You Can't Fix Me.

My world has been shattered

It came to a screeching halt that horrible day

My birthday will forever be remembered as a funeral

My heart has been raped

Just like my body was at the tender age of 12

My soul burns slowly to ashes

As I see you slip away

I'm fucked over again

Thought I would see you at age 23

But we were both dead wrong.

You're dead

I'm wrong.

My sweet songbird

Your life is cut short

Why not someone else?

I don't give a shit about Farrah Fawcett

Or Billy Mays

Or that stupid 113 year old guy

I just want you back.

Now I'm going to that dreaded hospital

The same one

In "Freddy vs. Jason"

Where so many nightmares took place

I wonder

If Freddy Krueger

Was the one who killed you, too.

Fucking Linden Oaks.

That's where I'm going.

After all,

You're a child at heart...

Just like all the victims of Freddy Krueger

And I'm a teenager...

Just like the victims of Jason Voorhees.

I wonder

If I'll die

And if I do, Michael,

will I be with you?

If you're in Heaven,

I want to be there too.

If you're in Hell

By some crazy chance

Then that's where I want to be

If you're burning with Satan

I will save you, my darling.

I will bring you back up to Heaven

Where you can spread your wings

And we can be together forever.

We don't have to be abused anymore, my love.

By fathers

Or neighbors

Or prosecutors...

Because as Concrete Angels

We never truly die.

Iris Nippers and Michael Jackson

Forever meant to be....