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'Telepathic talking'


Chapter one

Will Vandom, the 17 red head keeper of the heart of Candracar, groggily awoke as the phone rang. She groped her hand around until she gripped the phone.

"Who in their right mind is calling me during summer break, when I need my precious sleep?!" She muttered. "Hello?" She said sleepily.

"Hey Will, it's Taranee," The 16 year old's voice replied.

"What is it?" Will mumbled, still tired.

"I think you better make an astral drop and get over to the Dragon A.S.A.P," The fire guardian said.

"Why, is something wrong?" Will asked, now fully awake.

"Blunk just dropped in from Meridian. Elyon's gone missing," Taranee replied.

Will shot up. "WHAT!?" She cried.

"Will, are you okay?" Her mother called from the kitchen.

"Fine mom," Will called back. "Okay I'll be there soon," Will told Taranee before hanging up.

Will quickly got dressed and held out the heart to make the astral drop. She wrote down a very detailed list for the drop, transformed and flew out the window to meet her friends. It had been two years since they defeated Nerissa and the guardians hadn't had to do much butt kicking since. But now it looked like more trouble was on the way.

Five minutes later she met her friends in the alley behind the Sliver Dragon. They were all standing around Blunk trying to get details out of him.

"How could Elyon have just disappeared?" Cornelia asked

"Queenie sitting on throne and then queenie gone," Blunk replied.

"Are you positive that's what happened?" Irma asked.

"Blunk pretty sure."

"Do you think she went to another dimension?" Will asked Blunk.

"Blunk not know," The passling shrugged.

"Let's head over to Meridian and figure this out," Will said holding up the heart.

Later the guardians were standing Elyon's palace talking with Julian, Drake, and Caleb.

"I don't get it. One minute Queen Elyon is fine and sitting on her throne and then she just vanishes," Drake said.

"What was she doing when she disappeared?" Hay Lin asked.

"She was just sitting on her throne looking at a book," Julian said.

"What kind of book?" Taranee asked.

"Just some book on the different dimensions," Caleb explained.

"Can we take a look at it?" Will asked.

Julian walked over to a table and picked up an old looking book. He handed it to Will. We've all looked through it trying to find out if it's what made Elyon vanish, but so far we haven't found a clue," The older man explained.

Will opened the book and the girls crowded around her to look in it. Will flipped through a couple pages until she came to one with weird writing written in gold letters. The Heart began to vibrate and the writing in the book started to glow. Seconds later a bright light filled the room and when the light disappeared, the guardian were gone and the book was lying on the floor.

Will sat up rubbing her head. "What the heck was that?" She muttered. Then she looked around and realized that they weren't in Elyon's palace anymore. Instead they were all on the ground in a forest.

"What happened?" Cornelia asked standing up.

"I'm not sure," Will replied. "But I think we're not in Meridian anymore."

"Great," Irma muttered. "Well it's a good thing we made astral drops."

"Do you think this is where Elyon is?" Taranee asked.

"Possibly," Hay Lin said. "But let's find out where we are first."

Will nodded. "Okay how about we-"

She was cut off when a group of men came out of nowhere and surrounded the guardians. All of them wore animal masks, armor, and weapons.

"Who are you and what is your business here?" One man asked.

"Uh w-we actually have no idea where we are," Will stuttered.

"Well who are you?" Another man asked.

Will could tell that her friends were just as freaked out as she was. She gulped nervously before answered. "We won't tell you who were are if you don't tell us who you are," She said.

"We are the ANBU black ops, ninjas of the Hidden Leaf Village," A man, who seemed to be the leader, said.

'Will I don't like this guys,' Taranee voice said in Will's head.

'Neither do I,' Will replied.

'What should we do?' Cornelia asked.

'I say we attack and then make a run for it,' Irma said.

"I will ask you one more time. Who are you and what do you want?" The leader asked impatiently.

"Now!" Will cried.

Instantly the girls shot earth, water, air, fire, and lightning at the ANBU black ops and then flew off. When they looked behind them the men were following them at an alarming speed.

"Oh man, those guys are fast!" Hay Lin cried.

"Maybe this wasn't such a good idea," Irma said.

"Just keep flying!" Will cried.

The girls flew as fast as they could, but the ANBU didn't seem to be getting tired of chasing them.

"We're in some serious trouble!" Taranee cried.

Suddenly Will felt something small stab her in the arm. She suddenly felt very drowsy and fell to the ground. She heard some thumps around her and saw that her friends had fallen too. The last thing Will saw was the ANBU black ops standing over her before she blacked out.

The ANBU looked down at the girls lying unconscious as the sleeping serum spread through their bodies.

"Should we take them to Lady Hokage?" One of them asked.

The leader nodded. "Yes. She will decide what do with them along with the other girl."


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