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Chapter Seven

"L-Light. That was, I-"

Light smirked, "I've never given head before. Was it really that good?" He stroked his forefinger along L's now (for the time being) limp member contendedly.

"Yes. Fuck, that was amazing." L sighed as Light removed his legs from over his shoulders and stood, stretching, practically showcasing his still-clothed arousal. Like a ferel cat, he crawled over L until he was n top of him once more. He inserted three of his fingers into the detective's mouth as L made to kiss him.

"Suck." He commanded, looking on in wonder as L ran his tongue over those fingers, sucking on them suggestively, his obsidian eyes half lidded. Whilst L was occupied with that, Light slid his free hand below the waistband of his own boxers and wrapped his fingers around his straining member, relieving some of the pent up pressure that was making a tent of the fabric. As his face contorted with pleasure, he realised that L had stopped slicking his fingers and was silently watching him pleasure himself. He noticed something else, too; the 25 year old was once again fully erect. Light moved his now saliva coated digits from L's mouth to his another certain orifice. His index finger circled the entrance twice and then pushed in slowly.
L hissed at the maybe not-so-sudden intrusion, but quickly relaxed as his lips were claimed once again. He felt another sharp pain as another finger was added, and almost cried out as they scissored inside of him.

"It'll get better, L. I promise." Light wispered in his ear.

If Light-kun says that it'll get better then it's worth it.

"Ahhh, Ligh-!" L groaned as the third and final finger was added and a searing pain erupted.

"Trust me."

I trust you.

So instead of struggling away from the invading digits, L took a deep breath and slammed his hips down, just as Light thrust the fingers deeper inside.

"Holy shit, Light!" L yelled as his prostate was hit. He continued to move his hips in time with Light's hand, feeling the intense pleasure build up again inside of him.

"That's right, L. Fuck my fingers."

L's eyes rolled back into his head and a smile graced his thin lips. "Wouldn't you... prefer to... fuck me?" He breathed as he rolled his hips rhymickly. Light's eyes widened as much as his smile,

"You've got a dirty mouth, L."

"Liiight-kun. Do we have to talk? Just fuck me!" He thrust his hips, again gasping at the sensation.

"You only had to ask." Light whispered, and L heard the student's breath hitch slightly at his statement.

No way is he nervous...

L winced as the three fingers were removed and his body was empty. He saw that Light had kicked off his boxers, and was now lubricataing himself with a mixture of his own saliva and precum, preparing himself for what was to come.

"You ready, L?" Light said, his voice trembling with excitement.

"Yes!" L yelled, gripping Light's forearms as the brunet straddled him again, his head poking at the entrance. He took a deep breath and plunged inside of his lover.

"Oh God, L!" Light yelled, as the heat engulfed him totally. The rings of muscle that had seemed so loose around his fingers now clamped down around his member so tightly it was almost painful, and movement was out of the question.
L responded with a moan that threatened to wake the entire city.

"Is- that good for you- L?" Light panted, exerising every ounce of self control he possessed not to start pounding into L ruthlessly.

"Oh, move! Jus- just move! Hhah!"

Light didn't need to be told twice.

He drew himself out almost all the way and then rammed himself in, straining for the spot that would make L see white and writhe in ecstacy. He continued to go in and out erratically, loving the feeling of the intense heat of the detective, intoxicated by the harsh grunts and moans forcing their way past L's thin lips. L dug his nails into Light's back and squeezed his thighs around the younger bucked his hips in sync with Light until the pair had a steady rhythm going, complete with vocals and the percussion of the headboard banging against the wall. Bringing his body lower, Light connected his lips with L's, strangling the breathy moans he was making, and bruising the insomniacs lips even more.
He pulled back, his need for oxygen building along with the volume of his moans. Knowing that his end was close, he detangled himself from L's vice-like grip and wound his hand around the older genius's member. He started to pump it faster and faster, forcing his eyes to stay open as he watched the lithe body writhe beneath him. He wanted to speak, wanted to tell L how unbelievably hot he looked right now, but as he watched L's face contort and his prostate was hit time after time, and Light concluded to call L's name with every other thrust.

"L! I'm... I'm gonna-!"

"Light-kun! I'm coming!" The older man shrieked, losing himself in the rapture.

Light groaned and forced himself in and out of L at an increasing pace, until he felt the muscles around his cock contract sharply, and the warm release coat his chest and stomach. The tightness around him too much, Light let out a strangled moan and came just a few seconds later, feeling his seed coat the inner walls of muscle.

"God, L!" He moaned, collapsing on top of said man.

L was mumbling into Light's chest, "God, Kami, Buddha, Allah, Zeus, Jesus CHRIST!"

"I didn't know you were religious, L" Light said, smiling.

"I'm not. Besides, I forgot one..."

Oh yeah, who?" Light murmured, stroking L's hair softly.


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