Bloody hell. I am snogging Oliver Wood! That's right. Oliver Wood. My quidditch captain, keeper extraordinaire (or so he likes to think) and hater of all things purple.

How do I get myself into these types of situations?

He tasted like firewhiskey. Which was mostly likely the cause of the situation.

See we were celebrating having been back at Hogwarts for a week. The Weasley twins somehow managed to drum up loads and loads of food and drinks. So everyone was drinking, having a good time. And in my drunken state Oliver Wood looked really good to me. Not that he doesn't always look good, I just tend to ignore it.

So I staggered over to him where he was slouching on the couch and mentioned that he was looking particularly good. To this he drunkenly replied, 'No you look particularly good,' and proceeded to throw himself at me and kiss me.

Somehow we managed to get up to his dorm, which is where I am now. It took me a while but I've finally realised what I'm doing.

My eyes open wide, and I abruptly push myself up.

'Shit,' I mutter as he looks up at me, eyes wide, seeming to be just as shocked.

Did I mention I have a boyfriend? Well I do. Double Shit.

I quickly clamber off him and mutter to myself as I hurry out of the room. He doesn't say anything.

I avoid Wood all Saturday. How do I manage this? Well, every time I see him, I hide behind someone else. I really can't stand the thought of having to face him right now.

I saw Luke first thing on Saturday morning. Yeah, my boyfriend. Who I cheated on. I kissed him on the cheek to say good morning, and was immediately overcome with a wave of guilt. But I couldn't tell him. He'd be absolutely crushed, not to mention extremely mad, and would probably head out to kill Wood.

He's a tad overprotective.

And even though I am planning on breaking up with him in the not too distant future, I don't feel any better.

I haven't told anyone about what I'd done. Not even my best friend Max, who I tell everything to. But I'm going to. In fact, that's where I'm headed right now. To our dormitory, which was where I'd last seen her.

I open the door to find her just where I left her. Sleeping. She tends to sleep in on Sundays. And by sleep in, I mean until 2pm.

I pick up a pillow and whack her with it. I hear a groan and she slowly sits up, rubbing her eyes.

'What?' she says, looking at me bleary eyed. Her short blonde hair is sticking up all over the place. I sit down on the end of the bed.

'Hi Maxie,' I say. Her real name's Maxine, but call her that and she'll hex you until the cows come home. She hates that name.

'What'd you wake me up for?' she asks groggily.

'Well you really should be up – it's after two. And I really need to tell you something before I explode,' I say sweetly. She looks at me suspiciously.

'What'd you do now?'

'What makes you think I did something? I just said I needed to tell you something.'

'You have your guilty face on,' she says, as though it's the most obvious thing in the world. She knows me too bloody well.

'Always jumping to conclusions,' I say, shaking my head mockingly, 'IsnoggedWoodonFriday.'

I say that super quickly, but she manages to understand. I watch as her eyes narrow, waiting for me to tell her I'm joking, and then when I don't, they take on a look similar to that of a deer caught in headlights.

'You did what?' she asks, looking disbelieving. I smile sheepishly.

'You snogged Wood. As in Oliver Wood. As in your quidditch captain?' I nod. She looks at me with her mouth open for a moment.

'Was it good?' she asks suddenly, grinning evilly.

'Ye- What?!' I cry. Honestly, I tell her I snogged Oliver Wood, and all she asks is if it was good? Can't she see the problem in this situation?

'Well I've heard things about him. I want to know if they're true,' she says, shrugging.

'Max, can't you see the problem with this situation?!' I ask, disbelievingly. And she calls herself my best friend. Again she shrugs.

'Well firstly, I snogged Oliver Wood. Don't you realise how awkward it's going to be at training? Secondly, I already have a boyfriend!' I cry exasperatedly. Can she give me a little help here?!

'Come on, surely its not that bad. Plus I thought you'd already broken up with Luke,' she says and I shake my head. She shrugs for a third time.

'Can't you just tell me off or something? Make me feel bad?'

'Oh well in that case – What is wrong with you!? You cheated on your boyfriend!' she says, sarcastically, raising her voice. I wince. I mean, I know she's joking, but she speaks the truth.

'I know,' I sigh, 'Should I tell him?'

Max puts on her thinking face for a moment.

'Look, that's up to you. I mean he is your boyfriend, so it would be the right thing to do, but if you were going to break up with him anyway, it's a bit different,' she says reasonably. I nod in acceptance.

'My advice is break up with him and get with Wood,' she says, grinning. I look at her outraged.

'Get with Wood?! Why would I get with Wood?!'

'Well it's obvious you fancy him,' she states, rolling her eyes.

'I do not bloody fancy Wood!' I cry. Seriously, what has she been smoking? When have I ever given any indication of fancying Wood?!

'Come on, why else would you let him snog you. Plus you've admitted it yourself- he's fit.'

Where the bloody hell does she get her ridiculous ideas from?

'I was under the influence of alcohol! I had no control over what I was doing!'

'Oh come on, you hadn't had that much. You knew perfectly well what you were doing,' she says calmly. I fold my arms, grumbling.

'I do not fancy Wood!' I say again and she just smiles sarcastically at me.

'Whatever you say Ava, whatever you say.'