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Chapter 1


Bella's POV

It was typical Tuesday afternoon; I was sitting with my best friends in the café near our campus. I glanced at one of my best friend, Alice, who was reading a newspaper with so much concentration.

Wait….. Hold up….Newspaper?

To say that was odd would be an understatement, Alice never, I repeat, never ever read something that was not related with fashion, let alone newspaper.

I looked at my other best friend, Rosalie who was checking herself with mirror, having no attention to whatsoever Alice was doing.

"Alice…?" I called her uncertainly.

She didn't answer.

"Alice?" I called again, a little louder.

She didn't respond at all, not even a blink.

"ALICE!" I finally yelled at her and she jumped.

"What the hell? What's that for, Bella?" she glared at me, annoyed.

"What are you doing?"

"From the looks of it, I'd say I'm reading a newspaper." She said sarcastically.

"You don't read anything besides Vogue or other fashion magazines!"

"I do now." She turned away from me, eyes greedily drank whatever the paper'd offered.

Our little commotion finally got Rosalie's attention, she looked up from her mirror, holding a lip-gloss.

"What is it, girls?"

I gave her a confused look, "Alice is reading a newspaper." I said, emphasizing the last word.

"What? Has something caught your attention there, Alice? Oh, Wait! Don't tell me you've committed a crime and it's posted on the newspaper!" Rosalie teased, her face twisted in mocking horror.

Alice slapped Rose's shoulder while I giggled.

"Of course not, silly. Take a look!" Alice turned the paper towards Rose and since I sat across the table, I couldn't see the page she was showing.

Suddenly, Rose squealed and I stared at them, even more confused.

"Ooooh! It's the murderer! Let me see that too!"

Since when did my two bestest friends get very excited on something besides shoes? And the fact that it was about a murderer didn't help much.

"What in the world are you two talking about?" I incredulously asked them, whose heads were buried behind the paper and giggling about God knows what.

"Don't you know, Bells? It's all over the news!" Alice looked up from the paper; her eyes shone with disbelief, as if it was a crime not to know. Well, it's not my fault that I didn't watch TV or read newspaper everyday, so I shook my head. Rose spread newspaper onto the table, her long, slender finger was pointing a big bolded sentences.


" 'La Tua Cantante' ? Isn't that the famous music hall where only talented and promising musician are allowed to perform?" I was beyond shocked; lots of big musicians were born from there, so the competition to make it inside was tight and cut-throat.

The futures of those who made it, undoubtedly, were guaranteed Golden. La Tua Cantante was one of the most elite places in the world, so the owner must be very rich.

I was in full-attention-mode in instant, that hall was my favorite place, their music was magnificent! And now the owner was killed?

Below the bolded lines, there was a photo of young man with bronze and disarray hair, green eyes, strong and chiseled jaw with high cheekbone. To say he was gorgeous would be an insult, he was Greek God himself.

I stared in awe, completely and utterly speechless.

"He's all over the news, and he's around our age too, only two years older or so." Rosalie explained.

"He's suspected to be the killer of Aro Volturi, the owner of La Tua Cantante, since he was seen running away with bloody shirt by one of the staff, he's MIA now." Alice added, "Such a shame, people say he's a compromising talented pianist and such a cutie no less!"

"Alice! What about my brother? Don't tell me you're flirting with another man besides my brother." Rosalie protested.

"No worries, Rose. There's no one like Jazz, he's the only one in my heart, you know that. But…don't deny that you are also drooling over this hot young musician!"

"Well….I can't disagree with the last part, he's Hot, with capital H. Though…He's too small for my liking, I prefer someone who has muscle!"

I tuned them out, ignoring their comments as I looked at the picture in disgust, how could I even think this man so highly? He's a freaking murder! I didn't want to judge but, obviously, he's maybe just another arrogant man who thinks highly of himself, self-centered, a player ( As much as I hated to say, he's gorgeous) and maybe his title as "Young Talented Musician" was just a crap, total bullshit.

I hated this guy already. The last thing I wanted was to get involved with him, which was not possible and would never happen. The chance me meeting him was one in the million, there's way no way our path might crossed.

Little did I know that fate had another plan.


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