Adam's being manipulated by a demon who calls himself Edge. Is he going insane, or is Edge real and planning something devious behind Adam's back? Okay, this is a new little experiment from me. Inspired by Green Phantom Queen's 'Silence, Beauty and Eternity', she created a little concept that I found intriguing. Adam's miserably married to Vickie, hehe.. Hardyz, Orton, or anyone else I can think of that can or will pop up in here are single or are w/ who I tell them to be.

Will most definitely be AU, OOC, Slash, incesty themes, masturbation, mind control, Hardycest, manipulation, domination, SEX, Language, Violence, supernatural themes, maybe an exorcism. Edge/Adam, Adam/Jeff, Edge/Matt.. And Hardedge in any other weird way I can think of.. okay, y'guys knew Hardyz has to be in here and if I dun get Adam(Edge)/Jeff action (maybe some Matt/Addy action) I go all twitchy... Strap in for a demented ride :P 'Italics' are what's being thought inside Adam or Edge's head and can't be heard by the outside world. "Regular" is what's being spoken.

Master and Puppet;
Chapter one/ 'Adam's on Edge'

Rated; M/ L, S (masturbation due to a demon's mind manipulation-- what's that called?)
Dedicated to; Green Phantom Queen

Adam listened to her ranting. Her shrill voice piercing his psyche. Vickie, his 'beloved wife', was still bitching and ranting that Adam shoving Big Show and causing him to hit him with that damn punch of his was Adam's fault. Did that woman not know how fucking annoying she was?

"What were you thinking, Adam? I don't believe you. You two need to get along, baby. You're my husband. But, Paul is my friend." She said in her whiny toned voice.

Adam groaned under his breath, sucking his bottom lip into his mouth. He stared straight forward, trying with all hell to focus his brown eyes on some spot on the wall. Thinking of his past matches, of hockey, of anything to block out her annoying nagging voice!

"I don't understand, baby. Why would you shove him like that? Why are you acting so stupid?" She asked.

'Stupid?' A voice in the back of his mind asked.

"Stupid? Stupid? Did you just say I was stupid?" Adam looked up, glaring. He knew better than to snap back, but he couldn't help it.

"I said you were acting stupid." Vickie snapped back.

"Same thing! Whether you said I was acting stupid, or whether you called me stupid, you still implied that I am indeed stupid." Adam motioned off into the distance with his hand. He got up from the chair he was sitting in, using both hands to rake his hair behind his ears. Adam had begun to pace now.

"That's not what I said. Stop putting words in my mouth, Adam. You have no idea how hard I work or what I put up with.." She trailed off and began speaking Spanish.

Adam wanted to tell her to shut up. He fucking hated when she talked like that and he didn't know what the hell she was saying to him or about him. Fuck, she could be threatening to murder him in his sleep. Adam shoved past her and stormed off into the bathroom, shutting and locking the door behind him and plopping down onto the lid covered toilet seat. Adam dropped his head into his hands, covering his ears with the palms of his hands and pulling at his hair at the same time with his fingers. He could still hear Vickie's shrill voice on the other side of the door as she banged for him to let her come in or for him to come out. Vickie screamed that fine, he could stay in there all damn night. She huffed loudly and walked away.

'How did I get my ass into this mess?' Adam asked himself.

'That's simple. You've gone soft. Hiding behind a woman. Hiding behind your wife.' A voice out of nowhere replied.

Adam looked up and gazed around. What the hell? Who had said that? No one else was in the bathroom with him. But he heard a voice as plain as day, right beside him as if someone was speaking to him. The really odd thing was; it sounded like it was his voice that said it, only more like the tone of his in-ring persona had said it. Like if it came from him, but it didn't. Or as if he was talking himself. But, he wasn't. Oh, God. he hoped Vickie didn't hear that? Did he say that out loud?

'Am I going crazy?' Adam thought to himself.

The voice laughed.

'That's not funny. It was a legitimate question.. Gah, now I'm talking to myself..' Adam whimpered, pulling at his hair harder.

'Pffft.. I'm not you. My balls are way bigger.' The voice responded.

Adam blinked. Okay, this had managed to become uncomfortable real quick.

