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Chapter Eleven:

Allison's POV:

It had been almost a week since I had last seen Kai. Not that I cared much for him I was half glad and half worried. Glad that I wasn't stalked by the sadistic vampire anymore and worried because well I don't know.

I need to stop worrying about him. Maybe he finally gave up. Maybe he got bored and moved on. Why should I worry for him after all he's a vampire he can take care of himself. Besides all he wanted to do was to suck you're blood and have sex with you. I told myself.

I shuddered as I remembered him advances. His lust filled eyes as they raked over my body. I stopped and sighed. 'Stop it Allie what is wrong with you' I scolded myself. 'Kai is Evil, pure evil. He doesn't actually care for you. You need to forget him and move on. Go out with someone who's not evil and actually likes you. Like Jason for instance'

I smiled as I remembered Jason's handsome face. Jason was a transfer student to our school and since he didn't know anybody around here he decided to hang out with me. I was thrilled. Not only because he was super hot but also because I was pretty damn lonely.

It turned out t was quite easy to be with Jason. We shared common interests. And I didn't stutter or did anything stupid with him around anymore. We had become good friends, except now I wanted to be more than that.

The bell rang breaking my train of thought and I got up to go to lunch. As usual Jason had saved a seat for and I sat down with. He smiled brilliantly at me and said, "So Allie what's up?" He took a bite of his apple. Man he had a gorgeous mouth.

I shook my head as if to clear it from dirty thoughts and replied, "Nothing just thinking about the math test" I said. "I'm sure you will ace it" he replied with confidence. "I wanted to talk to you about Estella's birthday party. With whom are you going? He asked suddenly.

"No one" I replied confused. "Well how about if we go together' he suggested as I stared at him dumbfounded. Could he read my mind?

'Yea sure I would love to" I replied simply while on the inside I wanted to break in a touch down dance. "Great. I'll pick you up at 6:00" With that he got up, kissed me on the cheek and left the cafeteria.

I touched my cheek where his lips had been seconds ago and a goofy grin appeared on my face. I sighed and slumped in my chair. This had been a great day.

Estella's House:

8:00 pm:

Allison's POV:

This was the best night ever. I sighed happily in Jason's arms as we moved to the beat on the dance floor. I loved dancing. Jason had been so nice all night. We had been holding hands since we left the house.

He stayed by sight all night ignoring suggestive stares from other girls, his eyes never leaving my face. I felt my face flush as he stared at me like only I was in the room and no one else.

I blushed deeply and ducked my face. I placed his hand under my chin and lifted my face so I could stare in his beautiful eyes as he leaned towards me. My eyes closed as I felt his lips brush against mine.

I wrapped my arms around him, pulling him closer as he did the same. I was vaguely aware of my thudding heart, of about 30 other people in the room. All I wanted right now was to never let go of this moment.

He pulled back suddenly as his phone rang. I drew back as well as I stared at him, disappointment etched on my face. "Sorry I have to take this," He muttered as he turned away from me without so even as a second look and left the room.

I felt myself enveloped by sadness. Had I done something wrong? I thought. I shook my head and went to look for a bathroom. May I should freshen up a bit as a popped a mint in my mouth.

Stella had a huge mansion. She was super rich and she liked to show the world that she was. I began to look for a bathroom and finally found one but before I could enter, I realized it was occupied.

"Yes baby, harder faster" I heard a feminine voice moan and I almost gagged. Jeez, these people couldn't find a freakin' room. I frowned and began to walk away, back towards the party. I didn't want to come across something that I wouldn't like to see.

I went back to the living room and found an empty seat. I began to wait go Jason to get back and searched for a familiar face. I was looking around when I saw him and my heart lurched in my chest.

Kai Hiwatari was sitting on a sofa with a blonde bimbo in his lap who was wearing what appeared to be lingerie. Hell didn't she had normal clothes? Kai appeared to be smirking as his hands had a mind of their own. I turned away from the nauseating site. YUCK!

It was then it hit. Kai was here at the party and he didn't know that I was here or maybe he did and he was ignoring me. Had he moved on s quickly? I thought. I didn't know whether to be pleased or happy about this.

I should be happy. I said to myself firmly, a vampire who wanted to seduce and kill me was finally off my case. But I wasn't as my gaze wandered to him again as I stared with the blonde with a hint of disdain. I watched as the bimbo began to unbutton Kai's shirt and I wanted to rip her arm off.

My death glare must have been penetrating as Kai suddenly looked up and stared directly at me. He looked surprised. He suddenly got up and the blonde fell to the floor. I giggled. But the smile vanished from my face as Kai began to make his way towards me.

Kai's POV:

What a dumb party! If it wasn't such a good cover to get dinner I wouldn't even be here in the first place. Tala had already left with a brunette in tow. Bryan and Spencer were missing too, probably having 'FUN'. I smirked.

