Chapter four: Welcome to the Hybrid Hotel

Turns out the nearest hotel was a three hour flight away. Plus, it was pretty much in no-wheres-ville. We're talking a one hour flight from the hotel to the nearest town, city or heck just civilisation in general from the bird kid perspective. For your average run of the mill human we're talking three maybe four hours? Sad, isn't it?

Upon landing , Fang instantly brushed my shoulder which in Fang speak was a reminder that we needed to talk. Oh goody. Talks with Fang always go so well. I really hope a flock member gets the ability to see the future soon because then I can find out the outcome from the usual three options.

I fly away (one of the more likely options…)

Fang flies away (possible)

We end up making out and losing track of time (again, very possible)

"Oh Max, guess what?" Angel's all too innocent voice asked. Please not another power, please not another power…

"There was a huge mall in that city we passed, can we go while we're here Max? Please?" My breath of relief wasn't the only one exhaled.

"Um, I don't know Angel, it all depends if we get attacked or not," I replied thinking back to the voice. She looked at the ground and then back up and let out a dejected "Ok Max,"

I smiled at her sadly. Sweetie if we don't get attacked tomorrow, we can go on a trip to the mall the day after ok? I thought, wanting to be safe and give Angel part of a normal childhood. Instantly her face brightened and she nodded her head. "We gonna check in today or what?" Iggy asked probably having bomb making withdrawal symptoms. I took it as a cue to lead my merry band of mutants through the hotel doors and to the checkout desk, where a middle aged man sat looking as though he'd rather be anywhere but here. Truthfully, I couldn't blame the guy. "Hi," I started causing him to glance up from his computer screen. "We'd like two rooms please, preferably next to each other." I stated. Without answering the guy turned back to his computer, did some random typing and then produced two card keys. I took them from him rolling my eyes, I mean couldn't he have been at least more helpful? Must not be paying him enough. I glanced down at the keys reading the room numbers and floor number. "Ok, we're in rooms 201 and 202 on the fifth floor," I informed the flock as we began climbing stairs. If it's escaped your notice we don't do elevators. In fact, any small enclosed space we can't fly out of is a big no no. Total at this moment took it upon himself to stick his head out of Nudge's backpack, where we'd cleverly concealed him. If you call picking him up and shoving him in the nearest backpack at the last second so no one sees a dog with wings cleverly. "Are we there yet?" the fuzzball asked.

"Well we're just coming on to the fifth floor now," Angel answered.

A few minutes later, I was laying on my first bed in weeks while Angel watched TV and Nudge took a shower. Total had opted to stay in the boys room next door as "there is only so much time a dog can spend with pink and flowery bags" apparently.

"Max?" Angel suddenly said. I turned to face her.

"Yeah sweetie?"

"Fang's thinking about you. Well really what to say to you," she replied. Great. He's already thinking about our little chat tonight.

"It's ok Angel, Fang just wants to talk to me about something, now give him his privacy."

"Ok, but Max?"


"He's thinking that he loves you too much to loose you."