'I meant metaphorically, you pervert. Look at you, cowering in the bathroom because you can't control your wife.' The voice mocked.

'That's not true.. Who are you anyway? And why are you chastising me?' Adam questioned mentally.

'Call me Edge.' The voice smirked.

'Oh, real clever.' Adam retorted.

'I'd talk, Addy.' The voice taunted putting emphasis on Addy.

'Don't call me that.. That's all that little twerp Jeff Hardy calls me. I hate it!' Adam defended.

The voice, Edge, sighed. 'Vickie can't hear me. No one else can hear me. Just you. I am apart of you. Hence why I sound like you. I have decided on calling myself Edge because you no longer deserve the right to call yourself that name. You've lost that credibility you once had, champ. Face it, the Rated-R Superstar died the day you first hooked up with Vickie Guerrero.'

'Stop it, okay? You don't understand.' Adam pleaded, not really understanding himself.

'Oh, I think I do. You've become a pussy. What happened to you, Adam? You didn't need Vickie to win all those other championships or important matches. Vickie didn't win you the Money in the Bank. Vickie didn't win you the title from Cena when you cashed it in at New Year's Revolution. You didn't need Vickie to goad that big oaf Kennedy into putting his Money in the Bank briefcase on the line, so you could hold it for a second time. Vickie didn't help you cash it in on Undertaker. True, you may have not done it in the noblest fucking way, but the point is, you did it all your own. But after your pectoral surgery you got soft. You got lazy. First it was marrying the GM, then it was needing back up. Hawkins, Ryder posing as pathetic versions, dopplegangers, of you. HA! That's a fucking riot! Those two don't belong in MY league.. Chavo, Big Show, Bam Neely.. Ultimate Opportunist my ass! You're the ultimate coward.' Edge ranted.

'Your league? Your.. your league?' Adam asked. Really how dare he insinuate..?

Edge growled. 'Yes, mine! This is no longer your show. I'm taking over.'

'And what the hell are you gonna do?' Adam challenged.

'The bitch has to go for one.' Edge informed somberly.

'Wait, you can't do that. I can't get rid of Vickie now. She'll ruin me. She'll make my life miserable.' Adam pleaded, trying to reason with the mysterious voice in his head.

'Your life already is miserable.' Edge snarled.

'No, wait... stop..' Adam screamed out loud as a pain shot through his head. It was so intense it brought him off the toilet seat and to his knees on the ground. He instantly felt dizzy and faint, his face flushing like everything was completely leaving him. The room was spinning as a nauseous feeling washed over him. Then all went black for Adam Copeland.


Vickie jumped as 'Adam' threw open the bathroom door and walked back into the room. A sinister smirk painted his lips as he looked around. His green eyes filled with intrigue.

"What the hell was all that screaming about?" Vickie's voice drew those eyes to his 'wife', and they instantly clouded with disgust.

"Oh, that.. that was just me getting something out of my way." He smiled. "Now, it's time to get rid of something else."

"What's that?" She snarled coldly, her eyes glaring into Edge's.

"You, toots. Hit the bricks." Edge pointed at the door in adding to that statement.

Vickie's jaw dropped. "Have you lost your fucking mind?"

Edge grabbed a hold of her arm and yanked her up off the side of the bed. "I said, get the fuck out. We're done. Go have fun with Paul or Chavo. I don't care what the hell you do or where the hell you go, just get." Edge shoved her harshly away and tossed her bag at her.

Vickie stood stunned. She looked at Edge like he was crazy for a moment before fixing her face back into a scowl. "You'll be sorry."

"I already am, Vickie. I'm sorry I ever married you in the first place. I don't need you anymore." Edge countered.

"That's where you're wrong, Adam."

Edge grabbed her by the hair and looked her dead in the eyes, his eyes blazing wild, full of fury and hate. "That's Edge to you, bitch." He scowled, his voice sounding demonic.

Vickie wanted to shout and curse like she usually did. But Adam or Edge, whomever he was had her literally frightened. There was something off about her husband right now, like we was possessed or something. Whatever it was about him, he wasn't Adam and she figured it'd be in her best interest to just leave. Trying to keep from shaking, Vickie nodded.

