsea or Scott, who knew just about everything there was to know about my personal life. So technically it was a social life, though there were many things that she didn't know. Sorry to be off track again, but I hadn't seen Ron since the station, and I wanted to see him again.