a\n!; ohkay! so i was watching the movie wild child and got a fic idea[: this isnt like poppy and freddy! it's a whole differnt character thing lol so yea read on r&r puhleez[: tell me if i should continue!!

i woke up with the sun in my eyes and listening to dont trust me by 3oh!3 began to dance around to my calander i looked and it was the 22nd! the day that will ruin the rest of my life!! the day my dad is getting remarried to some whore! oh i had a plan a perfect plan to ruin this wedding!

i walked down to the kitchen to see my sister making two peanut butter and jelly sandwiches i walked over to her and cut the crust off of them and took one

"thanks Emma" i said to her

"youre welcome Kamyryn" she said as she took a bite
"mhmm" i hummed as i chewed
"please tell me you wont do anything to the wedding" she said giving my a look
"what if i do?" i asked
"you know what will happen"

"oh please! he wont send me to that one school!" i yelled
"he just might..." she said and walked out of the room

i scoffed at what she said and went upstairs to take a shower i got out and did my make up, what Emma said ran over and over in my head 'he just might...' psh he wont! atleast he might not.. well he wont! hmm but what if? just nevermind! cause he wont! i got on some loose clothes and took emma to go get our hair and nails done for the wedding.

"you look beautiful" i told Emma

"oh you do too" she said looking up at me as i handed the cashier a credit card

"thanks and come again" the woman said
"oh we will" i laughed

We got back to the house and got our dresses and put them on the wedding was less than thirty minutes away. The wedding was in the back yard and after was a pool party everyone was here just to see two people say 'i do' and kiss! thats what they thought! it would be something complety differnt! i ran into the guest roon where the whore was getting ready.. she was in the bath room still not in her dress i went over to it and put some clear glue all over where her chest would be and i broke the zipper and a heel of her shoes and ran out no one knew i was in there just me. i went to get the cages of bird that will be released during the kiss and gave them extra water and food. everyone was in there seats ready and talking i slowly walked by the cake and took my finger and slid it on the cae as i walked by leaving frising all over my finger and took my seat. under the tree. i heard wedding music. and waited to see the whore walk down the ailse.. but didnt see her. my dad stood by the preach waiting and about a minute later we saw her run out looking like a mess holding her dress in one hand and shoe in other and walked over to me..

"YOU DID THIS DIDN'T YOU?!" she asked
"yes i did beyotch!" i yelled getting in her face

"PEYTON KAMRYN!" my father yelled

"oh yes daddy?" i asked
"get in the house now!" he yelled

"fine.." i said as i walked by the cages i pushed the button and let the bird free and as soon as they flew out the whole crowd got coverd in bird shit i couldn't help but to laugh as i walked in.
"peyton how dare you ruin this wedding?!" the whore asked
"dont you dare call me peyton!" i yelled at her

"both of you stop it" my father said
"get upstairs and pack your stuff im sending you to Idian River Academy in Europe" he yelled

"what?!" i screamed

"you heard me!"

"uggh!" i stomped my way up the stairs and slammed the door, i was soo mad!