"Okay.. okay.. I'll go." She agreed.

Edge's lips twisted into a sick wry smile. "Good."

He released her and watched as she hastefully packed her shit and left without uttering another word. Edge grinned, gazing around the room. It felt good to be in full use of a living being. To be able to walk and talk instead of just observing from the furthest corners of Adam's mind like he had been doing for so long. Edge walked over to the mirror and stared at his, or Adam's reflection.

"Oh, Addy Addy Addy, we're gonna cause all kinds of sweet delicious mayhem." Edge raised the shirt over his head and tossed it away before running his hands down his bare chest and stomach. There was this sinister thought crossing his mind that said 'go further'.

Edge licked his lips. They felt so soft and sweet. Adam was beautiful. So sinfully beautiful. And the demon wanted him. Edge was a demon. He had waited for just the right time before he could attempt taking over. Adam had created him, so to speak, long ago. Adam's insane lust did. His lust for Jeff.. or was it Matt...? Edge sighed, damn Hardys looked alike to him. Adam never could deal with himself, with his true feelings and emotions. Adam Copeland was weak. Edge was always that little hidden part of him that made him what he was.. until Adam started to get terribly sloppy. It started with Amy. Adam fucked Amy because of what he couldn't have. Ruined poor Matthew's life. Amy couldn't be blamed on Edge. Oh, no. That was an act of cowardice on Adam's head. Personally Edge thought a Hardy would have felt much better on his dick... or maybe Adam himself... Had he had a living body to be able to take dear Addy.

Edge smirked, getting harder as he studied the muscle definition in his host's body. Adam was just right in build. Edge's hands rubbed along his arms and down to his chest and abdomen and further down to rub himself through his jeans.

'Hey, stop.. what're you doing?' Adam's voice came back through finally.

"Shhh... I haven't done this in awhile." Edge whispered.

'You've never done this.' Adam argued.

"Oh, yes, we have. You were drunk and you let me touch you. I want to do it again. It's neat this way, see, we both enjoy it." Edge purred, gazing up into the mirror and looking into the reflection of his own green eyes before studying Adam's face.

'I won't. You just kicked my wife out. I'm in deep shit. I don't want you touching me, whatever the hell you..' Adam gasped as Edge squeeze him through his jeans.

"Awe, that's too bad. I want to touch you. I want to play with you. I wanna make you cum." Edge cooed, his lips curling into a lascivious smile.

'No.. stop..' Adam watched through a mind's eyes view as Edge unbuckled and unfastened his jeans.

"I really wish you'd wear the thongs. When you're mine, you will." Edge said pawing his fingers over the front of his underwear.

Adam mentally shuddered. 'When I'm yours? What's that mean? Stop this now.'

"You'll see, Addy." Edge smirked sticking his thumb down in the front of the underwear and pulling them out away from his body.

Adam seemed to mumbled carelessly as Edge reach inside his underwear and took hold of his cock, stroking it a few times as he brought it out.

"Beautiful.. so, so beautiful.." Edge groaned as he rubbed a bit harder.

'Stop touching.. me.. damn it..' Even Adam's voice inside his head seemed to be panting.

Edge smirked, holding his hand still and thrusting his hips, loving how his dick got harder under his touch. Adam hated how this demon, this manifestation, or whatever it was, was manipulating his mind to be in control of the rest of his body, but Adam could still feel what was being done to his dick. It was strange to him, it was like he could feel, but he no longer controlled his limbs.

'Quit.. quit.. this isn't.. uhm.. right.. I'm not gay.. if you're.. urhm.. some kind of incubus or some shit..' Adam whimpered pathetically, he was so hard now, and he felt so dirty.

Edge laughed, "You're so funny, Addy. You're so far in the closet you're finding Christmas presents.. I see how you lust over Matt.. ohh.. Or is it Jeff? Or is it both, or just one? Huhmm? You want one or both.." Edge grunted. "I can give them to you separately or at the same time.. You like that? Bet you'd like to watch me pound Jeffro's ass?"

'Stop.. this please..' Adam gasped as Edge squeeze near the head of his cock with his fingers.

