As told by Dewey Todd Jr., former Hollywood Tower Hotel bellhop

DISCLAIMERS: I don't own the rights to the TOT series, nor do I own the copyrights for Grand Theft Auto. This is a parody and isn't intended to be taken too seriously. Thank you.

Prologue - An Aborted Party
31 October 1939 - It was a freaky day at the Hotel. Sally, her nanny Mrs. Partridge and the couple were about to have a Halloween party back then.

I was asked by Pop to man one of the elevators at the Tower; I dunno, some time lapse came in when we're about to go to the top floor. I know the lifts were a little whacked up, but some mad scientist dude inadvertently zapped us all into the future.

The hotel was cheerful and lively, with all them celebrities and high-profile people all over the place. A black Rolls-Royce came in, with Miss Shine and her governess leaving the limo. Besides the party, she was also promoting her latest movie entitled "The Darling at Star Junction". I wasn't really a fan of her, although I've seen a few of her movies during my day off. Her nanny, Emmaline Partridge, of which I call her Emma, was kinda' stern and strict, although she cracked some toilet humour or two while I was at the lobby.

Claire and her boyfriend Gilbert also came in for the party. Miss Poulet was one of those singers during the big band days, along with Ramona Davies and a couple other ragtime groups. She was about to perform a stage debut along with Gilbert, who just won an Oscar for one of his films.

As for me, well, I'm the son of Dewey Todd, Sr., the hotel manager and one of the key people behind the Tower. I took up the job of being a bellhop partly for college money, and for me to better serve my relatives. I'm a bit of a clumsy little bloke, and I also had a case of growth hormone deficiency, which explains my short stature and younger- than-he-is appearance.

The main door opens, revealing Sally, Emma, Claire and Gilbert along with a bunch of paparazzi as well as some reporters.

"Will you be having a great party at the Tip Top Club, Miss Shine?" a reporter asked.

"I guess it'll be 'swell," the girl replied cheerfully, "Plus I'll be having a new movie too,"

"We have to go now my dear, we're getting late," Emma then told the actress.

"Look at all the guests, Gil, isn't that wonderful?" said Claire.

"Yes, honey, it is indeed. Now let's head over to the party, it'll start in fifteen minutes," Gilbert then replied, taking a peek at the clock. A celebrity does indeed have to follow his own schedule.

The man then went to the lobby, asking for some assistance. Mrs. Thompson, the one responsible for most of the lobby transactions, called me in to help with the four guests.

"Can I be of assistance?" I asked.

"Why not?" said Claire. "The luggage is at the Royce, you need to be careful with it though,"

"K, I'll be picking them up in a minute,"

I then called a fellow bellhop for some assistance. His name's John Hodge, and was a really skilled man for the job despite being a noob. A real clockwork ninja, I can say.

"Hey John, can you carry some of the luggage for me?"

"Sure, why not?"

We both then put the luggage at the trolley. It isn't that much, but with such objects as unwieldy as an Xbox, carrying several of them can be a real pain.

I then proceeded to the elevator. There's a lever with for me to tell exactly where to go, whether the top floor, or to the basement if I do this for the lulz. Obviously the guests would like to go to the top floor. But before that a bunch of reporters came in and took a couple snaps of Sally and the guys. The girl then bowed, chuckling at the photographers, and then rushed to the lift with the others. I then closed the elevator door, and did my thing.

A tune then played while we're inside. It was a soothing one, although I would like to have a bossa nova rendition of Michael Jackson's "Billie Jean" if it was in a more contemporary setting.

A few minutes later something strange happened. I knew the repairman did fix the broken governor and did some lever work, but I dunno what the hell happened at the lever. It was stuck, much like what happened to King Arthur's sword or something. We were going up, non-stop. Sally, Claire and the others were panicking, while I attempt to bring the lift to a stop.

"Crap! The lever's jammed!" I yelled.

"What will we gonna do?" Sally asked in fear.

Gilbert was about to help me do an emergency brake maneuver, but just before we're about to do that, a bright light materialised in front of us. It grew up until we're all consumed by it. Nothing was left of me and the guests except for some luggage, and the elevator blew up as a result of the jammed controls.

Chapter 2's still in construction, so keep your eyes peeled... God Bless and happy reading!