Hey folks. This is my new fan fiction for Star Trek 2009 and for a change its about Bones rather than Chekov (love you Chekov!)

I have had Bones in my head for days now and I need to get him out of my system, so what better way than through fan fiction! I hope you guys enjoy it. This is just the prologue and hopefully I'll get the next chapter up by the end of the day. If not, it will be tomorrow.

Disclaimer: I do not own Star Trek. I even looked on eBay and they aren't selling it!

The USS Columbia was only a small ship, with a small crew but the jobs to be done were as big and important as on any other Star ship.

"Yeoman" the Communication Officer's voice sounded over the ship wide intercom. "Please report to the Bridge immediately."

Madeleine Grey, the ship's yeoman was in her quarters, sorting out the piles upon piles of paper work on her PADD when she heard the announcement. She saved it all as quickly as possible before exciting her quarters and making her way to the Bridge in a hurry.

The Turbo Lift journey was short and Madeleine was glad that it was. Smaller ships mean smaller lifts so they get easily cramped. It wasn't the most comfortable journey in her life, especially when you're surrounded by at least a dozen other officers all hurrying to their destination.

She finally got to the Bridge in one piece and got out of the lift, pulling down her crumpled red uniform. The Bridge was very busy. People walking around, some indulged in their work, some busy in deep conversation and some just having a laugh. Madeleine liked the Bridge. Always so loud and full of life. She made her way over to the Captain's chair.

"You called sir" she told him.

"Ah yes, Grey!" Captain Karl Jones replied. "Paperwork please."

"Of course Captain" she replied pulling out her PADD before handing it over to him. "I was just sorting it out for you."

"I've got loads to catch up on. I've let it fall behind" he told her with a smile.

"Well let me know when your done sir and I can get it ready to send off to Starfleet Headquarters" she replied with a small, happy laugh.

"I will do. Thanks Maddie."

And with that Madeleine turned on her heal to exit the Bridge to get on with the rest of her work but a sudden shake of the ship stopped her in her tracks as she nearly fell over. Within seconds, the Bridge was suddenly on red alert as it became more manic then ever. Madeleine regained her balance to see what the hell was going on. She turned to face the large window at the front of the ship just in time to see torpedoes being fired at them.

"Mr Hall, ready futon torpedoes!" the Captain shouted at his Weapons Systems Manager.

Madeleine could hardly hear the command being shouted over all the panic and screams of the other crew members. The torpedoes hit the Columbia causing the ship to shake once again, harder than before. Madeleine tried to grab a nearby railing in the hope of stopping her fall. Instead she missed and her head hit off the railing instead. Blood began pouring from the wound that the impact had created.

"Jim" she shouted as loud as she could, but it came out as a mere whisper but she didn't have time to think as everything suddenly faded to black.