"Awe, come on, you know it feels good.. Ooh, you're so hard.." Edge growled thrusting harder, enjoying the view in the mirror as his cock slid in and out of his hand. "I think I need something."

Edge stopped and went over to his duffel bag and began rummaging through it, looking for something in particular.

"Aha, knew we still had it." Edge said holding up a bottle of baby oil.

'That's Randy's.' Adam pointed out, not too sure if he liked where he feared this was going.

"Yeah, you still have Randy's baby oil, what's that say?" Edge tapped his fingers on the side bottle.

'I was holding it for him.' Adam pouted.

Edge laughed at him again and walked over to the bed, he slid the jeans down his hips and stepped out of them before tossing back the covers.

'What the hell are you doing?' Adam asked, growing more concerned.

"Fucking you the only way I can right now." Edge smirked, laying down and spreading out as he folded his legs up at his knees.

Well, it didn't take a damn genius to begin with, but now Adam was even more scared of what this demon had planned for him and his body. 'Oh, god, no.. I..I.. never.. No.. I won't let you.'

"You can't stop me." Edge pointed out uncapping the bottle of oil.

'Watch me.' Adam focused as he tried to take back over. Somewhere he read that if your will was strong enough you could beat these kinds of things.

"Go on, Addy, try... Try." Edge taunted, this was rich.

'I am. Shut the hell up!' Adam let out a troubled sigh and a frustrated whine. It wasn't working.

"Awe, too bad. Your will just isn't strong enough, I guess." Edge mocked.

'Please don't.' Adam begged desperately.

Edge growled. "I'm sick of this lost puppy act. You're gonna shut up and take it."

Adam whimpered in his head. To Edge it sounded delightful. Just got him going more.

Edge groaned sweetly. "I'm a type of spirit demon. I cum everytime you pant like that."

Adam didn't know if he was bluffing or not. 'I don't fell it.'

"Course not, but you'll feel this." Edge poured the baby oil onto his hand, not giving a damn if he made a mess. He ignored Adam's pleas as he wrapped his fingers around his cock and began rubbing roughly. The oil providing just the right slipperiness. It felt so damn good. It felt so damn right... to Edge that is.

Adam, on the other hand, was still whimpering and whining in protest. He felt genuinely freaked out by the whole experience. He wasn't drunk, or high and he couldn't explain what the fuck was happening or why he had no control of this happening.

'Uhm.. stop.. shit.. please..' Adam groaned at the feeling of his cock being rubbed and teased under the control of Edge.

Edge grunted deeply. "Stop fighting me. You know it feels good.. ooh, so good."

It felt wonderful. Adam was beyond sexually frustrated and in the reality of it all desperately needed a damn good fuck. But, still it felt demented and wrong.

"Wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong." Edge taunted.

'That's not funny.' Adam gasped sharply as Edge jerked him harder.

Edge laughed and raised his head to look at the wall mirror. The sight of Adam's body sprawled out on the bed, Adam whining and moaning in a fit of angst was so fucking gorgeous. Edge stopped and poured some more oil on his crotch, rubbing his hand through it and stroking himself harder. The other hand joined it, both making a cup as he thrust his hips upward like he was fucking someone. He could cum right now. He had his cock so fucking stiff, but he wanted to torture Adam so sweetly and make him want more.

"Does it feel good?" Edge asked huskily.

'' Adam's voice was strained even inside his head.

"Jeff is right. You are a liar." Edge snickered.

'Fuck you, Edge.' Adam whimpered.

Edge wriggled his hips, setting himself apart and moving his left hand down to his entrance.

'Hey, what're you doing? Oh, fuck.. no.. Fuck.. no, Edge.. No..' Adam protested as Edge massaged a slippery finger over his asshole, pushing a bit to see if he could enter. Adam still controlled this part to his confusion. He tightened up.

"Loosen up. You know you want it. You're curious."

'You're fucking crazy.' Adam protested uselessly.

Edge shrugged. "Have it your way."

With that Edge shoved two fingers deep inside of his host's opening, pushing as far as they'd go. He could hear Adam scream out. His subconscious voice sounded like he was in a little pain.

'Stop, you bastard.. fuck! Fuck..'

