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Accidental Lies

Chapter One

The auburn haired teen paced his bedroom with a distinct air or disquiet; his newfound privacy was driving him insane. Clenching and unclenching his fists, Light Yagami sighed loudly and flung himself onto his bed. The bed had not yet been slept in; the mattress was firm, the sheets crisp and unwelcoming. He fingered the ugly red mark on his wrist, got up and walked purposefully towards his door. This was the first night after the chain had been removed and Light was not sure what to do with himself. His hand hovered over the door handle and he bit back a cry of frustration.

What am I thinking? I'll just complicate things by doing that!

The college students mind was scrambled and it stuttered to a halt. Rarely did he ever show agitation, in fact, he made a point not to. Calm and collected, that was the Light Yagami everyone knew. In a daze, he found himself stumbling out of his bedroom door, heading for the stairs. He started up them, but almost immediately stopped.

Where's he? It'd be damn awkward if I walked in and he was there. I'll have to check…

Light did an about face and cautiously inched down the stairs, taking care not to make a sound. He reached the bottom, suddenly aware that he was in his nightclothes: a grey t-shirt and his boxers. But he needn't have worried, for the Task Force was nowhere in sight. The only figure in view was the enigma that was L. He was sitting in front of the computer screens, in his trademark position and unmoving. Light edged closer, until he could hear L's heavy breathing and could see the slow rising and falling of L's chest.

Is he asleep or just pretending? Light gave his head an irritated shake. Why the hell would he be pretending?

When he was close enough to confirm that L's eyes were closed, he smiled ever so slightly and crept past him, silent as the memories he had yet to recover. Heading back up the staircase, his cold feet sticking to the glass of the stairs, the student sighed with apparent relief.

I can't believe I thought he looked cute. What's wrong with me?

Light had seen the young detective sleep many times before when they had been chained together and.. Wait – now that he thought about it, he remembered always making a point to face away from L, and he was pretty sure he always fell asleep first.

I'm thinking way too much into this…

Light smiled again at the thought of L's serene expression as he slept, and started up the staircase.

Yeah, definitely cute.

He paused for only the slightest moment when he reached his floor, but making up his mind, Light continued to ascend the stairs, not stopping again until he reached the top storey. L's quarters. Making his way towards the door he knew almost too well was L's bedroom, Light yawned widely and ran his fingers through his hair. He opened the door and grinned contentedly; this was familiar, this was where he's been sleeping for the past few months and just because of the small matter of the handcuffs being removed, Light saw no reason to break that tradition. Sliding beneath the covers, the ex-Kira yawned yet again and lay his head on the pillow beneath him. He didn't realise why he was glad that the sheets had not been changed, and that there was a single strand of L's raven hair on the pillow beside him.

I'll just have to explain to Ryuzaki tomorrow, but I've figured this is the only way I'll get any sleep…

And thus, Light fell asleep breathing in L's warm scent.