I came out of my thoughts as the blonde in my lap began to run her hands up and down on my muscular chest. Her IQ might be in double figures from the way that she talked but man after I'm done with her at least my 'needs' will be satisfied.

She now began to unbutton my shirt when I felt that someone was watching me. I looked up suddenly and saw her. Allie. What was she doing here?

I got up and ignored the blonde's complaining as I began to walk towards Allie. She froze as usual as I reached her. "What are you doing here? I asked with my teeth clenched.

"Well it's a party and I was invited unlike you I suppose" she muttered. "Did you came here alone? I asked as I tried to control my voice. "No, I have a date" She replied, her expression annoyed.

"What?" I growled. "Yes, a date and he must be looking for me right now so if you would please excuse me" She spoke, as she got up to leave but I grabbed her wrist. "NO" I growled. "Let's dance; I'm sure your date can survive without you for a minute or two"

Before she could protest I pulled her to the dance floor and wrapped my arms around her pulling her close. The heat radiating from her body drove me crazy. Slowly, I led her towards a quiet corner of the dance floor as I spoke, "Break up with him" I commanded.

"What?" She looked up in surprise and then to my shock she spoke in a defiant tone, "NO". I was shocked. What happened? This wasn't the same Allison who I craved and desired, who feared me, who listened to me even though she didn't liked it.

"What did you say" I asked again. "You heard me."She spoke angrily. "You're not my dad, I can date who ever the hell I want to. Besides all you want from me is blood and sex. I finally found someone who actually cares what I want. As long as I have my spirit and free will I will do whatever I want to do"

I stared with wide eyes as she gave her little speech. I felt a flurry of emotions; rage, shock, desire and … most of all hurt. My grasp loosened around my arms as she walked away from me.

I shook my head as I walked out of the room to get some air. Not like I needed it but I did need space. I sat down on bench in the garden as I thought about my Argh feelings. Hurt seriously, why would I be hurt?

I didn't like her that way. She was right about the blood and sex part. Her scent drove me crazy and yes I wanted a taste but that was due to the animal instinct inside of me, the monster I was. Could she blame me?

As far as the sex part is concerned well that was true too, like now for instance, she was wearing a short white skirt, a pink top with the top button undone which gave me good view of her chest. I groaned as I felt my pants tighten. See what she did to me!

I wasn't going to force her. My technique had been seduction and manipulation. It had always worked before. But that anonym nous moron who happened to be Allie's date tonight ruined everything.

If I hadn't been so busy during the past week, trying to track down Black rose and the person behind the killings, this might have not happened.

My train of train of thoughts was broken as I heard a babyish girlish voice speak to me, "Oh Kai there you are. I have been looking all over for you. That wasn't very nice of you to leave me all alone" She complained pouting her lip. It was the blonde from before.

"Well babes I have been lonely too so let's end it" I said as I pulled her to my lap and unzipped my pants. I had to take care of my 'problem' right!

Normal POV:

Jason walked over to a lonely black Mercedes. The car door opened automatically as he approached and he got in.

"You seem to be enjoying yourself Jason" a creepy voice whispered. It was man in a black cloak. His hood was up so Jason couldn't see his face.

"Yes well it's a party after all" Jason replied with a nervous smile. "You have done exceptionally well Jason. Tonight my taste for vengeance shall finally be satisfied." The creepy voice whispered in satisfaction.

'And you'll fulfill you're promise right? You'll keep you're end of the deal" Jason asked anxiously. "Of course, I am a man of my word. Just deliver the 'package' 10:00pm. My car will be waiting right here." The creepy man spoke in dismissal.

Jason walked out and began to walk towards the party, his expression both frightened and nervous.

Kai's POV:

"Argh harder oh Kai baby" The blonde in my arms moaned as I ravished her body with lips. Finally I peaked as she let out a moan of ecstasy in my arms. I sighed. That took care of one problem.

"Oh Kai baby that was wonderful" she crooned in my lap as she leaned to kiss me on the neck. I got my fangs out ready to bite her when suddenly a voice interrupted me.

"Kai, dude there you are" I glared at Tala for interrupting my dinner. He cowered slightly then mouthed "emergency" I pulled out of the blonde's arms and stood up.

She fell to the ground and muttered "Not again" but I ignored her, zipped up my pants and walked towards Tala. "This better be important" I growled.

"Sorry man but it is. I just got a call from Diego. His spy infiltrated the black rose and they got us pretty good info dude. He quoted "A package is to be delivered to a black minivan at 0:00pm sharp at the corner of wisteria lane"

"Wisteria lane? But that's right here. We are at wisteria lane" I replied in surprise. "Creepy right, well it's 9:50pm" Tala replied. "We better move then" I replied taking lead "get Bryan and Spencer. We need to take up positions"

"You're the boss" Tala replied and we both left the garden. My mind was in control now. Tonight finally some fog will be revealed and finally we'll get somewhere. At least I hoped we did.

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