"Loosen up. I'm doing this with or without your permission. You'd be best to relax and make it easier on yourself." Edge continued to pump his hand over his cock, the motion eased Adam if only slightly. "Ah, that's it.. you're doing so awesome, Addy.. I like fingering your tight little asshole.."

Adam screamed again as Edge began doing just that, probing his fingers in and out of his body. Fast and rough, opening and closing the digits repeatedly to stretch him nicely.

'Ohh, stop.. please... Oh, shit.. Oh, god.. Edge!' Adam shouted.

Edge smirked when he heard his name as Adam's moans turned a bit to.. pleasure? Edge decided to show him how great it could be and probed at his prostate. Adam let out a whimpered whine that only made him harder. Edge continued fingering him, stabbing at Adam's prostate as he pumped his cock. Edge had began to lose himself in the whole display. Loving the sounds of both of them moaning their strange passion.

'Harder.. please.. faster, Edge... Ooh, fuck..' Adam had gave in for the moment.

Edge arched his hips, writhing against his fingers and thrusting up into his hand as he fisted his cock. The room seemed to be spinning in a glorious array of color. They heard no noise sans the sounds of their separate panting. To Adam it was like hearing his voice in stereo. As if he was talking whilst listening to a tape of himself cutting a promo out in the ring. Adam had to admit that he sounded pretty damn good.

'Oh, shit.. gonna cum.. gonna.. fuck.. Edge..' Adam moaned pitifully.

"That's it, Addy.. cum for me.." Edge purred, licking his lips. His tongue wiping away the sweet salty taste of sweat.

His body quaked as he felt release take over them both. The cum spurting from his dick and mixing with the baby oil as Edge continued to rub his cock, milking the last sweet drop. He was silent, only enjoying the sounds of Adam moaning in lost bliss.

"Thanks, babe. I needed that." Edge panted, slipping out of control more quietly than he had entered. Adam now had control back of his body.

Adam panted, the blonde's heart racing wildly as he looked around.

"Shit.." Adam muttered. "That bastard.."

He looked down at the mess he was in. His hand still on his cock and his fingers still buried deep in his ass. Adam lifted his legs up trying to move, feeling a slight ping of pain that made him gasp out. Adam let out a frustrated whine and bit down on his bottom lip as he slowly eased his fingers out of his hole. He let out the breath he was holding when they popped on out. Adam slowly lowered his legs and just relaxed on the bed, bringing his hand up to his face. He saw a bit of blood on his baby oil covered fingers.

"Damn it.. Damn it.." Adam muttered running his hand through his hair. Then his brown eyes widened.

Well, fuck. Now he'd had no choice but to take a shower. Adam slowly raised up. He was sore. Nothing major, he'd live. Although he did limp to the bathroom. Adam fixed the water and slowly got in. The hotness felt nice on his tired body and soul. What the hell was tonight? Has he lost it? Adam sighed and let the water cascade down over his head. He didn't feel like figuring it out right now. He wanted to get shower and get out and just sleep on it. He'd figure it out tomorrow maybe.

First; Adam's eyes are brown, but when Edge takes over they turn green. What? I have an obsession w/ Addy's eyes. In Green Phantom Queen's 'Silence, Beauty and Eternity' Adam creates Edge to act as a guardian out of his insecurities about Gangrel and becoming a vampire (this story not about vampires or guardians) I won't tell you what happens in it, you'll just have to go read it :P She has another one 'Mirror Mirror', where Edge is Adam's doppleganger. For those who missed Paranormal 101, a doppleganger is a evil spirit that resembles another living being. It is said that seeing the same person in two different places at the same time make up for account of doppleganger sightings. But, it is also said that if one were to see their doppleganger, or etheric double, then they are most likely to die soon, or within a certain time period (most cases a year to the date of the meeting) For those who know of other legends w/ dopplegangers, and this does not match up, sorry, I just read that in a book I have about ghosts. I dunno if this will be that type of doppleganger or what. My Edge muse is telling me how to write this one, so Imma just go along. OMG! This is gonna be complicated, peeps.

Imma dedicate this to GPQ b/c I've been driving her so crazy with making her wait so long, and she did inspire it, XD. Hope she likes it :)