America and England wandered about aimlessly, observing all the festival had to offer.

"Why are we here again…?"

"I told you, so we can catch up! You get really pissy on my birthday, so I thought I'd make it up to you by taking you to this Renaissance thing."

"Faire, America. Renaissance Faire."

America shrugged his shoulders, effectively brushing off England's correction. "Whatever. The point is we're here, I got a bunch of your British stuff and made an awesome "Faire", so enjoy it already and stop complaining."

"…You took my property to make this festival?!" England screeched.

"Geez, chill out, would you? I tried to do something nice."

"Nice like this dress, America?" He seethed, tugging at the green, lacy material for emphasis.

"That part was for my birthday gift," America explained, "and what is with all this food? I can't find a single hamburger stand…"

England huffed indignantly. "If I have to wear this, then why do you get to wear knight's armour? Your house doesn't even have knights!"

America quirked a smile, putting a cold, metal hand on England's shoulder. "Because I'm the hero, England! You know that." Suddenly, America swooped down and gave England a quick peck on the lips, proceeding to ruffle England's hair with his free hand. "Besides, every knight needs a damsel, right?"