Its Saturday and time for our quidditch match against Ravenclaw. For once I'm not looking forward to the game. Tensions within our team are high. Wood and I aren't speaking, Wood's being a right bastard to Jacob and we're all bummed that Alicia isn't playing, even though she's told Madam Pomfrey she's absolutely fine many, many times.

After Wood gives his usual pep talk, during which I ignore him, we make our way towards the pitch.

'And here we have the Gryffindor team! Johnson, Weasley, Weasley, Bell, Grier, Henry aanndd Wood!'

As we hear our names, we kick off the ground hard and speed up into the air to a round of cheers.

'Ladies and Gentlemen, get ready for a spectacular match! Jacob Henry is subbing for Alicia Spinnet, who was unable to play due to an incident with a bludger...'

I half listen to Lee Jordan's commentary as the captains shake hands. Wood glares at Davies. Davies snarls right back at him. After being given a talking to by Madam Hooch, there's a sharp blast of her whistle and the game begins.

'And they're off! Gryffindor gain possession! Bell to Johnson, back to Bell, passes to Henry, back to Johnson who shoots aandd saved by the keeper! Ravenclaw take possession!'

The game continues for about ten minutes without anyone scoring. I'm hovering a bit above the rest of the game, watching for any sign of the snitch. Wood seems to be taking out all his frustrations on the quaffle, and is actually playing extremely well.

Thankfully, Jacob is also playing well, and there's nothing for Wood to tell him off about for which I am grateful. The last thing we need is a fight between the keeper and the chaser.

The Ravenclaw seeker, whose name escapes me, is tailing me closely, choosing to watch me rather than looking for the snitch. I frown and her over my shoulder, before flying a quick length of the pitch to get her off my tail. Thankfully it works.

It's nearly an hour into the game, and Ravenclaw is up 110 – 90. Without Alicia, the chasers aren't working as well as they normally would, despite Jacob's best efforts. I double my efforts in looking for the snitch – if I catch it soon we can win.

About ten minutes later, I'm scanning the pitch for the snitch, when I see Wood saving a goal. God, even when he's all sweaty and concentrating hard he still manages to look bloody fantastic! It's not fair! I continue checking Wood out for a while when I notice something glinting behind him that hadn't been there before.

It only takes me a moment to realise that the glint behind Wood is, in fact, the snitch. I take off immediately, hoping that the Ravenclaw seeker is yet to have spotted it. I highly doubt it, considering the only reason I'd noticed it was because I was watching Wood.

I narrowly avoid flying into Wood in my haste to get the snitch and hear him cursing under his breath, which suddenly becomes a cheer as I grab the snitch. There is a roar of cheers as I hold up the snitch, heading towards the ground and the Gryffindor supports clap and cheer madly.

'Gryffindor win! Grier has caught the snitch!'

I grin at the team who are shooting down at me, before jumping off their brooms and pulling me into a hug. I'm grabbed from the side and hugged by someone, and it takes me a moment to realise is Wood.

By the look on his face, he grabbed me without thinking. He's looking slightly shocked, nervous and awkward but still hasn't let me go. I stare at him, also quite shocked, for quite some time, not really knowing what else to do. It isn't until someone near us clears their throat that we jump apart and avoid each other's eyes. Thank god he doesn't know it was because I was staring at him that I saw the snitch in the first place.

Fred and George are watching us with a knowing glint in their eyes and I scowl at them. I hear them chuckle before theirs a squeal and Alicia comes running down onto the pitch.

'You won!' she exclaims, and jumps on George and kisses him full on the mouth. George seems startled for a moment before carrying Alicia away, winking at us all over his shoulder.

I glance around me and notice Wood has disappeared, and Jacob has instead materialised beside me.

'Hey! Great game!' I tell him, giving him a hug. He grins.

'Thanks, babe, nice catch at the end there,' he says, putting an arm around my shoulder, 'What do you say we head back up to the common room? My sources tell me there's some sort of victory party going on,' he finishes with a wink and after flashing him a smile, I let him lead me back up to the castle.

We enter the common room and are greeted with cheers, and have drinks shoved into our hands. Jacob is yet to have removed his arm from around my shoulder, and he steers me over to where the rest of the quidditch team are gathering. Katie, Wood, Fred and Angelina are all sitting there, along with Max. George and Alicia are nowhere to be seen, and I had a pretty good idea of what they were doing.

'Hey brilliant game guys!' Max says enthusiastically as Jacob and I sit down next to her. I beam at her, excited about her win. However, my beam falters when I notice Wood glaring hard at me.

'What the hell is wrong with you?!' I exclaim suddenly and his glare intensifies, 'You're being a right prat!'

'You're the one that's been ignoring me,' he snaps.

'You're the one who got mad for no reason!'

'For no reason?! You were snogging him,' he jerks a thumb in Jacob's direction, apparently not even able to say his name, 'And you can't see a problem with that?'

'No, because there is no problem!' I hiss indignantly, 'I'm at perfect liberty to snog whoever I want!'

'Well you can if you want everyone to think you're a sl-'

'Guys!' Katie interjects suddenly, effectively cutting Wood off, 'We've just won a quidditch match! Can't you two not argue for two seconds and celebrate?'

