Chapter 1-Halloween, 1981

The night was cold and windy and it was drizzling lightly on the Riddle House. The House stood on a hill overlooking a village, some of its windows boarded, and ivy spreading over its walls. The House had once been the largest and grandest building for miles around; now, Tom Riddle stood outside the house as he waited for his Death Eaters to arrive.

Before long hooded figures Apparated to his side, they formed a circle around him as he spoke, Severus Snape taking his usual place between Lucius Malfoy and Bellatrix Lestrange.

'Welcome, my friends,' spoke Lord Voldemort's high, cold voice.

Voldemort strode into the middle of the circle as he continued. As he did so his behemoth of a snake slithered out from the Riddle House. It was then that Severus Snape noticed the odd black bundle in the spot where Voldemort had been. It looked almost like…

'As you are aware a prophecy was made recently that many believed foretold my downfall. Tonight I have eliminated this supposed threat. The child who was said to have 'power the Dark Lord knows not' is dead!' He slashed the air with his wand and immediately the bundle begen to fall apart. The blankets fell aside to reveal the form of a small child.

Lily's son.

Snape could not help but frown, the poor child was both a reminder of Lily and of her love for another. Snape let no emotion show on his face but, could barely fight the mixture of pity and panic within him. She can't be dead. But…but what if…no don't think about it now.

'This is the child that was said to be able to defeat me.' The Dark Lord spat. 'And now it is fit for little other sustenance for Nagini." Another flick of his wand and the dead child was thrown toward the great snake.

'I have now come farther to reaching immortality, not even one prophesied to defeat me was easily killed, and those standing against me are dying one by one. 'He said with a note of triumph in his voice.

'As you know Severus rendered me a great service by informing me of this prophecy. So I decided to grant his request and spare the Mudblood.'

Relief washed over Snape, who was trying to keep his eyes off what was happening to Lily's child . 'Thank you, my Lord.' He said, trying to keep his emotions in check. 'I am forever in your debt.' he said reluctantly.

Voldemort nodded. 'Certainly you are. You see Severus has the right idea, when my rise to power is complete the only Mudbloods left will be those we choose to keep alive for our amusement; something like pets…' He said with a smirk.

The idea of Lily being kept alive as a 'pet' gave Snape a feeling of disgust that made him want to vomit. He kept a calm look on his face, with great difficulty and suppressed an urge to lash put at the evil creature in front of him.

'You, Severus, have rendered me a great service, far greater than any other. And you have proven yourself worthy of the task I have been saving for my most faithful servants. Along with Lucius and Bellatrix, the three of are to return here tomorrow.'

'We will be honored to serve, my Lord.' Bellatrix said

'And now, we have even more important matters to attend to. You all know what to do.' Many of the Death Eaters gave a small bow as they Disapparated away. Snape did the same. Voldemort called us here to boast about killing a one-year old child. He thought bitterly. The man (is he still a man?) has such an inflated view of himself.

Snape had Apparated as close to Hogwarts as the protective enchantments would allow began to walk toward the castle. He couldn't help but smile at the thought that Lily was still alive.

He hurried up the stairs to Dumbledore's office. Dumbledore no doubt knew what had happened already. The man's sense of omniscience had ceased to concern Snape long ago. Soon he stood before the ugly stone gargoyle and said 'Drooble's Best Blowing Gum' causing the statue to move aside. He stepped forward and knocked on the door.

'Enter.' Dumbledore's voice said.

Snape walked quickly into the Headmaster's office. 'Where is she?' He said, without preamble.

Dumbledore took a small breath. 'She has been brought here Severus; Madam Pomfrey is more than capable of looking after her. And she will be safe.'

'Why? Is she hurt?'

'Unfortunately, yes. She has suffered a number of lacerations, as if she had been slashed with a sword, and subjected to the Cruciatus Curse numerous times.'

Again Snape felt sick to his stomach, he also felt a twinge of guilt, for he had a feeling what curse Voldemort used on her.

'Severus, sit down. Remember she has just lost her husband and child. Or, do you not care?' He said, with a cold note of contempt in his voice.

Snape looked annoyed that Dumbledore would think so little of him. 'Of course I care, she'll be devastated.'

For a moment Dumbledore seemed surprised that he had said this; then he continued, 'She is now in the Hospital Wing; Madam Pomfrey gave her a Calming Potion so she'll probably be asleep until morning. You may go see her if you wish but, try not to disturb her. When she wakes up to be careful about what you say, you are one of the few people she has left.'

'Of course.'

'Now, what did Lord Voldemort discuss with his Death Eaters tonight?'

'He mostly spoke about his ability to defeat death, especially now that he has removed the threat the prophecy mentions.'

'What did he say about his immortality?'

'He said that he has come closer to immortality than any other wizard.'

Dumbledore seemed lost in thought for a moment before he said, 'Thank you, Severus that will be all for tonight.'

Snape got up from the chair and nodded. 'Goodnight Headmaster.'

'Goodnight, Severus.' He replied, still in deep thought.

Snape walked out of the office, passing Dumbledore's Phoenix on the way. An odd feeling set in his stomach as he got closer to the Hospital Wing. It had been about six years since he and Lily had been on speaking terms. He was terrified that she would still be mad at him. And she'll be thrilled when she hears it was you who told Voldemort about the prophecy. He thought.

Snape pushed any uncertainties to the back of his mind as he walked into the Hospital Wing. Thankfully Madam Pomfrey was in her office with the door shut, no doubt asleep by now.

Lily was lying on a bed near Pomfrey's office. He rushed over to her side and kneeled by her bed. Seeing her again was a great relief to him after fearing for her life for so long.

She was as beautiful as he remembered save for the deep gash on her face. There were also several on her arms. Instantly he could tell that the wounds were caused by his own spell. Madam Pomfrey had done her best to heal the wounds but they still looked terrible; because they had been caused by Dark Magic the wounds would be especially difficult to heal.

He pulled out his wand and pointed it at the wound on her face, gently pushing her hair out of the way, and spoke an incantation that sounded much of like a song. Snape hated ever inventing Sectumsempra but, at least he was able to develop a counter-curse.

When he had finished the wounds were closed but still looked red and painful. Dittany will help that.

Snape conjured a chair and sat down next to her, he checked the time. Ten-Thirty. Not that late I can probably stay for a little while longer.