Chapter One: The Bet

"The man who smiles when things go wrong has thought of someone to blame it on." - Robert Bloch

A fourteen year old girl with blond, wavy, waist-length hair and grey-green eyes was at recess talking to a thirteen year old girl with mid-neck-length black hair and dark blue eyes. They, known as Neko and Akuma respectively, were good friends even though they were opposites.

Elsewhere on the school grounds, a fourteen year old girl with straight, brown, shoulder-length hair sat on a swing, hands folded on her lap, swinging back and forth. Her name was Cho. She was a third opposite, very different from them, but friends with the other two.

Opposites though the three of them were, Neko, Akuma, and Cho had one thing in common: They were fans of Naruto.

Akuma had a crush on Itachi. Not that she'd ever admit it, but she still had it.

Cho wasn't one for infatuation. She thought two or three characters were awesome, and, if asked, they would be her favorites. But, even in the real world, Cho cared nothing for romance.

Neko, on the other hand… well, she loved Kakashi, Neji, and Sasori. If she had to pick one, though, she would pick Kakashi. In fewer words, overall; Neko was a Fangirl.

Cho was thinking of how to get past a certain spot in the story she was writing. She was always more of a loner, preferring to be alone with her thoughts over being surrounded by people. She was lost in thought staring at the sky, peacefully daydreaming.

Akuma was about to make quick, easy money.

"Akuma! I bet fifteen bucks and my chocolate bar that I can do a jutsu!" Neko exclaimed.

"I'll take that bet. Now lemme see this jutsu of yours," Akuma replied.

"I'm gonna get to see Saso-chan, Nii-chan, and… and… KASHI-CHAN!"

Tiger (Tora)… Snake (Hebi)… Dog (Inu)… Bird (Tori)… Ram (O-Hitsuji)… Dragon (Ryuu)… Dog (Inu)… Boar (Ousa Buta)… Monkey (Saru)… Ram (O-Hitsuji)…

"Gyaku Kuchiyose no Jutsu: Neko, Akuma, Cho!"

A bright light burst out from Neko. It swiftly enveloped the three friends, blinding them.

Gyaku Kuchiyose no Jutsu: Neko, Akuma, Cho

Reverse Summoning Technique: Neko (Cat), Akuma (Demon), Cho (Butterfly)

Thank you for reading my first attempt at a crack fic. This story is the closest I'll ever get to writing a crack fic, so I hope it's funny! My friend 88-x-NekoNinja-x-88 (Neko) is helping me, has been helping me, and undoubtedly will be helping me so much with this fanfiction. She has already given me some hilarious scenes to put in.

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