Wood huffs before slouching back in his seat, his arms folded and glares at everyone. I roll my eyes at him before turning my attention to Jacob.

'So, does it feel different being on the team and celebrating, rather than just watching?' I ask him, trying to make conversation. The last thing I need is to sit there fuming over bloody Wood.

'It feels much better,' he says with a smirk, 'I get to celebrate with a lovely lady such as yourself.'

There is a loud bang as Wood slams his hands down onto the table in front of him.

'This is ridiculous! I'm out,' he snarls and after directing one last glare in mine and Jacob's direction, storms off towards the boys dormitories.

We all stare after him, shocked by his outburst. Alicia is the first to speak.

'Should someone go talk to him?' she asks, looking at me. I raise my hands defensively as everyone nods.

'Whoa, don't look at me! I'm not talking to him when he's in this mood!' I tell her and she scowls.

'Ava, he's in this mood because of you,' she says slowly, as though she's talking to a particularly stupid child. I frown at her.

'I haven't done anything!' I say indignantly. I honestly don't know what I've done now that made him so mad! Alicia sighs.

'When are you two going to stop being so oblivious?! Good god Ava, it's obvious to everyone else that you fancy each other! You two need to stop being so stubborn and realise it too!'

I stare at her, startled by her outburst. My mouth opens and closes multiple times as I don't know how to respond to that. She seems so serious.

'Go talk to him!' Katie says giving me a little shove and I nearly fall out of my seat.

'I already said I'm not talking to him!'

'Bloody hell Ava, just go!' Max says and I feel betrayed. They're all ganging up on me! I look at Fred and George who give me defiant looks and jerk their heads in the direction of the boys dormitories. I then look at Jacob who is looking quite lost and gives me a half-hearted shrug. I'm confused by this as I thought he hated Wood, but then I notice Max giving him one of her most threatening death glares.

'FINE!' I exclaim, slightly annoyed, 'I'll go talk to him!'

After giving the now happy looking group a withering glare, I stalk off up to the seventh year boy's dormitories.

I don't bother knocking and push the door open. Wood is lying on his bed reading what appears to be a quidditch magazine and looking thoroughly pissed off. He looks even more pissed off when he notices it's me.

'What the hell do you want?' he snaps, scowling at me as I close the door behind me.

'Don't think I came up here by choice. I was forced to,' I inform him, folding my arms defensively. He rolls his eyes and chucks the magazine on the floor. He stares at me for a while, waiting for me to speak. I stare right back, determined not to say anything.

'Well?' he asks impatiently when I haven't spoken for over a minute, 'There must be a reason why you're here.'

'The others made me.'


'I don't know, do I?'

There is another pause, during which our glaring at each other intensifies. The air is crackling with tension and I get the irrational urge to kiss him. I fight back the urge and instead explode.

'What the hell is your bloody problem? You've been acting like a right prick the past week and I have no idea why! And what the hell was before all about?!' I shout at him, my annoyance at him from the past week coming to surface. He stands up abruptly and stalks towards me, 'What do you think you're do- mph – '

I'm cut off as he kisses me. I let out a muffled squeal in shock, then mustering all my strength I push him away.

'What the hell do you think you're doing? You can't just mppgh-'

It takes me a moment longer to push him away this time. When I finally manage to push him away I notice a smirk forming on his face.

'What is wrong with mmpphgh-'

It takes even longer for me to push him away. I'm starting to remember why I've snogged him so many times. However, I push him harder this time and I take a few steps away.

'Stop it!' I exclaim, taking another step back as he again advances on me, 'I mean it Wood!' I add as he continues towards me. I realise I'm just about to hit the wall and dart around him into the middle of the room, 'You can't just act like a right prick towards me all week and expect me to let you kiss me! You still haven't told me what your problem is!'

'You're my problem!' he replies, chasing me around the room. I jump behind a bed with him on the other side. He rolls his eyes and starts walking around it towards me.

'Don't come any closer!' I shout, getting ready to jump over the bed as he gains on me, 'I'm not kidding Wood!'

I manage to leap over the bed just before he reaches me. He growls at me. I then realise just how ridiculous we must look.

'Would you quit it!' he says, sounding frustrated.

'Stop following me! And tell me how the bloody hell I'm your problem!' I exclaim.

'I bloody well fancy you!' he blurts out, 'And you prancing around with Jacob is pissing the hell out of me! All I've wanted to do all week is kiss you but every time I see you you're with him! Now keep still!'

In my state of shock from his confession he manages to kiss me. I am reminded of how much I like snogging him and don't bother pushing him away. It then occurs to be that Alicia was right. And Max. And Katie. I hate it when they're right.

A while later Wood pulls away and looks at me.

'Come to Hogsmeade with me next weekend?' he asks, a small smile appearing on his face. I just stare at him blankly for a while, watching him get nervous and inwardly smirking.

'Fine,' I reply finally. He lets out a sigh of relief and grins widely.

'Thank god. I thought you were going to say you didn't fancy me at all.'

'I never said I fancied you, Wood,' I tell him with a hint of a smirk and raise my eyebrows at him, before sauntering out of the room. It isn't until I'm walking back down to the common room that I let myself grin widely.

I've got a date with my quidditch captain.

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